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London 2012 Paralympics was amazing for ALL , not just those participating but those who followed via the Media !

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You the reader have the possibility to help these Amazing Athletes in your own way and contacting your National Paralympic Internet Site for relevant info is a good start !

Dec 20, 2012


140 Million background checks since 1998 ? That averages 10 million each year ! BUT , at secondary markets , THERE ARE NO CHECKS !  Even on the Internet , you can buy weapons without Background Checks !This is where " Criminals "and those on the " Register " of those  barred from owning/buying Weapons , defeat the " AUTHORITIES "! Why are Congress NOT ACTING to close this Loophole ?

Piers Morgan Tonight , the CNN Programme , suppply most of the details , i am putting forth here . Each night , since Friday last , i am seeing a " Shouting Match " , seems like he chooses " Controversial Guests ", that either provoke or are provoked , net result , conflicting points of view . As the Host of the programme , he gets the last word , but does seem to try to keep the subject ON TOPIC ! Occasionally , as the guest answers in a round the houses manner , he jumps in with a new question in the effort to get them back on track , this tends to irritate those tthat are dissembling .

Since Columbine , there have been 31 " Outrages ", not sure how many years are involved , but President Obama , has had to comfort the families after 4 " Massacres " during his Term in Office .Currently it is reported , that 34 people are being Killed , DAILY ! Does this seem to many , to YOU ? It appears very few , when you realise there are 51000 " Legal Gun Outlets ( shops/stores ) , however , how many " Secondary Markets " and " Internet Outlets " are selling Weapons ?

In the Title , i use " Conspiracy " in a deliberate way ! Last night i came across a " Petition " . This petition  was created by a 4th Grade Child and her girl friend from NEWTOWN,CT ! When i signed on , it had reached  1240+ , during the evening , on revisits , i saw it climbing rapidly . This morning , i tried to refresh , so as to see the Total .

There is no longer access , this is the repeated message :

Well this is embarrassing…

We couldn't find the page you were looking for.

What is this ?

This is what i copied from my Facebook Wall comment :

  "  Saturday i created a Petition to Barack Obama , Largely ignored UNTIL NOW !

I AM proud to sign this Petition and i congratulate " Ava & Alison " for their Courage and Initiative "!
Will post their link in Twitter & Facebook and look forward to the day they reach the millions and President Obama ACTS !

Skippy just signed this petition on
206 signatures are still needed!

As i craft these blogs i am learning , more and more about the US Gun Control Issues , those like me , are horrified at the casualness of the Congress towards the " SLAUGHTER of Innocents "!

In addressing the Nation , last night , President Obama , advised the WORLD , that he was aquainted with recent statistics regarding recent " Gun Deaths "!

A Law Enforcement Officer , a mother , shot to death !

TWO "LEO " in Topeka , shot to death !

3 People in an Alabama Hospital , shot to death !

A CHILD , whose life support was turned off yesterday , SHOT TO DEATH !

there were others , i missed the rapid details , i was too stunned to absorb the details .

Last night " SKY News " , ran a special programme on the US Gun Control Issues , some " faces " i had seen before , many of the incidents mentioned therein , i had heard about elsewhere .

One of the " Guests " on Piers Morgan Tonight show , which i see at 1200 GMT , each day , was " Jeanne Assam " a LEO , who was in a Church , when a " shooter " returned for a second " Massacre " on those premises . Luckily for some of the survivors , she was able to wound him , but then , he tried to continue spraying bullets , even after being warned that " I will kill you , if you do not put that weapon down !" With no choice , her next shots were fatal . Not sure what carnage was created before she arrived on that unfortunates scene , BUT , thanks to her LEO Training , many people were saved .

FRIDAY 21st Dec

Watched President Obama's latest Video offering and saw the following site mentioned on CNN News , by Mike Holmes :

Here is their mission Statement :

There, we said it.  It’s time for the conversation on Gun Violence to not only begin, but for action to begin.  We understand this is going to be a lengthy and sometimes tiring process, but our children are worth it.  And, there’s no better place for it to begin than in Fairfield County, CT.

We give sincere thanks to Connecticut Against Gun Violence for all of the statistics and information below, but more so to it’s Executive Director, Ron Pinciaro, for presenting a workshop in Westport immediately after the tragedy in Newtown, along with Congressman Jim Himes, to inform all of us about what the current state of gun legislation is and how it can be improved upon.  Many of us are ignorant to the culture of guns, although we know how dangerous they can be with small children in the home.  We don’t understand the vocabulary much less the legislation.  Take a moment to familiarize yourself with where our State stands, what we have already done well and what we have yet to do and how.  Please note:  We are NOT saying that any or all of these changes could have or would have changed the terrible outcome of December 14th, 2012 in Newtown, CT.  However, we do want to honor the memory of those precious, innocent lives to do anything possible to try to prevent another mass shooting and attempt to combat this pervasive gun culture we’re in.

We are in talks with the Brady Campaign to coordinate a Million Mom March here in Connecticut.  There are many logistical challenges, not the least of which is that we don’t even _have_ a CT chapter yet!  So, be patient.  In the meantime, we are partnering with CAGV for a MARCH IN MARCH to take place on the 3 month anniversary of this tragedy, Thursday March 14th, 2013.   So, Mark your Calendars to March in Hartford with us.  We will be arranging transportation, food and everything else (except babysitters!) to make this as easy as possible to get at least 2,000 local moms on our Capitol’s steps.  Congressman Jim Himes has promised his full support and says it’s time for our level, the Grass Roots level, to make a change.  If we can get at least 2,000 Moms there, change will happen.   Let’s put some action behind our words, starting with you.  It’s worth a day off from work.

Thank you for your interest in helping to change laws that are designed to enhance gun safety.   If you are compelled to take action, following is our suggested list of ways that CT AGAINST GUN VIOLENCE would benefit from our support:


2. PLEASE SIGN ‘Demand A Plan Petition‘

3. CALL THE WHITE HOUSE (202) 456-1414 and ask what President Obama is doing to close the gun show loophole; ensure background checks for all secondary gun sales; reinstate the assault weapons ban.

4. ASK – “Asking Saves Kids”/Any time your child goes on a play-date, ask “Is there a gun in the house where your kids play? Is it locked up?”


6.MAKE A DONATION TO CAGV – earmark dollars for “MARCH IN MARCH” (please note: donations are not tax deductible as CAGV is a political lobbying organization)

7. PASS IT ON.  Share this message!


“MARCH IN MARCH” Thursday, March 14th, 2013
 HARTFORD, CT  – details to follow

For more information and statistics on the current gun laws please log on to: or

As we learn more on the status of the upcoming bill to be presented to the State Legislature, we will keep you informed on how you can participate by writing letters, calling your representatives, attending a press event in Hartford, etc.

Because we lobby for sensible gun laws, contributions to CAGV are not tax deductible for federal
income purposes. If you wish to make a tax-deductible gift, please visit the CAGV Education Fund web site.

My comment on their site :
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Posted the following to the Piers Morgan Tonight Facebook Page , just now ! Then i saw CNN mention your efforts !
” Posted this item to my Facebook on Wednesday :
Since Thursday i cannot get the Girls Petition from the Internet , WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO IT ?
Saturday i created a Petition to Barack Obama , Largely ignored UNTIL NOW !…See more
President of United States of America: Repeal the 2nd Amendment
TOO Many Tragedies such as ” Newtown Elementary School Tragedy ” continue to occur due to the availability of Weapons to the General Public !
Like · · Promote · Share ”
What became of the Petition those girls began ? It tugged at the heart and deserved to be allowed to succeed !
My blogsites over the past week are critical of the ” Gun Control Lobby ” causing this ” EPIDEMIC ” being pushed down the road , as TOO HARD TO SOLVE !
Waiting now for the “NRA ” pathetic & transparent  excuses , for their unconscienable opposition to the PRESIDENT leading YOUR NATION !

Dec 17, 2012


Wearing a " bullet proof vest " , John Howard , Prime Minister of Australia , days after the " Port Arthur Massacre " , appeared in public ! He introduced Federal Government Legislation that created  measures that diminished " GUN OWNERSHIP " in Australia . Since that time , there has been a dramatic fall in " Shooting outrages "!

WILL it take President Obama , appearing in Congress before Christmas , to convince the US Legislators to ACT and pass BACK into LAW , measures that were repealed from the Federal Statute Books in 2004 ? Could he also Introduce ADDITIONAL MEASURES that reduce the ability of Individuals carrying weapons to LOAD the weapon with multiple rounds of ammunition ?

President Obama had the courage to stand before the Nation on the White House Podium , last  Friday and display his Grief , both as a Father and the " Powerless Leader of the Nation "!

Here is what he said Friday :

Here is what he said last night :

10:27 PM ET

 Read the full text of the Sunday Speech here :

YES " Powerless , because there are those that working with the " National Rifle Association " think that they know better than their fellow Citizens ! Vested Interests support the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution , created Two Centuries ago in a Different World ! Did the Forefathers of the USA decide that the Constitution they created , would be cast in STONE ? Unchangable throughout the Centuries ? Those brave people were creating the START of their Nation , making decisions that would shape their future . Had they known that this Century , would be marred by DEATH of their Young successors , would they have chosen the words , that the " NRA " , spend millions of Dollars defending ? Thereare reports that " NRA " received $200 MILLION in campaign fees in the past year ! How many of these  " donors " , are reconsidering their actions ?

My Post " Cowardice " , speaks of the influence of the NRA , on ALL THOSE that attempt to act in any way to reduce the availability of weapons to the Public ! Can you believe that supporters of NRA , arrived on the Piers Morgan Show of CNN and shout down the presenter last week ? Appearing once again last night , there was calmer discussion , but there was no softening of their entrenched position . Are the members of NRA , willing to be part of the 48000 , that lose their lives in the next years ?  That is the number of Deaths , that Mayor Bloomberg of New York , predicts , will Die as a result , of the Current Legislative " Stalemate "? How many Lost Lives , will be Children ? What will they have in common with the other " Victims " of past Outrages ? Wrong place at the Wrong Time , simple as that !

Many Politicians wish to see Stricter Gun Control , but NRA funds 4 out of 5 Politicians , that support their ACTION ! It is "Tantamount to Suicide " for a Politician , to go about any Legislation that does anything other than reduce the access to weapons for those wishing to Buy , ANY TYPE of WEAPON !

The visitor to the Piers Morgan Show , Sunday Night , was proud of the fact , that there is a register , of those " BANNED from owning a Weapon "! For him , it could be anyone else with his views , it is acceptable , that anyone buy any type of a weapon , without restriction ! Did i get that wrong ? As far as i am aware , i understand American English and my ears are in working order ! WHY is there no National Register , so that people from the Stricter States , cannot make a short trip Interstate , and buy the Weapon of their choice , without restriction ?

Debating " GUN CONTROL " is a no win situation , one where i have no involvement , since i doubt that i will be visiting the USA , any time soon . For those that live in the USA , they regard their Constitution with PRIDE ! There are safeguards to changing it's Articles , as there should be ! BUT , we are now in the third Century since those " Forefathers " gathered to fight for their Freedom from Great Britain ! They envisaged many things , but i doubt that they forsaw " Pax America " , or " Deranged individuals " gunning down their " Fellow Citizens "?

There are enough Heartbreaking Tragedies created by Nature , that we DO NOT NEED , the efforts of those that are seeking " Notoriety "! Would it be possible for US Congress , to legislate for the Perpetrators to be UNNAMED in the Media ? Certainly Law Enforcement would need to be aware , of who they are dealing with , should they not Suicide , but there should be a way to deny these " perpetrators " their notoriety ?

Saturday , i created a means , whereby " Jo Public " could show their outrage , regarding the " GUN CONTROL situation "  but though a handful have visited the blogpost mentioned therein , only ONE person has supported my Initiative .


Two other Petitions regarding Cycling have been ignored also . So what is new here ?

Were i Barack Obama , i would be looking at the " Terms of the Government  Bills " , introduced into the Australian and British Parliaments ! Using them , he could direct his Staff to create , in days , the necessary Bills to be introduced to Congress , IMMEDIATELY !

The greatest Christmas Present that Barack Obama can give to the USA , this year is " THE RIGHT TO LIVE "!

Would appreciate Comments from US Citizens , who have to live with the " risks " imposed on them by what the rest of the world regards as the " GUN CONTROL INSANITY "!

Dec 13, 2012


When the " FAT LADY sings , the Game is OVER "!  phat is currently rocking the boat , so hard , that he is about to fall out ! Weeks after the " petition came about , he is finally voicing his displeasure !  Acting to preserve his legitimacy , he is on the attack , claiming that the principals of " CCN " have a biased view of the UCI and his stewardship !

Does McQuaid get up every morning and ask himself, "what stupid thing will I say today?"

Here are a few of his remarks today :

  “  It seems clear to me that their leader, Jaime Fuller (who runs the clothing company Skins) is seeking to further his own business interests," McQuaid told AFP. "Then there is a journalist who wants to promote a book coming out shortly and a haematologist who claims to have a method of detecting blood transfusions for the next Tour de France. Why are they not working with the UCI or the World Anti-Doping Agency?    ”

Copied from :

Further down the article , he asks what Greg LeMond , has done for Cycling in the past 25 years ?
  "  What have you done for cycling in the past 25 years?’ The answer is nothing,”

Even I , an outsider , is aware of the fact that Greg Lemond , won the 1990 " Le Tour " , then went on to create a Bike Company , apart from ALL the other matters that he has been involved with over the years ! 

A few of Greg LeMond's accomplishments , follow :

Copied from elsewhere :

 "  We will skip by Greg winning 2 Tours and a Worlds in the last 25 years - but for a man who has done "nothing" in cycling you sure did want to sue him, Right.

Also in the last 25 years (and not discussing aero bars and helmets, which most everyone readily acknowledges):

...led the Ti and Carbon revolutions (by proactively being the first to introduce them to the Pro peloton)...
...first to use drop bars
...first to use carbon forks
...first to use road suspension forks

...popularized spin bikes...

In the last 25+ years
...first to use a cycling computer
...first to use clipless pedals
...first to use hardshell helmet

He even used electronic shifting.

Now, shall we ask again who has done more for cycling when Pat doesn't even have anything in the positive column?

The question is a joke and Phat is a Pharce " .

Whilst disparaging others , phat is quick to " big himself "!

“People involved in cycling who I work with every day know what I have achieved as president.”

The feeble applause will be led by his Family , many of whom are involved with the Cycling Industry and other members of the " Swill Trough " , of which  he has control  !    

Looking at the results of this period , 1990 to present day , what has the UCI done to fight the greatest menace to Cycle Racing , " EPO " , and " Blood Doping " ? Even this year we see David George , one time member of an Armstrong Team , given a Two year Sanction for Anti Doping Offences !  Can phat claim success , when NOTHING has changed ?  Even the few advances that UCI has achieved were being created prior to phat taking the " reins "!

In recent days i have seen reports of a New Series of Races being projected to start in 2014 . This Initiative was brought about by the Czech Owner of the Quickstep Team , investing Time , Effort and Money . This Initiative is being considered favourably by the Owners of the Grand Tours . Amaury Sports Org. , owner of " Le Tour " and an investor in the Giro d'Italia and Vuelta Espana asked that UCI be involved , and thus the project was brought to tthe attention of UCI , who will now claim it as their own ?

Realising that he has lost any semblence of credibility , phat has created an additional " Stakeholders Commission " that will run independently of the " UCI Independent Commission ", which was  announced after the USADA Reasoned Decision . This Additional Commission will be conducted by the international auditing firm KPMG, a Dutch firm , which is one of the Big Four auditors . Their task : " will be to carry out a review of the governance of the UCI, as well as that of the Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation (CADF) " .   There will be a report produced , in time for its findings , to be debated in the consultation process . In addition, the UCI announced the discussion topics for the Stakeholders, will be divided into four “pillars”:
 the sports calendar.

 “In addition to all this , governance issues will be considered in all four pillars.”

Last week phat called on " Stakeholders to make submissions to the UCI by the 10th December about " Cycling's Bright Future " ! I wonder whether those making submissions caused so much alarm that phat decided on this " Commission " , so as to regain some of his lost ground ? If the " Terms of Reference " are similarly narrow as those of the  " UCI Independent Commission " then my POV , is that we will see more smoke and mirrors !

Change Cycling Now has made such an impact that the " UCIIC " has called on them to make submissions . Currently there are 4600 signed to the Petition created by "" CCN " , calling for the dismissal of phat & heinous .

 Here is what Jaimie Fuller is reported to have said about the approach of " UCIIC " to " CCN " :

"We were approached immediately after yesterday's press conference in London and today I met with legal representatives of the commission," said CCN's creator, Jaimie Fuller. "I shall discuss the approach with the other members of the Change Cycling Now panel and we will consider the appropriate action."

As yet i have not seen , the reply from CCN to " UCIIC "! One thing is certain , not ALL that wish to make submissions are happy with the " Terms of Reference "!  WADA has submitted the following Tweet :

WADA confirms meeting with UCI independent commission lawyers and notes concerns over terms of reference 

This is the Cyclingnews article , setting out in more detail their reservations :

Many other parties have expressed their disapproval of the " T of R " , since their publication .

With the Swiss Athorities considering Paul Kimmage's submissions last month , i am left wondering what phat can claim as " HIS LEGACY ",  for the years that , we , the cycling fans , have had to endure , during the period of mismanagement , under his stewardship ?

With phat claiming UCI as a democracy , i was reminded of a comment that i read today  :

"  While I think Lemond's qualifications as the UCI leader can be debated, saying "the UCI is a democracy" as a defensible argument made me laugh a bit. 

But I might be wrong, we've also had the "Democratic" republics of Congo, Korea and the Germany for comparison. They had their electoral systems in place too.

Most of the leaders of these democracies could be regarded as " Despotic " if not as " War Criminals " deserving of sentencing by the Hague Court !

Noticed some  " Clinic Comments "  about phat's latest misfire to the media :

Unread Yesterday, 21:41
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I have to say it is actually one of the funniest things I have read in cycling for a while - and when you think Pat has competition from Ligget that's quite a task.

Lets take it from the top:
"It seems clear to me that their leader, Jaime Fuller (who runs the clothing company Skins) is seeking to further his own business interests,"
Yes Pat - that is why Fuller is suing you guys, as you and the cabal have damaged the sport.

"Then there is a journalist who wants to promote a book coming out shortly"
Hmm, whats that book about again?

...and a haematologist who claims to have a method of detecting blood transfusions for the next Tour de France. Why are they not working with the UCI or the World Anti-Doping Agency?”
Did Ashenden make that claim - of course not. Also, Ashenden did work with the UCI and he says you owe him some money, which he will give to the Kimmage fund.

“They have discussed nothing with us; they only spoke of their own interests for two days in London,” McQuaid said. “They are not part of cycling, they have no mandate, no status, but they do have a conflict of interest."
Yes Pat - they are not talking with you, they are talking about you - and I doubt you would want to take their call.

“Greg was a great cyclist who I’ve known since the time when I was the organizer of the Tour of Ireland back in the 1980s, but I would ask him: 'What have you done for cycling in the past 25 years?’ The answer is nothing,” McQuaid said. “I find it a little bit arrogant for him to say he is prepared to serve as interim president of the UCI. The UCI is a democracy, there is an electoral system in place. If he wants to, he can always seek the support of his national federation and stand for election next September.”
We will skip by Greg winning 2 Tours and a Worlds in the last 25 years - but for a man who has done "nothing" in cycling you sure did want to sue him, Right.

“People involved in cycling who I work with every day know what I have achieved as president.”
And your family thank you for it.

“If they say our attitude was inadequate, we’ll take the necessary measures to ensure that this sort of thing won’t happen again in the future with a big name rider,” he said. “In the USADA report on Armstrong, there were many accusations that we reject. The UCI is serene and convinced that the independent commission will show that these allegations are not justified as the UCI has always been a pioneer in the fight against doping.

“I think there is enough proof that the state of cycling is completely different today to what it was in the Armstrong era.”
So, when you say something that happened with Armstrong (woops) wouldn't happen with another big name rider we have to ignore that you were attempting to delay admitting Contadors positive?

  "  The only reason that McQuaid is still President of the UCI is that the system is not democratic. Just look at the corrupt national federations. Another great example of irony from fat Pat.
Even more relevant is the fact that Hein rigged the 2005 UCI presidential election (the only one where Pat was opposed) so Pat would win. Expect more of the same next year."

  "  After a week where we saw unbelievable stupidity with the Katusha announcement, then Alberto's amicable settlement (check the CAS language used, not by accident...), we now have Pat deciding to publicly take on CCN and rubbish an initiative which few people have heard of, let alone who is in it and what their positions are. Thanks Pat for the additional media coverage."

  "  Not sure what PR advice he got, or whether he ignored it, but all he has done, as he did by taking on Kimmage in originally announcing legal proceedings, is to give credence to the CCN cause and make a yet bigger turkey of himself in the media."

  "  Good on ya Pat, little need for fans to try to remove you, you're doing a great job furthering the cause yourself. "

CAN WE ALL , write , tweet , phone and Lobby the relevant people to observe the UCI Constitution processes ?

Patrick McQuaid's re-election as President could be the KEY ? UCI Article 51 provides sufficient access to the " removal process " !

Rather than trying to influence the majority of National Federations not to vote for McQuaid's re-election it would be more direct, more certain and economical , to concentrate on one National Federation - Cycling Ireland.

  UCI Article 51states :

1. The candidates for the presidency shall be nominated by the federation of the candidate.

The candidates for the nine other elected offices shall be nominated by the respective continental confederations.

2. Under penalty of inadmissibility, the nominations must be written in English or in French and deposited at the registered office of the UCI ninety days prior to the date of the Congress.
Kneecap McQuaid by lobbying Cycling Ireland to not nominate McQuaid for re-election in 2013.

FINALLY , i found a report of the letter to Katusha , from the " Licencing Commission "!

 Nothing to do with " UCI " ?

This tweet has the link , to the photo of the letter , which i am unable to copy :

"Dear Katusha we'll explain things soon". Note the non-UCI letterhead, Licence Commission semi-independent from UCI

Those interested in HOW Pro World TEAMS ARE SELECTED ", can check out the following :

EMAIL comments to Sky News today ; Friday 14 Dec 2012 :


  "  Watching your report at 930GMT on Sky News , in Austria , i saw your footage of " Pat Mc Quaid's " views on Greg Lemond !

My blog reveals more for your " OVERWORKED staff " to consider !
Also a visit to will reveal the extent that Mc Quaid is out of step with the truth of his situation !

Will post this to the blog , since i doubt that your people will show other than bias to Mc Quaid ( I call him phat , as do others ) & co !

Now changing channel to ORF to watch the skiing ! Perhaps your team would find that there are Brits interested in Chemmy & others ?

FYI : this comment required numerous pages in your website to find ! Used 12MB at 16byte/sec ! OUTRAGEOUS that you make it so difficult for the " public " to express their POV !"


Can see why NOBODY saw fit to reply to this biased report !

Saw the Sky News report at 9.30GMT , today , showing "phat Mc Quaid's  " derogatory remarks about Greg LeMond and suggest you read to get a clearer picture of what is " REALLY GOING ON "!

Fact is " phat is on the fire " , now looking at an exit strategy , though will likely be " dragged out " of his mismanaged position ! Falling on his " Sword in an honourable way " is unlikely !

Signing onto the Petition will help to speed his exit !

Add yourself to the following also : …
& …

Sky Sports response :
Server Busy

Sorry, the servers are currently under heavy load; Your View has been disabled.
Please try again later

Do they think i want to waste another 20MB on people that ONLY report ONE side of a story ?

Those hearing of the successful " YORKSHIRE " Le Bid " can visit my post in August , when i rode with Francesco Moser ! Photos of us both wearing the " Le Bid shirt in St Johan in Tirol , are to be found there !

Saturday 15th DEC

Sad to see that Newtown , CT , USA , was visited by Evil , that is allowed to continue to exist , because the " NRA Org. " , is funding any politician , that advocates in favour of the Second Amendment !


Help to change the GUN CULTURE  , NOW ! 

 More of my views on this matter in :

Dec 5, 2012

ROME BURNING ? Nero ( phat ) tinkering !

Searching for the life lines , phat is now canvassing for assistance to create a NEW Version of " Cycling's bright future " ! As those that visit here regularly , i like to predict future events .  Yesterday morning after seeing several News networks carrying stories relating to " " and Greg LeMond being pressured into making a run for UCI President , i commented to an article i read , that phat would try to reclaim the headlines . Seems he did call a pressie , but , nobody important , seems to have reported this event , yawn , although Cyclingnews Forum started a thread .

During November , Skins the Compression clothing Company , issued actions against UCI , claiming damages of US$2M !  Following up on this Jaime Fuller created an opportunity for Stakeholders to meet in London last weekend . Out of this meeting of notable personalities , including Former Racers , Journalists , Cycling Personalities , etc , came a " Charter of the Willing ", link here :

Jaime Fuller was successful in gathering a number of " Cycling VIP's " that attracted the media's interest thus at the conclusion Monday Night the Cameras and Sporting Commentators had a worthwhile story to run with on Tuesday . When the likes of the Aljazeera Network get involved , it is either a " Slow News Day " or the story is worthwhile . Before starting this post i looked at the website ( ) and saw that 2338 had joined the petition , i had signed in around the 400 mark , so was pleased to see that " CCN " had attracted further interest . Contrast this with my petitions advocating much of the same message , but so far ignored : …
& …

UCI Management is currently creating difficulties for Professional Teams because they insist on waiting until 10th December to announce the final Pro World Teams . Can you imagine the dfifficulties that Sponsors , the Life Blood of the Cycling Industry , are suffering ? Teams cannot get their Uniforms made , let alone book Flights , Accomodation and Events ! Can you think of any other Industry that suffers this scale of disorganisation ?  Unbelievably a Racer has come out with comment on this pathetic affair :

OMERTA is the " Hot Subject " amongst the Tifosi/fans , and there has been deafening silence from Racers about the outcomes from the " USADA Reasoned Decision " . So for a French Racer to blog about UCI causing his Team and thus himself " difficulties " , takes a great deal of courage .  Further evidence of a Racers frustration comes with the disclosure of the preference for another " Ranking System : "       The Frenchman noted that within the peloton, riders place greater store on the rankings compiled by cqranking.comthan on the WorldTour standings, where “a leader like Thomas Voeckler doesn’t feature and only a minority of races are counted.”

 Jérémy Roy’s FDJ team has been down this path in previous years . I have always thought that this team was one of the more worthwhile and successful teams , could be that Brad Mc Gee , being an Aussie on this Team from my first meeting him in Rome in 2000 , has biased my thinking . Many's the time Jeremy would call to the Aussies , " your grandfather is here " , as i arrived at the team vehicles or Hotel . One wonders if , in highlighting these difficulties , FDJ Team , will find itself in the Pro Conti level next season ? Would be the petty way , phat reacts to criticism , as seen by the treatment of Boyer . 

During the " CCN Meeting " , it was revealed that Eric Boyer , a previous holder of the job , Jon Vaughters currently holds until march , contacted phat . In his position as President of the Teams Association and received a Strong Rebuke and threats of Adverse Action against him !  Eric Boyer reveals that "UCI "is controlling Cycling in the most cynical way possible ! Following the same tactics over the last 20+ years it has caused ALL the problems that are now coming home to roost ! 

 This quote from a member of the " CCN Meeting " : " When you hear Eric Boyer, say what he said just now, that he rings the UCI on Lance Armstrong’s return, if I heard him correctly , and says I have a problem as head of the teams, with a guy coming back who has not been part of our biological scheme who can come back when we don’t know what his blood values are for the last three months " . And for asking that question he gets bullied by the head of the UCI. That’s frightening. Can you see the UCI reforming? Of course it can. Can it reform with Pat McQuaid as the President? That reform would have no credibility !  When the President of the " UCI " behaves like this , one wonders if this is not a Criminal Act of Conspiracy "?

Earlier in the year it was reported that in 2011 , the " Honourary president for Life of UCI ", one known as heinous , said the following :   

   Verbruggen said :  " 'J'ai les moyens de vous faire un coureur positif quand je veux...' (french ) ! translates as :
'I have the means to make you a rider positive when I want to'

Is this not also a threat of Conspiracy ?

How much evidence do the Swiss Authorities require to act against these " poor examples of Humanity "? The action begun by Paul Kimmage , must be reaching the point where the Swiss decide , what they propose to do with the information passed to them in November ?

Amusing to see that there are facial similarities between Greg & heinous ? World of difference in their mindset , however !  Greg is reluctant to get involved for longer than is necessary to find the " More suitable Candidate " , whilst heinous , is clinging to his " honourary Presidency "!

Occasionally we hear of people asking " WHY the Hurry "?

Fact is that " SPONSORS " deserve better , RABOBANK is a long time Sponsor and has chosen to walk away .


NB posted a comment several times to the Cyclingnews Article :

Love to know why David Benson did not publish this :

 " What is wrong with it , that you do not publish ?
 Why the censorship ?
 My comment :Boyer reveals that "UCI "is controlling Cycling in the most cynical way possible ! Following the same tactics over the last 20+ years it has caused ALL the problems that are now coming home to roost !

Media hacks , with very few exceptions , toed the line knowing that their jobs depended on access . Shame they are only now awakening to the power that they can exert . Will they utilise this power , to cause the phats of aigle to quit the scene , without the whole Cycling Industry being thrown into disarray ?

Amusing to see that there are facial similarities between Greg & heinous ? World of difference in their mindset however !

Get to " " , join the 1925+ already signed on and record your disgust of the current mismanagement tactics of the phats of aigle !

take a look at the following petitions , every little helps to toss the trash out of our SPORT ! …
& …


Could it be that he is biased against Dublin born Aussies ? Joking of course !

These comments did get published  amongst others :
Andrew Smith22 hours ago
Igor Makarov or Tchmil? Why the hell would they be next in line for President of the UCI?
ProfTournesol13 hours ago
Andrew surely you weren't expecting democracy from the UCI? It's more like an old boys club where the Presidency is passed from one crony to the next behind a veneer of democracy

Dec 1, 2012


BULLSH*TE dribbled out of phat's mouth on Friday as he announced the next " Snow Job " to be foisted on Cycling Fans since the " Festina Affair "! Are we " gormless " or do the phats of Aigle think we are ? After the " Vrijman report " earlier this decade do the UCI Management Board think that " same old in different guise " will wash once again ?

Look at the timing , same treatment that is handed out to those Athletes being sanctioned , " Delayed justice ", is NOT Justice "! WE , the Cycling Fans are being treated as irrevelant ? UCI has realised that they are in the middle of a crisis , so instead of acting to regain the initiative they serve up platitudes .

First off , this mysterious " Hot line telephone service " , good way to tell anyone that they are costing the UCI money by using this facility , since they do not really want to hear about " Doping / PED usage ", evidenced by the stream of past and present Cycle Racers that report their failed efforts to convince UCI that there was a " Doping Problem " in the past generation . YES , a generation has passed without constructive action , to solve the problem of the current crop of PED products !

Whilst there is little time left before the 2012 season ends , what with most people wishing to enjoy the Festive Season , there is a Major Problem at the UCI that cannot be deferred until 2013 , lack of confidence / respect for those at the helm ! Of course nobody wishes to be out of work over the festive season BUT those currently leading the UCI are being handsomely paid , but doing little to justify those rewards ! When do the membership fees payable to UCI have to be remitted ? Many members are suggesting that "  ALL " should withhold the 2013 Membership Fees as a way of demonstrating their frustration with the " Leadership of the UCI "! Great suggestion that would work elsewhere , but , as the Amateur and Professional Racers think of the UCI as their " Union " , there is thus no alternative , unless they take the year off ?

With the Announcement on Friday of the " Commission " , UCI  fulfilled yet another " promise " of action made in the wake of the USADA Reasoned Report . How John Coates scored the guernsey of suggesting candidates for the Commission to the UCI , has not been adequately explained , but as a NOC Member from Australia with hefty credentials he has done the job .  There were 3 candidates announced on Friday that appear to be above reproach , judging by the information available from WIKI !

Chairman of this Commission will be " Sir Phillip Otton " , googling sent me to the following link as i entered the surname :

Excellent career credentials that show that he will stick to the job in hand !

Dame Tanni Grey-Thompson , well known Paralympic Athlete , with FORTHRIGHT Views on " Doping " will be an asset to this Panel . Her credentials are such that entering " tanni " brought her name to the top of the google list : here is a short synopsis of her background :

Carys Davina "Tanni" Grey-Thompson, Baroness Grey-Thompson, DBE is a Welsh former wheelchair racer and currently is a parliamentarian and television presenter. Grey-Thompson was born with spina bifida and uses a wheelchair. Wikipedia :

Born: July 26, 1969 (age 43), Cardiff
Spouse: Ian Thompson (m. 1999)
Education: Loughborough University

As well known as she is in the U.K. , she appears to suffer the fate of so many of the " Adaptive Population "!

The third member of this Panel is Malcolm Holmes , an australian with chambers in London and Sydney :

Sydney Chambers Website info :

ALL panel members will do a superb job ,  BUT , will the " Terms of Reference " Allow this ?

" Full terms of reference of the independent commission can be seen below. "

1. Whether the allegations against the UCI set out in the Reasoned Decision are well founded.
2. Whether, between 1998 and 2012, the UCI realised that Lance Armstrong and the USPS Team were collaborating to avoid detection in the use, possession, administration and trafficking of performance enhancing drugs and methods, and: (i) if the UCI did realise, whether it failed to respond appropriately; and (ii) if the UCI did not realise, whether it ought to have done so, and what steps (if any) it should have taken to inform itself of the actions of Lance Armstrong and the USPS Team in order to act appropriately.
3. Whether, and if so, to what extent the UCI’s anti-doping policies and procedures between (i) 1998 and 2005 and (ii) 2005 and 2012, were inadequate or were not enforced with sufficient rigour; and if so, whether the UCI was at the time aware, or ought to have been aware, of such inadequacy or lack of enforcement.
4. Whether there was, between 1998 and 2012, any reliable evidence or information in the possession of or known to the UCI regarding allegations or suspicions of doping by Lance Armstrong and the USPS Team; and if so, whether there was any failure by the UCI to act appropriately in regard to such information.
5. Whether, when Lance Armstrong returned to racing in 2009, there was a failure by the UCI to detect signs of doping by him, and whether it was appropriate for him to return to and continue racing.
6. Whether payments were made by Lance Armstrong and the USPS Team to the UCI, between 1998 and 2012, and if so whether it was appropriate for the UCI to have accepted such payments, or to have accepted them on the basis (explicit or implicit) upon which they were made.
7. Whether the UCI inappropriately discouraged those persons with knowledge of doping by Lance Armstrong and the USPS Team from coming forward with such
knowledge, and whether the UCI should have done more to encourage such persons to come forward sooner.
8. Whether the UCI adequately co-operated with, assisted in and reacted to the USADA USPS Team Investigation.
9. Whether any persons previously convicted of doping, or voluntarily admitting to doping, or supporting riders in doping, should be able to work within the world of cycling in the future; and, if not, how such a prohibition could and should be enforced.
10. Whether the UCI had a conflict of interest between its roles in promoting the sport of cycling and in investigating or making adverse findings against Lance Armstrong and the USPS Team.
11. Whether the current doping controls of the UCI are adequate and compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code of the World Anti-Doping Agency, and whether those controls can be improved.

B. To EXAMINE all relevant documents in the control or possession of the UCI or its senior management or employees (or previous employees), including without limitation Pat McQuaid, Hein Verbruggen, Christian Varin, Anne Gripper, Francesca Rossi and Mario Zorzoli, in regard to doping, or suspected doping, by Lance Armstrong and the USPS Team, such documents to include, without limitation:-
1. all external letters, emails, faxes, notes of telephone conversations, spreadsheets, presentations, instant messages, or other external documents whether physical
or electronic; and
2. all internal records (including financial records, scientific data and laboratory test results), emails, faxes, diary entries, notes of telephone conversations, records of internal meetings, memoranda, bank and computer records, spreadsheets, presentations, instant messages, or other internal documents whether physical or electronic, and to draw conclusions from such documents.


As i am a Novice , i am unable to determine the outcome of Item " C "!

 Rest assured that phat is currently polishing his " Halo "!

OUT OF THE BLUE comes a comment from a well known racer , Sandy Casar :

“What shocked me the most was to discover to what extent Armstrong and his teammates were perhaps protected by the powers that be,” he said. “I find that more serious than the cheating in itself. Frankly, you can see that at the UCI, they did the minimum to try to stop him. Cycling has lost all its credibility. Whether you’re honest or not, nobody believes in us anymore.”

Tanni will understand his frustration , wish she and the Panel  had the teeth to rip a bit off the " UCIless Management "!

Nov 24, 2012


" The Outspoken Cyclist " , recently interviewed Paul kimmage via Skype about his Cycling Career and background .This radio show streamed on :  NOTE : Cost me 20MB at 16byte/sec , so hope your computer is on better B/band facility , could be where i live causes this problem .

Out of this interview , i gained a little insight into Paul´s background , growing up and early days in Cycling . Not yet read his book " Rough Ride " , so will be giving a few people the nudge for the Christmas present ?    He has been overly fair towards " UCI Personalities ", whom without proof , i would be suspicious of creating the backroom noises that led to his redundancy at the " Sunday Times "!

Recently i am reading a LOT of material in the Media , that before July this year , would not have seen the light of day ! Could it be that some Journos have gone from being " Hacks " , to being  " investigative "? Now that journos don´t appear to have to seek the approval of a certain Cycle Racer´s PR Team , they have discovered that revealing what they knew for several years , is actually beneficial to their careers´!

The one thing that " The Outspoken Cyclist " has appeared to overlook in all this is the " Paul Kimmage defence Fund ", you will see the avatar on this page , but not on theirs , nor was a link mentioned during the interview . I recall the initiators suggested a closing date of 1st Dec for contributions but perhaps with the state of the matter , it may well continue . " UCI " has " suspended their action , no doubt due to the Board of Management , insisting on phat & heinous stepping back . But judging by the recent letter to the Road Racers scripted by phat , he seems to think it will be " business as usual " in 2013 ! More funds constantly streaming into that " Fund " , will send a clear message to " UCI " , " THIS IS NOT OVER "!

Note that the terms of the " Outside Investigation " , include a report by mid June 2013 . This happens to be days after Nominations for the " Irish President of Cycling " are closed . Coincidence ? Could be phat is covering his options ? Speculation is rife that the Irish Cycling Members , may not choose to nominate him for his own job ? What a shame ?

Nov 8, 2012

Is it safe to ride a bike ?

Brad Wiggins yesterday , Shane Sutton , today ! What they have in common is they are both hospitalised by vehicles ! Not only that they are on the same Team ! Can you believe that only 100 days ago , Brad was sitting on a throne waiting to see if he would be on the top step of the Olympic Podium for the Time Trial Gold Medal ? Shane , as Coach for the Brit Team , would have been there also . Both , brilliant Cyclists and yet within hours of each other , arrive in hospital from accidents in the same area of the UK !

Over the years i have visited  the South West Area of Manchester close to the Airport , so as to stay with friends and ride the lanes in that neighbourhood . Many are the times i have come across members of the British team , doing cross training in that area . Cheshire is fairly popular as an area to live and train and with the Velodrome in close proximity provides ideal opportunities for short and long training rides . Sundays , as mentioned in previous blogs , i have had the occasion to ride with Cycle Clubs out of Altrincham , towards the west of the Manchester Greater Area . Generally i have found that these minor roads are free of those that think the only speed for their vehicle is max revs .

Country UK can be " sleepy hollow ", for the most part , so it is not a big surprise to see vehicle drivers , holding their ears . Oh was that a phone ? No officer , i was scratching my ear ! Totally distracted by the phone chat , the cyclist is just another road obstacle to be ignored ! Too often in the past , the inhabitants of this area were fairly affluent and looked on cyclists as being impoverished yokels . Not any more , since Cycling has risen in stature , for those wishing to get fit , or pose , now rivaling Golf as the Sport , to be seen practicing !

Recently i read an article in the " London Cyclist Blog ( ) which detailed a few of the reasons that " SMIDSY " can occur on the streets ! As a Cyclist i wear my Helmet and Glasses 100% of the time on the bike . I do not listen to a MP3 or play with the mobile phone and i still get the odd scare as something untoward happens . Looking at people riding with phone to ear or " no hands ( look at me DONT i look stupid ) chump style , annoys me intensely . No matter how nice the weather and slow the traffic is , i am constantly alert for " mistakes "! Yes that is what the driver will claim after hitting you with their tonne plus of metalwork , fact is YOU were responsible for their mistake .

When you are in a roundabout and a vehicle drives in challenging you for the space , are you supposed to get out of their way ? Fact is , it hurts if they hit you , but they get annoyed if you slow down , as they are behind you and unable to go forward . I wonder if those that i bring to a stop , because they tried to force me out of my line , understand the reason i caused them to stop ? Seems that they think a bike is of no account . Would they behave in the same manner if it was another vehicle ? NO CHANCE ! They would know that they risk losing paint and time if they choose to collide with another vehicle's panelwork , but a HUMAN BODY , that is soft and unlikely to harm their vehicle !

Daily i get on my bike , and it now requires more layers , to exercise my right to use the roads and without doing anything untoward i find that there is someone trying to demonstrate that they do not wish to see bikes using the roads they travel . Today on two occasions i was passed by " Learner School Cars " , on both occasions they were followed by traffic . Significant was the fact that they signaled LHS as they passed and RHS as they returned to their position on the roadway . Even more note worthy was the fact that the following two or three vehicles copied their example . Vehicles further behind , adopted the lazy attitude most drivers choose these days .

When " Learner Drivers " are taught to signal , why is it that the " Emergency Service Vehicles " , when on ordinary duty , choose not to set an example to other road users ? Whether Fire , Police or Ambulance Drivers , these people undergo specific training and yet they show CONTEMPT for other traffic as they drive under normal traffic conditions ! Even the road rescue services such as "AA , RAC , OAMTC , etc " think they do not need to set example to other road users ! Every member of the Armed Forces in each " First World Country " undergoes Driver Training Courses  " before they are let loose on the public , and yet they also behave badly .

Each country has it's Driving Codes and i would hazard a guess that ALL require " Signalling Intent " as they pass a slower moving vehicle ? Last time i looked , a bike was regarded as a moving vehicle !