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You the reader have the possibility to help these Amazing Athletes in your own way and contacting your National Paralympic Internet Site for relevant info is a good start !

Jul 30, 2011



HELP NEEDED ! OAP that I am doesn’t mean I am helpless , yet each alternative I have tried to post direct to Blogger in the past week on my laptop has failed .

Read another’s blog this week where the author paid £80 to have a bike serviced , well that was a lesson that I learned years ago , fix all the problems as they occur otherwise they will bite your arse ! Rarely in All the Tours that I have ridden did I put the bike away without solving ALL the “ niggles ” , so that I could get up and ride the Etappe of the day with at least one less problem . Having said that I loaded the washing machine this morning and turned it on and after 2hrs arrived back to find nothing had happened . Tried a variety of solutions before seeking help but had overlooked the fact that the last user had turned off the water , why do that I wonder ?

Posting through “ Posterous “ means I am repeating the blog post in several of the blogs , so if you read the same item twice , I hope you find something there that encourages you to get your friends , family and followers to read my blogs ! With “ Posterous “ I am able to post photos but am unable to “ Preview “ so I am unsure of the result until I see the finished product and then I am unable to edit , if I find something I wish to change .

Now also using “Microsoft Works Word Processor “ to prepare the text , thus I hope I spot all the errors before you do ! Also where I have been in the habit of providing the Op. to click on a link for a story I have mentioned , I now am unable to do that so will have to leave my readers to make their own way to those stories .

Wondering if I have to start up using “ Wordpress “ as a blogging vehicle , which at least will provide

me with an OP. to learn additional skills !


Jul 28, 2011


CENSORSHIP of abuse is warranted but judge for yourself IF the following is " unworthy " or off the subject !

My Comment :

" Wonder if "M outh F irst "saw an Op to promote her book and self ? Look at ALL the Pollies hopping on the "bandwagon " as mentioned in my blog earlier in the week ( jumping on too ! ) about Cadel !

Long overdue that Cycling Pros' were recognised on the Front Pages of the National Press since they ENDURE hardship AWAY from home and family to PROMOTE Australia and their sport .

As we build to the London Olympics there will be a need for "role models" who have endured disapointment BUT continue!"

There was more to this comment but for some reason there was a "Word/character limit" on the comment content !

My comment :

"Gerry Ryan" may think he is another "Alan Bond" but this is a NEW Century and things are done differently these days !

GreenEdge has a long hard road to plough before it has ANY sort of license so it has to be a TEAM EFFORT to get to the STARTING POST !

Met Mike Mc Kay briefly at the Giro and talked to him about "Disabled Sport" ! He was kind enough to listen even though he may not have known who i was or why i was talking to him . Shows that he was an open minded person and willing to hear out people . More in my blogs about that and the team .

"Pro Tour Status" is not a " DONE DEAL " , huge amounts of work will be needed to get the team proposition to the starting post AND THEN more work will be needed to convince the UCI that the team deserves the "Highest Grade " in the team structures !

Shane Bannon has several assistants that will help him do the grunt work but be under no illusions that " GreenEdge " will sail through the preliminaries’ . If there are not several "Fall Back " plans then there will be a repeat of last years debacle !

Would hope that the presentation when it is made is successful BUT don't count on that happening ."









Jul 26, 2011


 Cadel flavour of the month or will it be the year or the decade ? Politicians of ALL persuasions are jumping aboard the " band wagon " ! This time there was warning that there would be " sound bite Ops "! Didn't he come second twice ? Wasn't that an ACHIEVEMENT in and of it's self ? Not for the Polies , that is for certain !

After Cadel soloed to the World Champion win i posted on "parrabuddy " and to a variety of other outlets my view that Australia could by setting up a variety of additional " Cycling Events " become a MAJOR destination for those connected with cycling during the European Winter Cycling Season . Of course Europe has other cycling events during the winter in which the Cycle Road Racers enjoy participating ! 

Can anyone show me ONE event that was added to the Oz Cycling Calender since Cadel became World Champion ? Of course to put on events requires  "Sponsors " but there are many out there with "cash " burning holes in their pockets IF ONLY the event organisers would have looked ! I realise that my suggestions in October 2009 would have been too early for that " European Winter series " but IS there anything additional planned for this the 2011 European Winter Season ?

ALL are going to want to see Cadel perform on the Bike when he returns to Oz this year , no doubt he will be selective of the events he will participate in OR visit to acknowledge the Cycling Public BUT had Event Organisers put their thinking caps on there would be Additional Incentives for European Road Racers to have Wintered in Oz and bring their family and friends with them !

John Morris when head of Tourism in 2000 headquartered in the Westfield Tower was kind enough to hear me out , about some proposals i offered about "Sponsoring Cycling Events " ! Did he pass on to his colleagues any of the ideas to research ? Doubtful , as i was a "lightweight , outside the " IN circle " and it would have cost money . Wonder if i would get time now to propose some of the ideas i have espoused here and elsewhere ? NO CHANCE JOSE !

ALL the media are scrambling for ANY story about Cadel since this will sell newspapers , journals , DVDs and grab attention for the advertisers on TV and Radio . Wonder if any of the Cycling Event  Organisers are able to INTEREST Cadel's Management team in "Personal Appearances " at some yet to be arranged Cycle Events ?

At Pinerollo i was able to grab a photo with Matt White and speak  briefly with Stevo who were there talking to those racing at the TDF .







Jul 25, 2011


This is a pleasure that i had not anticipated at the beginning of the 2011 Tour de France ! Frankly having seen Cadel looking so tired before the ITT of the Dauphine Libere in Grenoble i commented to the team Doctor that i felt he was not at the top of his game ! Certainly that day he did less than was expected of him and thus was second to Wiggins at the end of that Tour !

During the period of the 2000 Sydney Olympics i first heard of Cadel and was able to meet him at the "Rundfahrt Ossterreich " in 2001 whilst he rode for SAECO and i was on the Kitzbuehler Horn when he took the win the next day . Cadel has always been hard to get alongside during the various tours that i would meet him at but was always gracious enough to autograph the various items that i would pass to " Disabled / Behinderten / Physically Challenged Sport " over the years . In London at the Grand Depart there he warned that he had little time for talking to " fans " and the team "distanced " the media during that event so that he could get the personal space that was needed for recovery each night .


NOT being involved in Cycling before the World Ski Championships in 1997 at Sestriere i had no idea of the Downhill scene let alone the Mountain Bike Stars . In fact i went to a Downhill event in 1998 and was delighted to see an Aussie out of Perth take 3rd place and whilst chatting to him after he passed me his goggles which are in my possession to this day . Who knows where they are in my luggage but i recall using them when ski touring on several occasions .


So often over the years i have been asked if i am a fan of particular Cycle Racers but always answer "I am a fan of Fair Play " , for me the important thing is not the nationality but the attitude to the sport .


Being in Mendrisio was a rare pleasure as i was a VIP guest of the locals and meeting and greeting the "Ancients " of the sport was a day to remember . Where i was entertained was close to the finish line so seeing the  action on TV , cycling around the area and then seeing Cadel physically cross the line was a memory i will treasure . During the day i greeted Sean Kelly , Carmine Castilana and many others as well as sampling the local wines and cuisine .


There will be people who will dispute my opinion BUT " Waltzing Matilda " would have been more appropriate for the Ceremony on the Champs Elysee on Sunday !  Cadel has always been for me the epitome of the "  LITTLE AUSSIE BLEEDER " and i think that all " DIGGERS " will agree with me  !


Having been at Grenoble for the ITT of the Dauphine Libere i was quite content to miss the Hoopla on Saturday and follow the action on the TV and enjoyed watching Cadel " Bunny hop " after the 3rd time check as he headed downhill !


IN 1998 i rode the Champs Elysee through the caravan with the French Flag from the Hotel Carillon and an Aussie Flag from Georges of the bar near Brussels Airport so having that experience it has been some years since i have visited the Champs Elysee on the Sunday as trawling around the back of the barriers farewelling people until next year tends to be " Hit or Miss " !





Vince Carter at the Tour de France

Every year i meet people who arrive at the Tour de France for the first time and i enjoy watching their reactions to the " Circus " that the TDF has become during the 14 occasions i have ridden the routes .

One night several of us camped in a field and i got asked once again why i don't write a book , fact is the blogs are not well enough attended to justify the expense in time and monies to rave on about the places i have been and the people i have met .

Some of the experiences i have enjoyed have been right off the scale in that i find myself the guest of so many generous people both in their homes and as a guest at the side of the road . It is impossible to relate the generosity of so many people even if i could find the correct words since in many cases these people have put aside their own commitments to help me ! The spread of nationalities and countries is mind boggling as not only Europeans but Asians have treated me so kindly !

Currently i don't seem to be able to post direct to the Blogs and so am using " Posterous " as the Portal so the stories/blogs are repeated in several blogs and for that i apologise .  Hopefully i will discover the problem and solve it quickly !

TODAY i am copying an email into the blog written by Vincent who has ridden the "Routes of the TDF " these past 3 years .

""   Skippy appeared riding from behind me on my first trip to the Tour de France in Monaco 2009 on the TT course . I had camped for 5 days in my first foreign country and the sound of a friendly Australian accent was welcome and after the usual exchange of details , he proceeded on along the course and shortly after i met another Tour devotee George the cyclist , who informed me of Skippy’s long running involvement with all the grand tours .

The power of the event and the challenge to view it while riding the course as much as you can handle got into my head with some power so i returned to the 2010 edition which started in Rotterdam to meet up with George . It was world cup soccer time and Skippy , George , and a new find of George’s , David the German and i took part in the excitement of a game watching the screen at the IYH where I was staying . The dutch won ,the locals where more than pleased it was a happy time to be amongst the revellers.
Over the coming days as gGorge and i rode the course Skippy would appear always loaded up with Skippy’s Legacy which was a special cycling jersey autographed by all the riders of note in the Pro Peloton. Skippy had plans to auction the shirt with proceeds going to his primary interest “ disabled sports people “. Regularly our paths would cross as the tour stages went by.

2011 came around and again i could not resist the Tour of France atmosphere , after riding to the rider presentation and discovering that it was invitation only i settled back in the car park to watch the Team buses roll up with all the tour Champs and Personalities passing by and i felt my 500 km ride was well worth it.
Then a gentle whack from a passing cyclist revealled Skippy once again , after greetings were done Skippy arranged for me to shake the hands of some tour stars Erik Zabel , Cadel Evans , Danilo Hondo ,Chris Horner , Mark Renshaw and others . Even though i am of a mature age , 54 , just to meet these guys was a great thrill and i doubt I’ll forget it ever, this was all down to Skippy , as he is one of the personalities which add to the whole tour experience .


What i should like to do is INVITE others to contribute their stories relating how we have met up  , over the years .


People like my friends in Crest , Brussels , Redom , Montigenevre , Torino and so many more places occasionally visit the blog so i would encourage them to contribute their piece to the Blog .

Now that Vincent has set the ball rolling , who will be next ?








Jul 24, 2011


 Once again Australia celebrates persistence of a Sportsman who has finally achieved his ambitions ! Some will remember Bob Hawke declaring that " Only a Bum will sack workers for taking the day off to celebrate "! This was after Alan Bond Achieved the " impossible " with winning the " America's Cup "!

WILL Julie Gillard take the same attitude , of course Kevin Rudd would ! Wouldn 't he ?

 Apologies to Cadel for my lack of belief in his ability to achieve this triumph , so many europeans asked me if i favoured his chances during the past years and i always answered that the " first 2nd place was as close as he would ever get "!  Even on Thursday night i was certain that the effort expended to pull back Andy Schleck would have diminished his chances . When he got angry with Voeckler & Co i thought it was because he felt the need of their help but  it was more !  I feel certain now that he was trying to help Thoma fight back , and had Voeckler made more of an effort he could today be standing on the podium instead of a Schleck !

Cadel has always been more of a sportsman than he appears at first glance and i am sure that carrying the team on his back once again has caused him to dig deep and suffer greatly to achieve the impossible task that we Australians expected of him !

Sadly today is marred by the tragedy in Oslo but there will be an abundance of Aussie flags on the Champs Elysee ! For my part i will be watching Eurosport as i had my run on that Parcours in 1998 during the caravan procession . Since then cycling around the back of the spectators has lost it's appeal .

Raising my glass i salute another fine Australian realising his ambition and hope that he will be chosen to carry the Australian Flag at London 2012 and will inspire another Australian Medalfest and perhaps bring home the Olympic Road Race Gold medal !

14 years riding the routes of the Pro Tours and finally i have seen THE AUSTRALIAN take the top step at the TOUR de FRANCE !






Jul 20, 2011


Descending from Montigeneve i saw these people heading up the road !

Has anyone seen the like of this before ?

Normally there are few tandems at the Tour but in 14 years never seen this type of conveyance !

Pictures were uploaded by Cyril of the Local tourist office . Last night i stayed with the same family that offered me accomodation when we passed over the Galibier on the' way to Sestriere in the horrendous weather the racers endured that day ! During yesterday 15cm of snow fell on the Galibier so there are some major difficulties for the Authorities and those in tents must now be living in igloos ! Traffic into this area during the n,ext days will suffer huge delays and many will not reach their desired viewing spot !

TV seems on the cards as i have no intentions of travelling via the Frejus Tunnel to Grenoble !

Jul 19, 2011


Rest day of TDF so Mont Ventoux ! Marking Amy's 6th anniverary by riding out of Bedouin and then again from Moulesences ! Morning was spent around St Paul with Radio Shack personnel and then came across " Georgethecyclist " in the tourist office !

After he received a "Radio Shack T shirt" we headed out on the TDF route of tuesday towards Gap . Heading back i encountered the " Rabobank squad " on their rest day ride and took some photos before sprinting ahead to take a shot of them as they passed through the next village .

Arriving back in St Paul was fortunate to be greeted by the " vintner " who donated a bottle of Red when i was there with the " Dauphine Libere " last year . Received a leg massage after havinf some pasta with truffles then it was off to Bedoiun and two rides uphil in the sun . Plenty of people on the mountain trying their luck but saw many recovering their strength under trees as it was hot on the shoulders all the way up each time regardless of the trees providing a little respite .

Before starting out at Moulesences i came acroos some characters with a Bike Tour Co. whom i keep bumping into , but they were not game to join me even though i didn't let on that this was the second ascent of the day . Asking some about Amy G. just produced blank looks , so they were obviously unaware of the great work that the " Amy Gillett Foundation " is trying to do in Oz ! As i rode up i had "flashes " of recollections of the day in Lausanne in 2005 when i encountered the Aussie Ladies Team who were competing on the " Tour de Romandy Time TRial Course " that day ! Some of the ladies had bought the " Phonak " team kit for family and when i told the principle of the selling team he asked me to bring them back so that he could refund their monies ! Terrific gesture by this guy , but then he was always generous ! A hot sunny day that was to see Cadel win the ITT !

After the descent to Moulesences i hit the road for GAP as i was expecting that the road out of Gap to Briancon would be a nightmare on Tuesday evening . Turned out that even Tuesday morning had stop go traffic and the Thunder and lightning and monsoonal rain reminded me of occasions when i sat in a friends apartment on Mosman Point . The apartment was overlooking the harbour and I watched the amazing lightning storms around the New Year one year ! There were reports of cars being washed downhill on Rose Bay Hill by the floods next morning . Not quite as dramatic as those Tsunamiu scenes in Queensland this year .

Jul 18, 2011

Lance on Voeckler

Interesting to read Lance's thoughts on Thoma !

lancearmstrong Lance Armstrong
If Voeckler makes it to the top w/ the leaders today then we have to say he can win the TdF. He's got 2 mins and they can't shake him.

lancearmstrong Lance Armstrong
Lots of ?'s on Voeckler's chances for overall victory in Paris.... my thoughts.

lancearmstrong Lance Armstrong
He wasn't "swinging off the back" 2day. He was 1 of the strongest. The others weren't assertive and/or aggressive enough 2 make a selection.

lancearmstrong Lance Armstrong
He has 2:06 on Evans. Final TT is 42km. He's French. It's the Tour de FRANCE. He won't lose 2:06 in the final time trial ASSUMING...

lancearmstrong Lance Armstrong
He keeps them close on Alpe d'Huez. His teammate Pierre Rolland has been a rockstar and has to continue to be.

lancearmstrong Lance Armstrong
Lastly, the dude knows how to suffer. Will be fun to watch. Enjoy

Personally i have ridden with Thoma many times including the rest day in Limoges and i am surprised that he was able to slip under the radar as a " possibility " for podium at this TDF !

President Sarkozy will come to the TDF in the next days and regardless of what happens the rest of this week there will be an invitation to the " Elysee Palace " and perhaps the " Legion D'Honneur " for Thoma !

ALL of France is electrified by Thoma's success and after 27 years of little success in winning the " Maillot Jeune " there are now hopes like those heaped on " Tim Henman & Andy Murray at Wimbledon !

The favourities have been depleted by accidents and bad luck so there will be fierce and sustained efforts in the Alps in the next days !

Like to think Cadel has a chance but Thoma will die fighting !

Jul 12, 2011

M.Le President N.Sarkozy

M.Le President N.Sarkozy you can use your "power" to stop the miscreants dishonouring France as they fleece the "public" with their "plastic drapeau" and "nougat" ! An open letter to you that the Gendarmerie and Police National should read and ACT UPON TODAY !

Letter for M. Le President N.SARKOZY

M. Le President

Bonjour , certainly it could be a better day IF your Police National would act against those who sell " French Drapeau " on the streets surrounding access to the routes of the TOUR de FRANCE !

This section of the French Populace choose to " Intimidate and threaten those they encounter if the effort to shift as many of their "small , fake , plastic Drapeau " ! During their action they introduce their nougat and then demand 10 euros from the unwitting person they have cornered !

IN Australia & the United Kingdom this is a crime covered by the description " obtaining a benefit by deception "! On some occasions this could bedescribed as " obtaining monies by menaces " ! Take this morning as an example ; as i rode up the Cat.4 climb from the little bridge i came across the "frenchman " who dresses as a "bumblebee " and whilst stopped enjoying coffee with him a "renault megane 5 door vehicle " pulled up and a man carrying a tray of "drapeau " ran across to an elderly couple and gave them these flags . They then "demanded " that they buy "nougat " ! Even though the "bumble bee " called out to the old folk not to buy , they were so intimidated that they passed over a 10 euro note ! When i called out " Gendarmerie Arrivee " the driver gave me the one finger salute and called for his colleague to return to the car . The strongarm salute followed as they made their departure north !

Later i came upon a "Gendarmerie vehicle " to whom i relayed the story ! So far so good but about 1230 hrs in CARNOUX i saw a people mover full of these people start to canvass the shops . I called out " Gendarmerie Arrivee " and all but one bolted for their vehicle . The other was in the "Perfumerie standing over the lady worker attempting to get monies ! I asked her to call the Gendarmerie but the "thug " told her he would come back if she did so ! I told him not to move until the police arrived but he pushed out of the shop .

Shortly after whilst "Madame " was speaking with the Gendarmerie i saw some "motor velo Police " passing, i called them back to the shop ! They explained over some minutes there vwas nothing THEY WANTED TO DO as whilst the " vermin " were breaking the law " it is normal at the "Tour de France " for this behaviour " !

Please explain to me how the " POlice can stop cyclists riding the route of the " TDF " BUT will NOT ARREST these VERMIN WHO bring "dishonour " to France by their behaviour ? We all know that the Police and Gendarmerie spend as much as 6 hrs on the side of the route of the TDF each day BUT why is it the "TOUR de SUISSE 3 has rolling stoppages of around 1/2 hr and only near the finish or in the high mountain passes do they have a longer "closed road period"!

As in 2009 I would hope to meet you at this Tour once again but unless you ask for me "Chris Prudhomme " is unlikely to make that rendevous easy . Certainly he knows me and my efforts to help " HANDISPORT " but continues to do as little as "Jean Marie Leblanc" to promote visibility of "PARA SPORT " to the French Public ! During 14 Tour de FRANCE i have seen little change in the attitude of the "Society of the TDF " towards "Handisport " .


Jul 11, 2011

LETTER to PAT Mc Quaid , UCI President !

LOOKING to make a new Revenue stream ?

Look no further !

Drivers on the Tour de France need to be trained to avoid "Injuring and perhaps Killing the racers !

Fact is anyone can roll up and get accredited at these UCI Road Races , you leave it to the drivers to be honest about having a currently valid driving license/authority to drive and that is the first mistake of the Various Tour Organisers !

IMMEDIATELY you need to consult with the relevant European Authorities and have a COMMON set of road rules drawn up that are applicable to those using any routes connected to UCI road races ! Also you need to demand of the Tour Organisers that they demand sight of ALL DRIVERS LICENSES before they start using the roads on Tuesday 12th July 2011 !

AS SOON AS PRACTICABLE you need to arrange for ALL DRIVERS that work in the industry that wish to be accredited to drive at any road race to obtain a " PERMIT TO DRIVE AT " UCI ROAD RACES " ! This permit initially will require a reading of the rules in the presence of an " UCI nominated " official but before the start of the " Vuelta " will require study and a written exam in the presence of a " UCI nominated official " ! Fees will apply to cover associated costs to All involved . Before the start of the 2012 season it should be practical to arrange driving testing procedures for All that wish to obtain the " UCI Accreditation Certificate " !

99% of the drivers act in a safe manner but i have personally seen in 14 seasons , " cowboys " on the prescribed routes let alone outside the Tour time limits ! Yesterday i saw a couple of " girls " in the area behind the finish " beeping their way through the general public so that they could park to go into the " VIP area " to join their friends ! That was the story they gave me when i challenged their behaviour ! There were several others acting in this unreasonable way !

Friday i was in my car approaching the "barricaded sprint zone " 25 km from the finish and as i approached i slowed to 30 kph and put on my hazard lights . The car following , a Skosa with Decal 1010 in blue and red " klaxoned " me and attempted to overtake but there was no room . I stopped on the line and asked him if "Page 7 of the Tour Guidebook " applied " to him ? His reply was he was authorised to use the route but this was more than an hour before the Gendarmerie would control public vehicles and i told him that . At this he replied he was in a hurry and i was delaying him !

AT all times where there are " barricades " there will be workers or members of the public who will wander onto the road without thought and so i am prepared for an emergency stop and those trying to drive within centimetres of me will learn the hard way what the hazard lights mean ! I need not tell you that the lilac shirted guy drove away at above the speed limit for that area of the road !


Mr Mc Quaid you will remember that David Millar was hit by a motorcycle at the " Vuelta " some years ago and thus lost the efforts he had made throughout the day just as " Flecha & Boogerland yesterday ! These are not the only casulties BUT what is relevant is that these guys were lucky to be able to continue to the race finish ! I am told the " Vino " was hit and hospitalised as were others yesterday so these are not isolated incidents brought about by " BAD LUCK "!


Jul 9, 2011

Super Besse

Whilst the weather was bad on Super Besse i was in the warm in Issoire awaiting the Sunday start ! Georgethecyclist and his team rode out this morning into lousy weather whilst i drifted down the parcours in the car thinking to ride the final 50 km but even 5 hours before the racers arrive the Gendarmerie were lining the route and there was continual drizzle even dampening " El Diablo's " enthusiasm .

Several posts in place to amuse those that are interested .


Jul 8, 2011


Over the years i have paid attention to those in wheelchairs as this is the only visible measure of this " minority community " and in the last 20km of today's etappe i was able to spot 4 close to the side of the road .

I do not include the older community here as they would be unlikely to play a " wheelchair sport " . Recently i remarked on the fact that 170 Wheelchair cycle racers participated in a " Hand-bike Race" and i am sure there are many more sports that enjoy good attendance .

Along the route today about 9.30am i spotted a large group of "Older folk " shaded by trees BUT with the race 5 hours away one wonders why they had to endure sitting there for so long ? Could be they enjoy chatting or looking at each other but where they were would provide less than the TV in terms of an experience . Nice to get out into the fresh air but was this the way to pass a day ?

Passed " El Diablo " today as he was having lunch with a family group so returned and enjoyed the " fete " but regretably had to leave before the desert , no doubt that would have been worth waiting for also . Christophe and Delphine made note of " skippydetour " on their computer phone , so i hope they relay my thanks to the others for the generous hospitality .

Jul 5, 2011

Blood Control Procedures

Before leaving Austria for the Dauphine Libere and Tour de Suisse i had the usual blood control tests for the "embolism/thrombosis " and happily it was around 2% but yesterday after finishing the ride into Redon and with time to pass until the racers arrived i headed down to the local hospital . Fortunately for me the hospital was quite close and the personnel there were really cooperative and did the tests within minutes of my arrival .

Whilst awaiting the results i was able to watch the action on their TV and see Tyler commemmorate his friend " Wouter " after crossing the finish line with his hands making a " W " ! Thought this was a great gesture and it was certainly a team effort as Garmin had to work really hard to control the race to allow him that opportunity . Methinks that HTC was aware of this possibility and allowed some latitude as "King Cav" was not as competitive in the finishing gallop ! Seems he was sandwiched by two other racers after leaving his train behind but a fifth place under the circumstances should be applauded .

As a result of the tests i have had to reduce my dosage so as to avoid getting too far above the 2% level that my medical team want , but i had thought the European Medical card meant free treatment but then Euro 28 was reasonable !

Jul 3, 2011


Trying to upload photos taken over the past days has been  frustrating since it is taking 3 attempts in some cases ! Find photos on Tourdafarce , tourdafrance and skippi-cyclist .


Enjoy this , as i am going out to watch some of those wearing their "dog collars" parading like preening turkeys !

Jul 1, 2011


Found Vince and Georgethecyclist in Les Herbiers yesterday and at the Team presentation enjoyed chatting with some of the big guns including Cadel whose photo amongst others will be added later .

AT 10 am my only thoughts are who i will find today rather than sitting here in the tourist office talking to you all !

Looks like you like to read BUT NO ONE HAS advised the name of a "PARA ATHLETE they would like to receive a "Conti Tyre " . Guess i get to save the postage monies !