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Sep 30, 2012

Shamilton in the news !

Well i write Blogs and they get a few people reading , whilst he writes a book and upsets the " Applecart "! I doubt there are many cyclists , that follow Cycle Racing , that are unaware of the book " the secret race ....etc " ?

Over the years that i have been riding the routes of the Grand Tours and Pro World Tours i have met many of the participants both on the bike and at their team facilities . Cycle Racing allows " Jo Public " access to these Racers , part of the reason that makes the Sport so popular . Only at the Tour de France , do they make access more difficult for the Tifosi ( fans ) , and even then there are plenty of opportunities to get close and personal .

Recently Tyler has been in the limelight because of his appearance on TV , and now with the book being aggressively marketed . Several Interviews have been printed and no doubt this story will continue to be front page news until mid October when the USADA say they will present UCI with the report , that has been outstanding since Lance declined to commit further time to the Kangaroo Court , that the USADA call arbitration !

    Photo is of Oscar Sevilla , whilst with Phonak , playing " doctors ", served a suspension for Doping also !

Today i attempted to comment to the " scotsman ", but as yet the comment below has failed to register :

 " Tyler ,
we first met at the 1999 Paris-Nice on the Monday morning . I looked for you as a result of meeting one of your neighbours on the Saturday . It was a freezing cold day as the team sat outside the Team Camper !
You guys were joshing about and no doubt part of that , was because i was not dressed for the weather and i was about to set out to ride the route you Guys were about to race .  Warmed by your Drug Intake , you guys probably felt invincible . By midday , i was unable to drink a glass of brandy that i had bought in a bar in an effort to raise my Core Temperature after encountering freezing sleet and snow .
Countless occasions occured for us to meet over the following years , including the Giro , where you continued riding despite  broken bones . Last occasion we met , i recall  ,was at the 2004 Athens ITT training session where you passed me a drink from the riders fridge .

 That you were USING the whole time , demonstrates how easy it was to fool your father and friends , let alone the public ! Your book was offered , fREE , on Cyclingnews Forum by a contributor there but i don't need to read it to know how far you have fallen !

 You are reported to be selling memorabilia , some of the proceeds i gather will go to the " Paul Kimmage ( fagor photo )Defence Fund "! Perhaps the balance could go to the " Wounded Warrior Project " & " Help4Heroes ", these people are TRUE Heroes !

When Christophe Bassons of France and Filippo Simeoni of Italy report to the media that you have Publicly apologised , and they have accepted that Apology , then you will have reached bottom and can draw a line on the past !

Losing Haven and your former life , is a price TOO high for the trivia you gained by your resort to DRUGS ! Too many people followed your example and some have lost their lives by doing so . Hopefully the monies from your book will be used to support a " Foundation " which will HELP DISCOURAGE youngsters from setting out on the path , you chose to follow !

The ball is in your court ! Succeed in a new Career as an " Anti Doping Advocate " or spend the monies on yourself and a lifestyle ! "

RARELY do i suffer the frustration that is inflicted by these type of articles ! Repeated efforts to "post " this comment have failed . There is also a link to Facebook  , which does not appear to have been utilised  either ! What is the point of a newspaper offering their readers that registered , " ACCESS " and then not allowing that access ?

Earlier in the week i asked for HELP to add the " Chip In "
button  for the " PAUL KIMMAGE Defence Fund ".

Hoping this below will work this time :

Sep 19, 2012


Does anyone think that the " UCI " are able to control an " AMNESTY "? Could UCI have the ability to ask World Governments to step back from prosecuting their Athletes who admit to doping during an " Amnesty " conducted for Cyclists ?

NO !

Would WADA /IOC be able to persuade World Governments to back off during an " Amnesty Period " ? It would require their warning some governments , that they would lose their right to participate at future " Olympic Games ", to gain their cooperation , but they have the necessary gravitas to be able to avoid this conflict occurring !

Here is a comment that i posted in some Blogs recently :

All very well to tell us what took place over the years WHAT YOU SHOULD HAVE DONE THESE PAST WEEKS is to tell ” Delegates to the UCI Management Meeting in Holland ” the steps that they could take to STOP this recurring FARCE !You are read by many , and i am sure they respect your POV , whereas i would be regarded as a ” Know nothing ” blowing hard !

  1. "  Until WDA together with the IOC contact ALL Governments and Establish an ” AMNESTY PERIOD for ALL Sports ” , nothing will change ! Certainly we will see the ” SOL ” pass for many of the near current racers , and they will then write their memoirs , to cash in on the latest craze of outdoing each other with their exposes !
    Had you and other ” Sports Journos ” set out a set of circumstances regarding an ” Amnesty ” ,for the Public to put to their ” Delegates ” , then those people would have had to go into this coming UCI Management Meeting with ” Proposals ” and then their failure to act would cause action by their National bodies ! Currently they can sit back and enjoy the ” Gravy Train ” that they are ” elected ” and let the whole matter pass them by !
    Hein & Fatpat have a record of doing things , their way , for so long that it appears ” Complacency ” , is the operative description , for what is the current situation !
    Today is the eve of a revisit to the ” Festina Affair ” that UCI thought would never reoccur ! Sorry folks , it’s back , and bigger and more dangerous than before !
    Years ago i suggested one of the Aussie Women Team Managers could do a better job than fatpat , but i can see that Schrenk , Ashenden , le clerc and perhaps those like me , could do a better job ! None could make a worse job of the current situation that the UCI finds itself !
    The past is over , All Governments should cooperate and waive their legislative procedures for an ” AMNESTY PERIOD ” , a ONCE ONLY Op.for those who used PEDs ! Criminal suppliers will be named , no doubt , and they had better depart the scene PRONTO since they will have no client base , once the Amnesty ends !
    Those not declaring their past will face LIFETIME BANS when their co conspirators find that they are ar risk of a LifeTime Ban also for not disclosing their involvement !
    The ” Amnesty period ” should start 1st October 2012 and be for two months , during this period , each week those declaring themselves to the ” Clearing House appointed ” , will be listed on the website with brief details of the periods involved . Those who were their coworkers or support staff should pay attention , since IF , the Athlete does not declare their wrongdoings and they do not act to declare themselves , then they will almost certainly find on the 1st Jan 2013 that they are also subject to LIFETIME BANS !
    On the 1st December 2012 there will be NO FURTHER OPPORTUNITY for Athletes to disclose their past ! THe Website will be published and any Athlete NOT THERE will be subject to the severest penalties ! During December only , Co workers , Team Managers/Owners , Team Doctors/Soigneurs , DS & Mechanics associated with an Athlete that failed to disclose their wrongdoing will have the right to declare themselves for investigation thus avoiding the consequences created by their athletes non compliance !
    1st Jan 2013 , the Sporting World will enter a new Regime where 4 year bans and confiscation of Accrued Salaries will be the minimum for a first Offence ! Team Staff will be subject to penalties if during a 3 month period more than one Athlete is Suspended . Third Athlete in Six Months and the team serves a three month suspension ! Fourth Athlete in a twelve month period will mean that the Team is suspended until the next season when they will rejoin two steps lower for a season !
    An Athlete on completion of the 4 year Ban will be allowed to rejoin at ” Steps below the level that they left their sport !
    Athletes receiving a ” LIFETIME BAN ” will find that they and their family will not be allowed to attend ” Sporting Events ” , booking ” online tickets ” will be impossible and those choosing to circumvent the system will enjoy the same ban . Of course they may be able to buy tickets at the turnstile , but would they want to be asked to leave when discovered ?


    You can do better ?

    Wednesday in Holland could be a START to making a difference , but those there will be busy trying to stay in the ” Gravy Train ” , not seeking the solutions so obviously needed ! "

    Lets hope the UCI realise that they are a " small fish in a BIG POND and decide to invite the WADA / IOC combination to come in and help them clean house ! Those managing the UCI know they are not perfect and perhaps if they have a conscience , realise that they could have handled some matters in a better way !

    ADDITIONAL Thursday 20th Sept2012

    Overnight there are reports in the of Jon Vaughters contribution at the " UCI Management Meeting :

    This item i found in CNF thread :

    Another thread has been started by " new " commenters , so clearly motivated to shed more light on his background and his slow approach to his recent relevations :

    Still unable to access CNF to record my own comments on what UCI are trying to do ion Holland .

    More on the current stories in " Skippi-Cyclist "!

Sep 13, 2012


Guess there has to be someone to take down " Paralympic Athletes " who buy product over the counter at a pharmacy ?  Yes , that was a real success there , tygart and your minions at usada , and you get $US9m a year from the US Government ! Proves that there are still some Athletes that inadvertently trust that Pharmacists know the products they dispense . WADA has a huge list of " prohibited substances " that each Athlete is responsible for being aware of , BUT can you recall the last time you consulted the ingredients of a product that you regularly buy ?

Medication is subject to stringent test before it arrives in any Pharmacy and one would have thought that any change in ingredients would need a Name change so that users were made aware of any change . Surely the Drug manufacturers need to check the " WADA list " to see that their product does not contain any " prohibited substance " since they are trying to sell to the broadest possible market ? When WADA decides to add products to their list , it would be after consultation with various authorities and it is unlikely they would fail to notify a drug manufacturer of their concerns about any product .

The mantra is that each Athlete is responsible for their own consumption of Food , drinks and medication but  even then there are well known cases where the Athlete has been able to get a " suspension " overturned . The Mexicans had success with contaminated meats but Contador , the cyclist , was unable to avoid a suspension through  the same ingredient contaminating food that he ate . A Scottish skier at the Salt Lake Olympic Winter Games bought an inhaler in the USA , not realising that there was a change in the US ingredients from that of those in the UK ingredients  .

USADA could be better at what they do if they received cooperation from Event Organisers as partly  detailed in the following source :

There is a lot of comments on this in Cyclingnews forum :

Seems that the USADA not only has difficulties with prosecuting " High Profile " Athletes , but even getting their act together at Events , where they have the right to conduct testing . Going to be interesting to see if the Event Organiser gets a Ban for interfering with " Tests " and how it effects the racing program  .

In recent times the USADA has suggested a " Truth & Reconciliation " tribunal but this will not work since there will be so much work involved in collecting the evidence . Far better they get behind a call to the US Government Authorities to back a WADA / IOC backed "Amnesty for ALL SPORT " . When Athletes both past & present and their support staff , can step forward in ALL COUNTRIES without fear of Legal Proceedings then there will be a chance for SPORT to be given the Cleanout that is so long overdue !

Sep 8, 2012


As plain as a nose on my face , was the need for an " ALL SPORTS AMNESTY "! Fat Pat on the other hand thinks that he can control the " Shitfight " by calling the " UCI " which he and his minions control to announce the " UCI Truth & Concilliation  Commission " when they meet on the 19&20th September in Holland !

FAT PAT , you just don't get it do you ? An " AMNESTY " is needed to include the likes of yourself !  Do you think , that we the " Unwashed Public " , believe that you are an " innocent ", in ALL that has taken place since the " Festina Affair " in 1998  ?

 Right in ONE ! We don't ! Get on the phone to your bosom buddy , the one and only Jacques Rogge , and ask him to save your skin , by calling for an " ALL SPORT AMNESTY "! Time some of these other sports got their house in order ! So much is written about Tennis and Soccer for example , that " Smoke " must be caused by something , and the fire is probably looking for a place to surface .

Jacques Rogge , surely , does not wish to be opening the " Chemical Olympic Games in Rio " , in 2016 ? Why wait for more Sports Federations to find that their house is not as tidy as they think ? Sepp Blatter , will for one breathe a sigh of relief when an " ALL SPORTS AMNESTY " is called ? Are there other Feds with problems , you bet there are ! I for one cannot keep up with what is going on in ALL the other sports !

As for the " UCI " running an " Amnesty " , is there anyone in the " UCI " , that the " Supposedly corrupt " that you wish to come forward , can TRUST ? " Trust us Folks " , we have your best interests at Heart , whilst we cover our Butt "! No way Jose ! There are some fine folk working for the " UCI " , some would be acceptable to many , but for the most part , those with " Problem Pasts " would be reluctant to allow you and your minions into their house , let alone into their Consciences ! Until a third party is involved , you will waste your time and that of the Cycling Community , proposing " Half Measures "!

Your staff probably are aware of letters written and posted in my blogs to YOU , Jacques Rogge , John Fahey and Jonathon Vaughters during the past years , requesting ACTION , even proposing the " ALL SPORTS AMNESTY " ! I have even written to Chris Prudhomme and the French President in the hope of tidying up a few things that i see as urgent . Foolish of me , a nobody , to ask that " Sport " cleans itself up !

 Here are a few links to remind you that i am not barking up the wrong tree :

Fat Pat , you were involved in this article :

This resulted in this discussion starting on the Mushroom Farm ( CNF Clininc ) :

Of course , this story , follows another , that of Jonathon Vaughters revealing Tom Danielson's past endeavours during his early Cycling Career :

Came across this story as a result of reading Steve Tilford's blogs :

In an earlier CyclingNews article , this week , i came across Johann M.'s , doping admissions  but it seems i have deleted the link , as my computer needed CPU to compose this post .

The mushroom Farm has been in overdrive this past weeks with all these revelations , what with the ongoing   Lance v USADA spat , the poor people must be exhausted , both mentally and physically . Leaping to conclusions , conjecture and innuendo , and then toasting their success , since Lance walked away from the " Main Event " depriving them of the spurious pleasure of the " Arbitration Procedures "!

Folks , until WADA and IOC decide to act , and impose an " ALL SPORTS AMNESTY " nothing is going to change in the Cycling Industry !  Management exploring itself is a WASTE OF TIME !

Who am i to tell those earning a salary , how to run their businesses ?

BUT perhaps you can believe this Lady's point of view ?

Could Silvia Schenk have been too vocal in 2005 , for those supporting Fat Pat , to be allowed to stay in the " UCI " hierarchy ?