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Jan 2, 2013

T-Mobile , a taste of SH*t for the NEW YEAR !

Every so often you come across a bunch of Smart Ass#s ! For many years now  ihave  used the same " Cell/ Mobile Telephone number on a " Pay as you go " Tariff . Not cheap , but since it works throughout Europe , had to live with this expense . Bought a blackberry in April , with the intention of ridding myself of the " motorola devise " bought at " 2006 Winter Olympics " in Torino . Kept that device going until October/November as it has a bunch of " photos " that won't download , or transfer by calling another Cell/mobile device .

When i changed the " Telephone chip " across , i don't recall anything that " Opened the Internet " ? Seems that each 10 euro installment made to the account in December , has disappeared  and only thanks to the assistance of a friend and his patience , was i able to find out from " T-Mobile " how they would have continued to treat me had i not had his help . During the period 16th December to this date , i have had no need to call out , but when i tried to send Text /SMS , each time being an " Emergency " , i was deprived of that resource ! Thank goodness i was not broken down at the side of the road in a snowstorm !

Here is the promised advertising of the  " Email to T-Mobile " which i am now going to have to ask Alex to send since i didn' t answer the German Language Questions correctly !

  "  Stolen Credit

Directors of T-Mobile


Being STOLEN from by a Company that used to Sponsor " Drug Using Cycle Racers " , comes as no surprise !When i found out today that the money that i put into a " Blackberry " that i was sold without " Internet " connection was in ACTUAL FACT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET , i was surprised !

I bought this " blackberry " in April 2012 , and started to use it in November 2012 , when it had about Four Euros Credit . I was unaware why that money disappeared , so went to " OMV Tankstelle " in Brixleggon 18th december , to put 10 euros on the Account . The lady showed me that it was topped up to 10.08 euros( Voucher 18 dec #07443482365274 ) .

27th December i get Text/SMS from my sister telling me of difficulties with their flight at Manchester airport , but , i cannot reply , there is no credit on the phone ( Now advised "Internet seems to have  turned on ) . Not understanding what has happened , i go to the Kramsach Polizei , where there is a Lady Officer who speaks excellent english . She phones the OMV people , who remember that they assisted me , confirms that the credit was made .

Nothing can be done other than go to " M Preis Supermarket " , across the road from Polizei , and buy another 10 euros( Voucher#120327775979 ) , which again is confirmed by voice and visual means .

1st January 2013 my Sister sends SMS/Text , requiring answer , cannot send the SMS/Text i prepare ( now know , NO MONEY on the phone again  ); once again , personal problems , created for ALL !

TODAY i go to the " telephone shop " in Jenbach , to ask for their help to contact Your " NO HELP DEPT. " for assistance ! Not having bought vouchers from them , i get the " FLICK ( being polite about their rudeness and lack of suggestions of how to solve the problem ) ".

Visited with an Austrian friend , home from work , ill and he spends 25minutes waiting for the first assistance , then after transfer/shuffle involving more time he connects with a person who is able to tell him my details from the computer . He is amazed that this info is there , since this is a " Pay as you Go phone "! My friend is told that the " Monies " rendered have been " Swallowed by the Internet " !

Asked to rectify the situation , the operator tells him that they cannot do anything !

HOW THIS CAME ABOUT , i don't know ! WHAT i do know , is that i am being " Shafted "by an organisation without ANY SCRUPLES ! When your operator can look at the Computer screen and see that there is something WRONG , and not offer any way to resolve the issue , there is no other choice , but to publicise this matter !

With a " Blog " , that is read worldwide , i am able to inform the Community , of the ATTITUDE , that pervades your organisation !

Of course , you are making money by the " bucketload " , possibly , i am not the only "SUCKER " that has been " Shafted " in this manner !

Everything you read here , is loaded into the " Blog " , i guess , i can kiss my money " Goodbye "but then you wouldn't " Help an old man with a white walking stick " across the street either ! Stealing sweets from " little children " would be about your level of social behaviour ?

As regards my phone , looks like  " Skype " , from now on , which limits what i can do for " Behinderten Sport "!

Sorry to awake you from your slumbers , with my trivial matter . Can only wish you the New Year that you DESERVE !"

WHY are you , my readers , being advised of this matter ?

Simply because TOO MANY PEOPLE , do not fight back when they get " RIPPED OFF "!

Do you check the ribbon at the " Cash Desk " of the Supermarket , as you load your groceries , I DO ! If an item is advertised on the shelf at a PRICE , i do not expect to pay MORE , at the checkout ! Occasionally you can get home , find a mistake and go back , but very rarely will the vendor cooperate !

When i choose to buy something , i expect to get full value , getting home and finding a mistake , means a return journey .

In 1973 , i bought a " Transister Radio/Cassette Player " in Singapore , carried it out of the shop , onto the Aircraft and opened the package , in the U.K. , what was there was not what i bought !  Seems that in handing the item and monies to the assistant to be packed correctly , they did the shuffle . Returning through Singapore , i had one thing in mind , exchanging for the correct item , since they would not refund any of the money !

 In a restaurant in Rome during November 1980 , i did not return the menu , but when the bill arrived there was a considerable difference , only resolved when the Policia arrived and saw the differences . So much for a pleasant trip , escaped to Vienna by the next train . Tourism in Italy in the Winter , was for the Plucky ! Watched a German being sandwiched near the Vatican , earlier in the day , Pocket picked , wallet gone ! Asked him to follow the Gypsy Woman carrying the child , whilst i found Policia , but he was not too keen about a confrontation , she was the winner , away scot free to succeed again elsewhere .

Cheated by Banks also , even had my " signature forged " , by Bank Staff , but that is another series of stories , that could cause your hair to stand on end .


NB from 4th jan

Seems a few people agree with me , judging by the visits :

To wake " T-Mobile " UP to the interest they are generating , Comments would help !

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United Kingdom
Czech Republic

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Thankyou ALL , for your SUPPORT !

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