PARRABUDDY.BLOGSPOT was started to help find a way for “Adaptive / Physically Challenged / Paralympic Cyclists ” to enjoy riding their bikes on the Daily Route of the famous Pro Tour Race Routes such as the “ Giro d’Italia " and the " Tour de France " !

Through lack of support i have been unable to achieve that goal and unless people decide to assist there is little chance that my 19th season will be any more successful !

London 2012 Paralympics was amazing for ALL , not just those participating but those who followed via the Media !

Since 2009 several other Blogs have been created to cover various other subjects !

Below is a guide to their separate purposes :

In the main Parrabuddy is about “Adaptive / Physically Challenged Sport” and Health Issues.

Skippi-cyclist is about personal issues and Road Safety Issues.

SkippyAus is about matters relating to Oz and some personal memories from my life there.

Tourdafarce & Tourdafrance are about matters relating to the Pro Tour , Racers and some personal experiences during my various visits to ride the Pro Tour routes .

Skippy (blogging) is about a variety of issues on the Internet .

NOT ALL postings arrive in their correct area but I will generally try to separate my views on Doping and Sporting Fraud from Road Safety Issues .

Comments ARE WELCOMED since this shows that those reading are interested in the subject matter ! Enjoy comments made to other blogs so wonder why only " anonymous " posts here !

Over the period of these "Blogs" I have had visibility on Twitter as “Skippydetour” and on Facebook as “Skippy Mc Carthy” where Google usually advise postings on the Blogs as they occur .

When any of you visit these Blogs I hope I am able to add value to your day and provide a source of information if not inspiration . Please consider asking your friends and contacts to add their support as many of the Para Athletes are struggling to find the resources to compete in Events at regional Levels let alone National Levels .

You the reader have the possibility to help these Amazing Athletes in your own way and contacting your National Paralympic Internet Site for relevant info is a good start !

Apr 26, 2010


What is a “hit” and what is a “Visit” in Blogger terminology? Posted for the first time in several weeks and told “Twitter” and the “hits” started coming in but the essence of the “blog entry” was to get “followers” and you guessed it “No Change”!

Rode out today about a kilo before spotting a rider coming towards me so after the traffic slowed behind us both I scooted around to have a chat. Swiss guy in new “BMC” jersey with sparkling new bike with all mod cons, spoke hesitant English and either no energy with the wind in the face doing 22kph or wanted to discourage company so I got back to a better speed alone. He was from Visp an area I have ridden many a time with “Romandie & TDS” tours, as well as passing through to Zermatt, etc for skiing and over the Simplon Pass for Italy. Think this area featured in some films, Italian Job or Bond me thinks!

Read an item about NYPD collection of bikes recently and an owner’s plan to sue for their damaged $US1500 paint job which reminded me about the paint job on the bike I was riding today. The frame ex Lampre team given to me by Fondriest was passed to a “Mate?” who promised a free paint job in preparation for the 100 year anniversary of Giro d‘Italia, well 6 months passed and as we are equipping it I found an invoice for £155 stuck in the seat post ! Guy was retrenched so either he was diddled by the Paint shop or there was a misunderstanding to which I was not a party. Long story cut short, I would have refused a quote as the frame paint job was still OK and not in need of painting let alone paying to have it done. Since the mate had paid out I was left to do “The right thing” and reimburse but now “they” don’t have “touch up paint” and no “After sales service” to speak of! Previous bike through the same people years earlier treated no better so had I been aware of who my “mate” was dealing with it would have been “No way Jose”!

Fat Cyclist has posted once again a “rare” item and as usual I find lots of comments leading to some really interesting sites some of whom come visiting here also. Click on “underlined names” if you wish to enjoy the chance encounters!

DECALLING done by Bassett Signs was a kind donation for which i am grateful but the pink paint is the problem as it was a "special" for which the "painters" did not think of the need for "touch up"!Which of us does not chip or lose paint in the normal course of events?

Apr 25, 2010


Watching the “London Marathon” today reminded me how important finding “Sponsors” for “Disabled/Physically Challenged Athletes” really is!

These amazing athletes in their “Chariots” may only be limited by the Organisers and Media as I am sure that there are many more who would line up if allowed. Compliments to those allowed to race, you justified your presence and many more of you should be allowed to take part. Watching German Eurosport I was unable to get the full benefit of the report of those participating as my language skills are somewhat lacking but there was no doubting the efforts expended by those allowed to compete!

In the past weeks I have posted remarks since withdrawn about the lack of support for this blog, fact is there appears to be no support for my efforts to create an opportunity for “Disabled/P.C. Athletes” to be at the “Tour de France” even though I continually come across those who voice a desire to be there, being “nice” to me is not helping the cause.

Followers and Comments are the only thing that “Sponsors” are interested in and the opportunity to help this year has passed! Next year there may be someone “game “ to try and help create an opportunity but that will depend on the efforts of you the readers. Simply put “Vote with your finger” by joining the “Followers” and adding your “Comments”, when I see a reader from “Cabot, Arkansas” continually coming to the “Blog” from “Bookmark” it makes me wonder why they don’t show that they want to help by becoming a “Follower”?

There are others out there also visiting regularly by “Bookmark/Favourities” who could also lend their weight to the body of opinion needed to convince “Sponsors” of the value in helping this project and others connected with “Disabled/Physically Challenged Athletes”!

20 followers will ignite a renewed interest in adding to the blog and as the “Tour de Romandie”, “Giro d’Italia” and “Tour de France” are about to occur once again I will have plenty of material to pass on to those interested enough to become “Followers”! Your choice each of you know “Disabled people” and maybe they will enjoy being directed to supporting “Athletes” of their community group.

AS SAID BEFORE I NEED ENCOURAGEMENT, and you the readers will benefit if you choose to support this activity.


P.S. Noticed that there are a lot of "Hits" but few "Visits" since the posting, would like to know what the difference is and wish those "Hits" had Used "Followers Button " to register their interest!