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Sep 8, 2012


As plain as a nose on my face , was the need for an " ALL SPORTS AMNESTY "! Fat Pat on the other hand thinks that he can control the " Shitfight " by calling the " UCI " which he and his minions control to announce the " UCI Truth & Concilliation  Commission " when they meet on the 19&20th September in Holland !

FAT PAT , you just don't get it do you ? An " AMNESTY " is needed to include the likes of yourself !  Do you think , that we the " Unwashed Public " , believe that you are an " innocent ", in ALL that has taken place since the " Festina Affair " in 1998  ?

 Right in ONE ! We don't ! Get on the phone to your bosom buddy , the one and only Jacques Rogge , and ask him to save your skin , by calling for an " ALL SPORT AMNESTY "! Time some of these other sports got their house in order ! So much is written about Tennis and Soccer for example , that " Smoke " must be caused by something , and the fire is probably looking for a place to surface .

Jacques Rogge , surely , does not wish to be opening the " Chemical Olympic Games in Rio " , in 2016 ? Why wait for more Sports Federations to find that their house is not as tidy as they think ? Sepp Blatter , will for one breathe a sigh of relief when an " ALL SPORTS AMNESTY " is called ? Are there other Feds with problems , you bet there are ! I for one cannot keep up with what is going on in ALL the other sports !

As for the " UCI " running an " Amnesty " , is there anyone in the " UCI " , that the " Supposedly corrupt " that you wish to come forward , can TRUST ? " Trust us Folks " , we have your best interests at Heart , whilst we cover our Butt "! No way Jose ! There are some fine folk working for the " UCI " , some would be acceptable to many , but for the most part , those with " Problem Pasts " would be reluctant to allow you and your minions into their house , let alone into their Consciences ! Until a third party is involved , you will waste your time and that of the Cycling Community , proposing " Half Measures "!

Your staff probably are aware of letters written and posted in my blogs to YOU , Jacques Rogge , John Fahey and Jonathon Vaughters during the past years , requesting ACTION , even proposing the " ALL SPORTS AMNESTY " ! I have even written to Chris Prudhomme and the French President in the hope of tidying up a few things that i see as urgent . Foolish of me , a nobody , to ask that " Sport " cleans itself up !

 Here are a few links to remind you that i am not barking up the wrong tree :

Fat Pat , you were involved in this article :

This resulted in this discussion starting on the Mushroom Farm ( CNF Clininc ) :

Of course , this story , follows another , that of Jonathon Vaughters revealing Tom Danielson's past endeavours during his early Cycling Career :

Came across this story as a result of reading Steve Tilford's blogs :

In an earlier CyclingNews article , this week , i came across Johann M.'s , doping admissions  but it seems i have deleted the link , as my computer needed CPU to compose this post .

The mushroom Farm has been in overdrive this past weeks with all these revelations , what with the ongoing   Lance v USADA spat , the poor people must be exhausted , both mentally and physically . Leaping to conclusions , conjecture and innuendo , and then toasting their success , since Lance walked away from the " Main Event " depriving them of the spurious pleasure of the " Arbitration Procedures "!

Folks , until WADA and IOC decide to act , and impose an " ALL SPORTS AMNESTY " nothing is going to change in the Cycling Industry !  Management exploring itself is a WASTE OF TIME !

Who am i to tell those earning a salary , how to run their businesses ?

BUT perhaps you can believe this Lady's point of view ?

Could Silvia Schenk have been too vocal in 2005 , for those supporting Fat Pat , to be allowed to stay in the " UCI " hierarchy ?

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