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Sep 20, 2021

KICKING the Problem down the road? AGAIN ?

Sadly another Statistic was created on Saturday 18th September 2021 !


 is the HeadLine , that is the outcome of an RTC in Belgium , near the area ,where the 2021 UCI Road Race Championships , take place , beginning on Sunday 19th September 2021 .

Unfortunately , chris-anker-sorensen- was Cycling  and the result of an RTC , was SEVERE Injury resulting in Death , hours later !

Apparently a Car/Van was involved , but , unlike reporting in English Speaking Media , there was No report on the Driver's condition ? 

Todate , there have been many Written Articles about the Passing of this Well Known Athlete , as well as #Tweets and other social media !

Judging by the #WIKI website ( )  , i would only have had a passing contact with him , during the 2008 Giro d'italia , when i had the occasion to ride with the Saxo Team on the Rest days .

The REASON for my INTRUDING into this Unfortunate INCIDENT , is the WAY that the #Media CONTINUE to BANDY the word #ACCIDENT ! 

WHEN , will these People get their HEAD into USING , CORRECT ENGLISH ?

WHAT is ACCIDENTAL about a Driver Colliding with a #Cyclist ? 

Is it #Accidental , that a Driver gets into a Vehicle ?

Accidental that , that Driver turns on the Ignition ?

Accidental that Either of the parties to the Collision were at FAULT , at some point on the route that they CHOSE to Use ?

STATISTICS , repeatedly are USED , and , show that 83% of RTC s involving a #Cyclist , are due to #DRIVER Negligence !

Time will tell WHAT took place , AND , as the Victim is DEAD , then there will be a lot of EFFORT USED , to exonerate the Surviving Party , as , #LIFE must go on !

Too often English Articles , report that #Drivers , when found AT FAULT , are given #SUSPENDED SENTENCES , even a mere SLAP on the Wrist Attitude ?

JAIL may be the CORRECT Sentence in many cases , BUT , in Oz , it costs more that $A50000 each year , to provide JUSTICE !

Weekend detention , at Home with an ANKLET , seems to be an Option , so often overlooked , but even then , there is a COST , and Society is TOO Forgiving , when the Perpetrator goes out shopping with the Family , or to some Social Occasion ?

Even Police Officers get MOWN DOWN by Vehicles ! Take the case of #SgtKenRich , out on a past Good Friday , riding for exercise with his Daughter . The Perp missed the Daughter & collided with the Lycra Clad MALE ! 

Sentenced to Community Service , a few years later , when the matter had dropped out of view to most of the Community .! Seems that the CPS , does not consider a 30+year Veteran Sargeant , as a Valuable Member of Society ? The Perp is alive and well , and so must NOT BE Inconvenienced for HIS GUILTY Behaviour ?

Then there is #JasonLowndes , He raced to 6th in the Under 23 catagory in 2016 Uci Worlds! On the way to a Training Ride , he was rear ended by a young woman , that was TOO Busy on her Social s to pay attention to the Road , or her Duties of Care , to the Community !

#SEALS are in every Country , their S elf   E ntitled   A rrogant   L awbreaking , is seemably ACCEPTABLE to the Community ? 

Too often the Judiciary put themselves in the Shoes of the PERPETRATOR , as they recognise , that they ALSO do the same Habits , that has a Perp in front of them ?  PAID to deliver Justice , but , bend with the Wind , AND , as for the JURY , well THEY know NO BETTER ?

2014 Tour De Romandie was down the road from AIGLE , the location of the UCI HQ , and so it was a Stopover on the way to Belfast , the Grand Depart for the Giro d 'ITALIA !

Brian Cookson was the UCI  President at that time , and i was fortunate to find him and discuss the LACK of EFFORT to ensure that ProRacers were ABLE to   #SurvivetheROADS ! One of his senior Colleagues told me of the Loss of the UCI World Champion of Cross Country in a Belgium RTC , something i had read of in 2013 !

When i left , i felt confident that the ssubject of #Cyclist Safety would be on the Agenda of the UCI Congress in Ponferada , BUT , alas , NOTHING , since then has been done , to SAFEGUARD ProRacers or even Newbie Women , that the Australian Cycling endeavours to encourage to JOIN !

WHY , would Women or other Newbies WISH to take up Cycling , let alone RACING , when every Ride in Traffic , is likely to lead to a VISIT to Accident & Emergency ?

March 26th 2021 , saw Victoria State join the rest of Oz , in passing #SAFEPassLaws ! During the previous months , riding at 10+kph on South Promenade , could result in a $A1600 Penalty ! And , the New Law , would COST a Perp $A350 + 2 Points , for ENDANGERING LIFE , as passing within 1 Metre was NOW not a Great Idea !

Police in Victoria , are TRAINED to Use a Radar Gun , to check SPEED , they even GET TRAINING on that instrument ! The NEW SafePass LAW , is not ENFORCED , as NO TRAINING is Proposed as yet , and , so any Lawyer would ask ONLY ONE Question !

Are YOU Trained to spot a Vehicle Less that One Metre from a Cyclist , as You Pass ? With Answer being   N O , case will be DISMISSED !

SORENSENLAW could be INTRODUCED by the UCI on Thursday/Friday Congress this week ! All National Cycling Federations could be on the same Page , in respect of Cyclist Safety ! All it requires is that the DELEGATES DECIDE TO ACT !

Sorensen was NOT on the AGENDA ! Perhaps there will be a MINUTE of SILENCE to mark his Passing , BUT , HOW MANY MORE #ProRacers MUST PASS , before UCI , pull their neck out of the Woods , and , ACT , to SAVE LIVES 


ACTION in 2021 , is LONG OVERDUE !

Apr 12, 2020

EXERCISE Plans on A4 Sheet

EXERCISE Plans on A4 Sheet

W/b Gr8 IF ALL Aussies were Fit & Healthy !

Sadly , not the case ! So many until the Past Month , will have been TOO Busy or Too Lazy to Maintain their Previous Fitness due to their Commitments to Work or Family ?

Exercise is GOOD for the Immune System & so it is Necessary to EDUCATE so many of the Population of the Options available !

AS the most Common Point of Contact , Currently , is the Supermarket , then it would be a Good Idea to catch those in the Queue outside , with an A4 Info Sheet !

This sheet should be showing #WebLinks for exercise programs  & ASK those that have NO Computer Access , to collect a further Sheet from the Store Info Desk !

Each Sheet Should have several Age Groups , ie , Child , Youth , 20-35 , 36-55, 56-70 , 70+ so that ALL AbleBodied could go to a Web Site that corresponds with their Age & Fitness !

People of Disability Should Also be shown as a separate entity , since they will have their OWN Needs !

AS each Age Group will have different levels of Fitness & Sports Interests , it will be necessary to RECRUIT Aussie Champs in a Number of Sports to devise the BEST Exercises to correspond with the NEEDS of those that LACK their Current Fitness levels !

At the Info Desk , there should be a variety of A4 Sheets detailing the Appropriate Exercises to the 1/ Level of Fitness , 2/  Age Group  3/  Appropriate Graphics where No Computer is available !

Surely the Various Supermarkets will COOPERATE , since Exercise creates Appetite , so THEY Benefit !

Even Better would be the Provision of Donation Facilities , so that those needing the additional A4 Sheets can Make a GOLD COIN Donation to the Families of the #MedicsFamiliesLosttoVirus ?

No doubt the likes of #OfficeWorks would donate the Paper NEEDED to create the Ongoing Paper Needs & #SESVolunteers could take care of the #QueueDeliveries ?

Aug 28, 2018

TV Stations MISS Opportunity to HELP CYCLIST SAFETY

Not arriving at the Memorial Ride today , meant that i watched the TV Reports , to see HOW they reported the Event !

This RIDE was brought about by the UNTIMELY DEATH/MURDER of Gitta Scheenhouwer , a Dutch Lady , recently moved to Melbourne and about to start work as a Graduate Architect .

My email to a variety of TV Stations follows :

Congrats on your TV Reporters getting out & about so early on Tuesday 28th Aug 2018 , so as to cover the Bike Ride (   ) Event !

Whilst that Ride was about the PEOPLE that have been KILLED , when riding a BIKE , MISSED was the opportunity to SOLVE some of the associated Myths , surrounding every day Cycling ?

Those watching TV Footage shown , will have noted that there were a few " Posties " , amongst the many People on their Bikes , in ORDINARY CLOTHING ! YES , there were a few #LycraClad Cyclists , BUT , the majority were EVERYDAY People that use BIKES for TRANSPORT !

Most People are under the impression that People on BIKES , are generally the #LycraLouts , that the #ClickBaitingMedia seek to DENIGRATE , each & Every time that they have an opportunityy to mention the word BIKE !

YES , there are many that choose to ride in Lycra , i ONLY RIDE my Bike in Lycra , BUT , that is MY CHOICE ! Regardless of Clothing , I and other Bike Riders , are HUMAN BEINGS !  Each of us use the BIKE for OUR OWN Purposes , be it Sport , Commuting , OR , to go to the neighbourhood Shops !

With the TOXIC atmosphere CREATED by the #ClickBaiting Minority & those that run off at the mouth in the Media , as they seek to build their #Ratings , it is NO JOY for ANY Age Group or Sex to leave their Abode , knowing that they RISK a visit to A & E , during that Bike Ride , even if it is ONLY around the corner !

WHAT is it about a Person on a BIKE , that even when , the other vehicle is across the road , travelling in the other direction , causes SO MANY Vehicle Drivers to hurl   Comment/Abuse , AND , even objects ! THIS , is not restricted to Oz ! I have seen the same behaviour in Europe , principally in the UK !  Days before the Tour de France , i was visiting in the Manchester region of the UK , and by chance , found myself ridingg with 3 Men , that due to their achievements at Rio2016 , were PRESENTED to the Queeen ! As we rodee the area known as " The Lanes " , we heard several comments cLEARLY ABUSIVE , as well as saw as soft drink bottle pass nearby ! Probably those people were #CouchPotatoes , that were CHEERING as a Cyling Medal was WON by a Man in the GB Uniform ?  BUT it goes even further , when you hear Ladies speaking of the same behaviours !

Whilst the bulk of my riding is with #LycraClad People , THEY have a life outside of Cycling . Many off these People speak of the FEAR for their Young Families !

Most of the Lady Cyclists speak about the FEAR that they have for their Children when using a BIKE !  FAR TOO MANY , rely on their Vehicle , to drive their Child to SCHOOL ! WHEN they ride a Bike , their  concern is for their Family being DISADVANTAGED , if an RTI occurs whilst they indulge in ensuring their Fitness & Health , by taking a Bike Ride on the City Roads !

WHAT is so different about Australian City Roads ?

Nothing !

It is the DRIVERS that Use them !

Not ALL European Drivers are " Angels " , BUT , the Situation in Australia , is so PATHETIC , that it is ALMOST 100% certain , that the only time that they CONCENTRATE & OBEY THE RULES of the ROAD , was when they presented for THEIR DRIVING TEST ! NOBODY PASSES the Driving Test without 100% concentration ? SO , having DEMONSTRATED that Ability , WHY , is it IMPOSSIBLE to do this Each & Every time that they get into a vehicle and behind the Wheel ?


The sense of ENTITLEMENT ?

Every so often , we hear of a CHILD being KILLED in their OWN HOME Premises ! It demonstrates , that even the Family is AT RISK , when a Person gets into that Box on Wheels !  Surely , NOBODY , expects to be able to DRIVE A VHICLE , with LESS than 100% Concentration ?

Road Statistics PROVE OTHERWISE !

Whilst The Road Killed & Seriously Injured Statistics , have been REDUCED over the Decades , through a variety of methods , the RECENT Cycling DEATH Stats have INCREASED Dramatically ! Y/e 30 June 2017 saw 25 Cycling Deaths , BUT , the same period to 30th June 2018 , saw 45 Families with LOST Family Members ! This DRAMATIC INCREASE has passed without very much MEDIA Attention , indeed , even most ProRacers are UNAWARE of this SERIOUS DANGER to their Career and well being !

Cycling Australia are responsible for the Well Being of Most of OUR Professional Cycle Racers , and , as such are a menber of the UCI , based in Aigle , Switzerland . Union Cyclist International are the Governing Body of Cycle Racing of ALL Varieties , and as such has 190+National Cycling Federations attend their Annual Congress during the World Road Race Championships , which will take place this year in Innsbruck , Austria , towards the end of September 2018 .

Distracted Driving is a WORLD WIDE Problem , which could be EASILY Solved , if this petition is CORRECT ...

As a Minority of ONE , i have visited Aigle on many occasions to raise the #CyclistSafetyIssues , even had @briancooksonobe ( Past President of UCI ),  tell me that they will run a Campaign similar to the " RESPECT " Campaign of FIFA ! May 2014 was when i sar down with him , then i reinforced this at Ponferrado World Congress in Sept. 2014 , then at the Giro d'ITALIA & Tour de FRANCE , each Year since ! This year 70+ Male Racers & 30+ Lady Racers have posed with Placards & the Eire Gillet , demonstrating their Desire for SAFETY , whilst training on the WorldWide roads ! Most of these Photoss can be found on and on . Whilst taking these Photos , i rarely had the opportunity to note ALL the Names of those Racers , so asked the Readers of those webPages to HELP with Naming those appearing in those photos ! So far NOBODY has assisted !

My personal opinion of this mornings ride , is that a HUGE Opportunity was SQUANDERED ! I failed to arrive , as i punctured near my home , so went back to change Bikes !

WHEN in February 2016 , there was an Italian Visitor , Alberto Paulon  , KILLED by #Dooring , nearly 10000+ People on BIKES took to the roads to demonstrate their CONCERN for THEIR WELFARE ! This was a WEEKEND Event , NOT , at an inconvenient time for ALL but those that set aside their OTHER DAILY EVENTS !

Early 2017 , there was the trauma of the Indian Pacific Race , being Terminated , due to the Unlawful KILLING of Mike Hall , who was leading the race , near Canberra ! Within DAYS , on the Sunday , there was a Memorial Ride , involving nigh on 1000 People on BIKES !

IT IS CLEAR that there are Thousands that are WILLING to give up there Valuable Free Time , to mark the Passing of a STRANGER , albeit a member of the Cycling Community ! Every Capital City in Australia , had their Own Gathering that numbered into the Thousands , in manyy Cities 1

Clearly , the ONLY TIME that a Memorial Event , should be called , is at the Weekend When the WHOLE FAMILY are able to attend ?

Even when before Christmas Break 2017 , a Member of the Qatar2016 , Under 23 Cycling Australia Squad , Jason Lowndes , was KILLED by a Distracted driver ( Charges in Progress ) near Bendigo , there were MANY More attending the Funeral at a weekend , than were at the EARLY MORNING RIDE around the course of the National Road Race at Bunninyong ! Unless a person was Staying in Ballarat area , then 0730 of a weekday , was TOO DIFFICULT , certainly for myself coming from the Mornington Peninsula for the day !

London Cyclists have solved the Problem of Cyclist Deaths , by running #DieIN Events ! This involves mostly Monday Evening Visits to the DEATH SITE , then amongst other Eveents , LYING IN THE STREET  , thus CLosing the area for Minutes ! THIS is done in Cooperation with the Policing Authorities , AND , though Several Prominent Members of the Queen's Household , have been amongst those KILLED , Whilst Riding to their Work Premises , the ANNUAL CYCLIS DEATH TOLL has tumbled ! With this success , brought about by cOPYING the tactics used in the Mid 1970s , by the People of the Netherlands , MORE Cities in Europe are NOW following this path , to HIGHLIGHT the Dangers to People on BIKES in their Localities !

DOES AUSTRALIAN CYCLISTS have to adopt these TACTICS to have the Motoring Public UNDERSTAND ?

HOW HARD is it for the POLICING AUTHORITIES to do their JOB ? This photo shows HOW the Met Police in London , are NOW EDUCATING Vehicle Drivers with the SAFE PASS MAT , used by the West Midlands Police , since Sept. 2016 ,and at the same time Cyclists , willing to under pass a truck , near a junction , using their #ExchangingPlaces Program . I had been calling for this Combo for several years , no doubt , there were others with the same idea ? .

Every State has a LAW , which REQUIRES Vehicles to pass BIKES , WITH THE SAME SPACE THEY GIVE OTHER VEHICLES !  Does ANY Driver pass a Metal Vehicle within a few MilliMetres ?  Yet this is a DAILY Occurence , for the Majority of People on BIKES , wearing Lycra or Even Day to Day Clothes !

ASK People to STOP getting out of Bed in Auto Pilot Mode , THEN , getting into a Vehicle with the SAME ATTITUDE !

DEMAND that they treat EACH Driving occasion , as IF , THEY ARE DOING THEIR DRIVING TEST !

Starting with the Emergency Services , ALL of these People are TRAINED to a HIGHER LEVEL than Jo Public , then , the Armed Forces , then those working in Federal Government Jobs , using a work Vehicle , THEN , continue onto the State & Local Authorities Personnel !

With ALL THESE PEOPLE setting an example , NO MEMBER of the General Public , will have ANY EXCUSE for NOT COMPLYING with the Current Road Rules & Regulations ! FAILING to drive in the manner required to PASS the Driving Test DESERVES the Points & Monetary Penalties that will follow !

Since those Media Personalities that i have seen at the Various Cycling Grand Tours , FAIL to drive in an Exemplery manner whilst in Europe , i doubt that  they remember WHAT Good Driving Skills HELPED them PASS their Driving Test ?

Having been the VICTIM of several RTI s , even received compensation EVENTUALLY , i hope that this article will SAVE at LEAST ONE LIFE !

 Even my OWN ?


Additional Info from a report on the Memorial Ride :

Selected comments made by those attending :


Bicycle Network chief executive Craig Richards comment :

“This has hit the community so hard. Cycling is a fun, healthy activity and to lose a life in such terrible circumstances is horrible,” he said.

“It’s not good enough … Chapel Street really needs to see a change.”


Mayor of Stonnington Steven Stefanopoulos

"This luxury that we have to park on the High Street is a bygone era and you guys are most important."


Greens MP Sam Hibbins, the member for Prahan,

"The death of Gitta was a tragedy and I really think it hit hard not just because it happened in our backyard but because it could have been any of us or our loved ones,"


Martin Wells, 48, Hampton

"I’m gutted at every tragedy. It strikes at the heart every single time because it's so unnecessary. I’m out here every day and one day I don’t want it to be me," Mr Wells said.

"I have a 14-year-old son and he rides every day as well ... It's such a great way to get around but it’s just so unsafe, sadly.

"Today's memorial service is a testament to that."


Areej Weyman with her husband Steve and son Ramih, 6

“I had a small connection to Gitta. We interviewed her for a job at our architecture firm.

"She had the biggest smile ever, she was bubbly and alive. It was like a shot of caffeine talking to her.

“[Cyclist safety] is very important. We have an office team that cycles as well and so do my children.

People not fit to be on the road should not be there.”


Ingrid Piepereit, 44, Prahan

"I would avoid Chapel Street at all costs actually, because I think anything built up like this is too dangerous, with all the trams and doors,"

"It’s really sad. It’s just awful. It’s so close to home. "There should be no parked cars and a bike lane instead."


Glen Allure, Gitta's housemate

“[On Chapel Street] you’ve got the tram, you've got the cars. The cyclists are in and out of the traffic. Getting rid of all these car spots would be perfect and having it free for cyclists. If cars hadn’t been parked here maybe it would have been different."


Dec 13, 2015


Following are photos of many Cycling Clubs , in diverse parts of Australia , marking the passing of a Fellow Cyclist !  Social Media has reported little of the events that led to the demise of Nicholas Ruygrok. 

Any keen Cyclists living in the Larger Cities throughout the World , will know that there are       opportunities to get out on an early morning ride with other like minded enthusiasts .                          Nicholas Ruygrok, pictured with his fiancee 

Earlier visits to Oz has allowed me an opportunity to ride in various Capital Cities on the Eastern Seabord of Oz . It may well be that there are couple of young guys reading this , that will recall an occasion near Marrickville Station when i shouted " DOOR " thus saving a DHCC Member from being spilled by a car door being flung open .  

        A normal DHCC Saturday ride ?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   DHCC mark the passing of Nicholas on Sunday
                                                                                             with a period of contemplation 

Regardless of in which City , the groups that i have joined over the years , there is an effort to maintain a high level of discipline within the group . Generally there have been plenty of hand signals as well as the calls/shouts to alert the pack , to any hazard , either from in front or behind
 the group .                                                                 

  RIP from the Milano Gators Cycling Club, Adelaide.   

 Yes , i have been in some situations in Italy , where the pack was less than satisfactory . Bank Medilianum runs a daily Peloton at the Giro d'Italia , consisting of the Bank's Clients . Many of these Clients , although keen Cyclists appeared to be unused to riding in group formation . These riders arrive several hours before the Racers depart and get to ride with some of the Famous Ancient / Retired Racers of Italy .  Most mornings involve Gianni Motto and the afternoons Francesco Moser and Maurizio Fondriest .
                                                                                                               Lidcombe Auburn Cycling Club Minute of Silen

When London had a month of bad news for Cyclists , a group called " Stop Killing Cyclists " formed and decided to bring to the notice of the Authorities the lack of facilities/infrastructure , that existed for Cyclists . This past November , the group held their 3rd " Die IN "!  Each of the annual events required hundreds of people lying in the street , thus gaining Media attention . This demonstration of People Power , was an emulation 
of the Dutch Behaviours in the mid 1970s .                  

During the 1970s , there was a problem on
 Dutch Roads that led to the Death of
After several actions such as the Photo on the right shows , the authorities heard the message   "LOUD and CLEAR " !
These days the country is the leading exponent of " SAFE CYCLING " and is followed closely by Denmark !

Both these countries take " ROAD SAFETY " seriously !  
You will NOT SEE the  situation portrayed in the item


 This pictorial shows that some US States                                                                                           believe that CYCLISTS are PEOPLE that                                                                                              CHOOSE a BIKE as their TRANSPORT so       
 as to ENJOY a Healthy LIFE STYLE .

When in Utrecht Suburbs , you will see signs such as these !  It is telling the Driver , that they are GUESTS on these roads !

Having been hit by a TFL Sub Contractor's  Bus,Tom Kearney on recovery from the Physical Injuries, set out to discover why    Transport for London is ALLOWED to operate    a Transport System , that is so broken that , IF ,  it was ANY Other , would be in the sights of the " H & SE " and before the courts for Multiple  Charges of CORPORATE MANSLAUGHTER!