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Dec 17, 2012


Wearing a " bullet proof vest " , John Howard , Prime Minister of Australia , days after the " Port Arthur Massacre " , appeared in public ! He introduced Federal Government Legislation that created  measures that diminished " GUN OWNERSHIP " in Australia . Since that time , there has been a dramatic fall in " Shooting outrages "!

WILL it take President Obama , appearing in Congress before Christmas , to convince the US Legislators to ACT and pass BACK into LAW , measures that were repealed from the Federal Statute Books in 2004 ? Could he also Introduce ADDITIONAL MEASURES that reduce the ability of Individuals carrying weapons to LOAD the weapon with multiple rounds of ammunition ?

President Obama had the courage to stand before the Nation on the White House Podium , last  Friday and display his Grief , both as a Father and the " Powerless Leader of the Nation "!

Here is what he said Friday :

Here is what he said last night :

10:27 PM ET

 Read the full text of the Sunday Speech here :

YES " Powerless , because there are those that working with the " National Rifle Association " think that they know better than their fellow Citizens ! Vested Interests support the 2nd Amendment of the Constitution , created Two Centuries ago in a Different World ! Did the Forefathers of the USA decide that the Constitution they created , would be cast in STONE ? Unchangable throughout the Centuries ? Those brave people were creating the START of their Nation , making decisions that would shape their future . Had they known that this Century , would be marred by DEATH of their Young successors , would they have chosen the words , that the " NRA " , spend millions of Dollars defending ? Thereare reports that " NRA " received $200 MILLION in campaign fees in the past year ! How many of these  " donors " , are reconsidering their actions ?

My Post " Cowardice " , speaks of the influence of the NRA , on ALL THOSE that attempt to act in any way to reduce the availability of weapons to the Public ! Can you believe that supporters of NRA , arrived on the Piers Morgan Show of CNN and shout down the presenter last week ? Appearing once again last night , there was calmer discussion , but there was no softening of their entrenched position . Are the members of NRA , willing to be part of the 48000 , that lose their lives in the next years ?  That is the number of Deaths , that Mayor Bloomberg of New York , predicts , will Die as a result , of the Current Legislative " Stalemate "? How many Lost Lives , will be Children ? What will they have in common with the other " Victims " of past Outrages ? Wrong place at the Wrong Time , simple as that !

Many Politicians wish to see Stricter Gun Control , but NRA funds 4 out of 5 Politicians , that support their ACTION ! It is "Tantamount to Suicide " for a Politician , to go about any Legislation that does anything other than reduce the access to weapons for those wishing to Buy , ANY TYPE of WEAPON !

The visitor to the Piers Morgan Show , Sunday Night , was proud of the fact , that there is a register , of those " BANNED from owning a Weapon "! For him , it could be anyone else with his views , it is acceptable , that anyone buy any type of a weapon , without restriction ! Did i get that wrong ? As far as i am aware , i understand American English and my ears are in working order ! WHY is there no National Register , so that people from the Stricter States , cannot make a short trip Interstate , and buy the Weapon of their choice , without restriction ?

Debating " GUN CONTROL " is a no win situation , one where i have no involvement , since i doubt that i will be visiting the USA , any time soon . For those that live in the USA , they regard their Constitution with PRIDE ! There are safeguards to changing it's Articles , as there should be ! BUT , we are now in the third Century since those " Forefathers " gathered to fight for their Freedom from Great Britain ! They envisaged many things , but i doubt that they forsaw " Pax America " , or " Deranged individuals " gunning down their " Fellow Citizens "?

There are enough Heartbreaking Tragedies created by Nature , that we DO NOT NEED , the efforts of those that are seeking " Notoriety "! Would it be possible for US Congress , to legislate for the Perpetrators to be UNNAMED in the Media ? Certainly Law Enforcement would need to be aware , of who they are dealing with , should they not Suicide , but there should be a way to deny these " perpetrators " their notoriety ?

Saturday , i created a means , whereby " Jo Public " could show their outrage , regarding the " GUN CONTROL situation "  but though a handful have visited the blogpost mentioned therein , only ONE person has supported my Initiative .


Two other Petitions regarding Cycling have been ignored also . So what is new here ?

Were i Barack Obama , i would be looking at the " Terms of the Government  Bills " , introduced into the Australian and British Parliaments ! Using them , he could direct his Staff to create , in days , the necessary Bills to be introduced to Congress , IMMEDIATELY !

The greatest Christmas Present that Barack Obama can give to the USA , this year is " THE RIGHT TO LIVE "!

Would appreciate Comments from US Citizens , who have to live with the " risks " imposed on them by what the rest of the world regards as the " GUN CONTROL INSANITY "!

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