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Dec 20, 2012


140 Million background checks since 1998 ? That averages 10 million each year ! BUT , at secondary markets , THERE ARE NO CHECKS !  Even on the Internet , you can buy weapons without Background Checks !This is where " Criminals "and those on the " Register " of those  barred from owning/buying Weapons , defeat the " AUTHORITIES "! Why are Congress NOT ACTING to close this Loophole ?

Piers Morgan Tonight , the CNN Programme , suppply most of the details , i am putting forth here . Each night , since Friday last , i am seeing a " Shouting Match " , seems like he chooses " Controversial Guests ", that either provoke or are provoked , net result , conflicting points of view . As the Host of the programme , he gets the last word , but does seem to try to keep the subject ON TOPIC ! Occasionally , as the guest answers in a round the houses manner , he jumps in with a new question in the effort to get them back on track , this tends to irritate those tthat are dissembling .

Since Columbine , there have been 31 " Outrages ", not sure how many years are involved , but President Obama , has had to comfort the families after 4 " Massacres " during his Term in Office .Currently it is reported , that 34 people are being Killed , DAILY ! Does this seem to many , to YOU ? It appears very few , when you realise there are 51000 " Legal Gun Outlets ( shops/stores ) , however , how many " Secondary Markets " and " Internet Outlets " are selling Weapons ?

In the Title , i use " Conspiracy " in a deliberate way ! Last night i came across a " Petition " . This petition  was created by a 4th Grade Child and her girl friend from NEWTOWN,CT ! When i signed on , it had reached  1240+ , during the evening , on revisits , i saw it climbing rapidly . This morning , i tried to refresh , so as to see the Total .

There is no longer access , this is the repeated message :

Well this is embarrassing…

We couldn't find the page you were looking for.

What is this ?

This is what i copied from my Facebook Wall comment :

  "  Saturday i created a Petition to Barack Obama , Largely ignored UNTIL NOW !

I AM proud to sign this Petition and i congratulate " Ava & Alison " for their Courage and Initiative "!
Will post their link in Twitter & Facebook and look forward to the day they reach the millions and President Obama ACTS !

Skippy just signed this petition on
206 signatures are still needed!

As i craft these blogs i am learning , more and more about the US Gun Control Issues , those like me , are horrified at the casualness of the Congress towards the " SLAUGHTER of Innocents "!

In addressing the Nation , last night , President Obama , advised the WORLD , that he was aquainted with recent statistics regarding recent " Gun Deaths "!

A Law Enforcement Officer , a mother , shot to death !

TWO "LEO " in Topeka , shot to death !

3 People in an Alabama Hospital , shot to death !

A CHILD , whose life support was turned off yesterday , SHOT TO DEATH !

there were others , i missed the rapid details , i was too stunned to absorb the details .

Last night " SKY News " , ran a special programme on the US Gun Control Issues , some " faces " i had seen before , many of the incidents mentioned therein , i had heard about elsewhere .

One of the " Guests " on Piers Morgan Tonight show , which i see at 1200 GMT , each day , was " Jeanne Assam " a LEO , who was in a Church , when a " shooter " returned for a second " Massacre " on those premises . Luckily for some of the survivors , she was able to wound him , but then , he tried to continue spraying bullets , even after being warned that " I will kill you , if you do not put that weapon down !" With no choice , her next shots were fatal . Not sure what carnage was created before she arrived on that unfortunates scene , BUT , thanks to her LEO Training , many people were saved .

FRIDAY 21st Dec

Watched President Obama's latest Video offering and saw the following site mentioned on CNN News , by Mike Holmes :

Here is their mission Statement :

There, we said it.  It’s time for the conversation on Gun Violence to not only begin, but for action to begin.  We understand this is going to be a lengthy and sometimes tiring process, but our children are worth it.  And, there’s no better place for it to begin than in Fairfield County, CT.

We give sincere thanks to Connecticut Against Gun Violence for all of the statistics and information below, but more so to it’s Executive Director, Ron Pinciaro, for presenting a workshop in Westport immediately after the tragedy in Newtown, along with Congressman Jim Himes, to inform all of us about what the current state of gun legislation is and how it can be improved upon.  Many of us are ignorant to the culture of guns, although we know how dangerous they can be with small children in the home.  We don’t understand the vocabulary much less the legislation.  Take a moment to familiarize yourself with where our State stands, what we have already done well and what we have yet to do and how.  Please note:  We are NOT saying that any or all of these changes could have or would have changed the terrible outcome of December 14th, 2012 in Newtown, CT.  However, we do want to honor the memory of those precious, innocent lives to do anything possible to try to prevent another mass shooting and attempt to combat this pervasive gun culture we’re in.

We are in talks with the Brady Campaign to coordinate a Million Mom March here in Connecticut.  There are many logistical challenges, not the least of which is that we don’t even _have_ a CT chapter yet!  So, be patient.  In the meantime, we are partnering with CAGV for a MARCH IN MARCH to take place on the 3 month anniversary of this tragedy, Thursday March 14th, 2013.   So, Mark your Calendars to March in Hartford with us.  We will be arranging transportation, food and everything else (except babysitters!) to make this as easy as possible to get at least 2,000 local moms on our Capitol’s steps.  Congressman Jim Himes has promised his full support and says it’s time for our level, the Grass Roots level, to make a change.  If we can get at least 2,000 Moms there, change will happen.   Let’s put some action behind our words, starting with you.  It’s worth a day off from work.

Thank you for your interest in helping to change laws that are designed to enhance gun safety.   If you are compelled to take action, following is our suggested list of ways that CT AGAINST GUN VIOLENCE would benefit from our support:


2. PLEASE SIGN ‘Demand A Plan Petition‘

3. CALL THE WHITE HOUSE (202) 456-1414 and ask what President Obama is doing to close the gun show loophole; ensure background checks for all secondary gun sales; reinstate the assault weapons ban.

4. ASK – “Asking Saves Kids”/Any time your child goes on a play-date, ask “Is there a gun in the house where your kids play? Is it locked up?”


6.MAKE A DONATION TO CAGV – earmark dollars for “MARCH IN MARCH” (please note: donations are not tax deductible as CAGV is a political lobbying organization)

7. PASS IT ON.  Share this message!


“MARCH IN MARCH” Thursday, March 14th, 2013
 HARTFORD, CT  – details to follow

For more information and statistics on the current gun laws please log on to: or

As we learn more on the status of the upcoming bill to be presented to the State Legislature, we will keep you informed on how you can participate by writing letters, calling your representatives, attending a press event in Hartford, etc.

Because we lobby for sensible gun laws, contributions to CAGV are not tax deductible for federal
income purposes. If you wish to make a tax-deductible gift, please visit the CAGV Education Fund web site.

My comment on their site :
Your comment is awaiting moderation.
Posted the following to the Piers Morgan Tonight Facebook Page , just now ! Then i saw CNN mention your efforts !
” Posted this item to my Facebook on Wednesday :
Since Thursday i cannot get the Girls Petition from the Internet , WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO IT ?
Saturday i created a Petition to Barack Obama , Largely ignored UNTIL NOW !…See more
President of United States of America: Repeal the 2nd Amendment
TOO Many Tragedies such as ” Newtown Elementary School Tragedy ” continue to occur due to the availability of Weapons to the General Public !
Like · · Promote · Share ”
What became of the Petition those girls began ? It tugged at the heart and deserved to be allowed to succeed !
My blogsites over the past week are critical of the ” Gun Control Lobby ” causing this ” EPIDEMIC ” being pushed down the road , as TOO HARD TO SOLVE !
Waiting now for the “NRA ” pathetic & transparent  excuses , for their unconscienable opposition to the PRESIDENT leading YOUR NATION !

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