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Jan 27, 2013


Looking in the mirror , Lance must see something that the rest of the World fails to see ! Since October , he has had adverse publicity , to the extent , that he has had to step away from his Own Foundation . His Sixth Child , he claims ? Then , WHY , was he not wearing the " LiveSTRONG Wristband " , during the Oprah Interview ?

When Lance claimed , " He would be the first through the Door of a " Truth and Reconciliation Hearing " , it was empty words ! Just this week , USADA chief Travis Tygart , reminded Lance , he had until the 6th February , to attend a meeting with USADA , and there disclose under OATH , information that could lead to USADA , reviewing the " Life Time Ban ", imposed as a result of the " Reasoned decision ", released in October 2012 !

With Lance disclosing to Oprah , that the motivation for his Confessions , with Her , was the Hope , to seek a reduction from the "Death Sentence " , to a lesser period , thus allowing him to be " Competitive " once again , his reluctance to comply with USADA , becomes an Enigma ? Surely Lance , wanted people to believe him , did he not ?

So much of what Lance revealed to Oprah , has now been picked apart by " Experts " , during the past week or more . Scores of articles have surfaced about his " Body Language " and the " Verbage " that he used . Most telling , though , are articles refering to his return to Racing in 2009 . During the Oprah Interview , Lance disclosed , the ease that Racers had , in circumventing the " Doping Controls " , as they had  then existed before his retirement in 2005  . He went onto declare that he had not used ANY PED Products , when he returned to racing in 2009 .

 Reports surfaced in 2008 , that he was motivated by Carlos Sastre winning the 2008 " Le Tour " . He then obtained an " Exemption " from the 6 Month UCI Regulation regarding , return to Competition " Out of Competition Controls " , thus enabling Him to race the " Tour Down Under " in January 2009 . Media reports that the South Australian Gov. paid him an amount of $A3million , as an Appearance Fee ! Reports suggest that this Sum was to be paid to " LiveSTRONG ", however , the rumours suggest that , it became a " Personal Banking ", more no doubt will surface in the future . Laughably the current Premier of the S.A.Gov. , has demanded a refund , since the Oprah Interview . Must have been a " Political Ploy " , since , even the Racers are laughing at this "Questionable Idea "!

The apparent reason that Lance is claiming " No Doping " since retirement in 2005 , lies in the fact , that WADA regulations , call for a Life Time Ban , to be replaced by no less than an 8year Ban . With his first retirement from " Doped Racing , being in 2005 , Lance is hoping , his declaration of " Dope Free Racing , since 2009 , will be accepted . Experts such as Mike Ashenden , say , otherwise !

 People will be familiar with the fact , of Mike having been employed by UCI , in their " Doping Control " efforts , and his work in setting up the " Blood Passport "! When UCI tried in 2011 , to muzzle his being considered an Expert on " Blood Values , he had to resign . UCI tried to enforce a change of Employment Contract , that would have caused him to be unable to comment for 8 yrs after cessation of employment at UCI . Had they left well alone , UCI , may well have suffered less unfavourable publicity in recent times .

With the 2005 retirement , being acceptable , it is possible that Lance , could resume Racing at WADA Sanctioned Events , as early as 2013 , BUT , should WADA , decide the offerings of Experts such as Mike Ashenden are correct , then 2019 , may be Lance's next appearance , in WADA Sanctioned Events !

Speculation is " rife " that Lance did not apologise to Betsy Andreu , since there were other people in the Hospital Room at that time ! The Doctors and others , have since given SWORN Testimony , stating that what she claims to have heard , did not take place . Amongst the articles surfacing , is one from Frankie Andreu discussing a 40 minute phone call , the day before the Oprah Interview . No doubt , Frankie thought, that this phone call would lead to Lance , publicly apologising to Betsy ?


Another disatisfactory result of the interview , was the disclosure that Lance , indeed called Emma O'Reilly , but only the once , leaving a message , requiring Emma to call him . Would any reasonable person , being Insulted in the manner , that Lance chose , seek to find , at their own expense , that he was sorry for himself , due to the fact that he had been forced by Public Opinion , to apologise ? During the Interview , tasked by Oprah about the Law Suits , smirked when claiming, " I don't recall an Action against her , there were so many "! Says a lot for his contrition towards Emma's suffering , at his hands ?

David Walsh , author of so many articles and books , taking Lance to task and referred to as a  " F##king Troll " , also received an apology of sorts . Paul Kimmage , castigated by Lance , not least at the Tour of California , did not rate a mention .

Amongst others ignored in the Oprah Interview were Johan Bruyneel , His Coach /Team Manager / Best friend , throughout his Racing Career , certainly since after the 4th Placing on the 1998 Vuelta Espana . Also there was no mention of Hein Verbruggen and Pat Mc Quaid , both of whom , control the UCI Management Decisions , people , he is reported by Media , to have in his pocket .

Lance has dominated the Major Network News for several weeks now , displacing more important Sporting Occasions . Not only Cycle Racing Athletes but Tennis stars , are being asked to comment on this subject .

LANCE , we the Public , only want , ONE THING , from you !

Compliance with the USADA request to reveal under Oath , ALL Information regarding YOUR Activities , in respect of the Financing of the Team and PED Products . This will mean naming those Directors and Financiers involved in bringing you to the USPS Team in 1999 , through to yours and their expenditures to the UCI and other Organisations that you financed or attempted to finance .

Like many others , i hope that as you leave the ALL REVEALING interviews , the door hits you , as you exit , once and for all ,  the Public Forum !

With ALL the talk of " Truth and Reconciliation " and " Amnesty " by phat mc splat , UCIIC and WADA , one wonders why the Public , you the readers , are not adding your support to the following " Petitions "? …
& …

Some items worth having a look at :   Lance song   lance parody

Jan 16, 2013

UCIIC is refusing to cooperate with the UCIIC!!

COMEDY CENTRAL can now be found if you arrive in AIGLE ! During recent days we have been treated to the Comedy that is the " Lance Interview " !

 Resulting from this " Event ", we have had utterances by Heinous ,

 he who stated " NEVER ;  Never ,  never ", last year  , in relation to Lance .

 Phat has jumped in  also with saying that the " UCIIC " , his and UCI's creation , cannot change the " Terms of Reference " , that he said THEY created , but i feel sure , he or his colleagues drafted for the Commission as a guide  !

USADA led by Travis Tygart had this to say back in December 2012 , some time after my " Snowjob blog :

(This) obviously calls into question the UCI’s commitment to a full and thorough investigation and creates grave concern that the UCI has blindfolded and handcuffed this independent commission to ensure a pre-determined outcome

 WADA , in the form of David Howman , has expressed their requirement , that Lance state UNDER OATH ,

 any information he wishes to offer , and also , have stated they cannot co-operate with " UCIIC " ,

 until their " Terms of Reference " are changed , something they wish to do . USADA are in agreement with WADA and require the same conditions to apply before they hear out Lance , or participate with the UCIIC inquiry .

Now we have " UCIIC " tell UCI , they will not do their job , unless they are allowed to change the Original " Terms of Reference "!

This next item is a request by " UCIIC " for witnesses , that do not require an " Amnesty " , to be able to participate , i have replied , but do not expect an invitatation , cycling the " Routes of the Grand Tours and talking to those racing and supporting the racers , is not worth much more than " El Diablo's contribution  :

When i wrote my Blog " Snow Job " , i was highly Critical of the " Terms of Reference " and anticipated that the Three Highly Respectable Panel Members , were unlikely to be able to work with the " T of R " that was hoisted on them . Today they proved my prediction to be correct .

Dick Pound currently a member of IOC , formerly the President of WADA until 2006 & also of  IOC had this opinion  to add to the situation , after seeing reports of Lance's relevations to Oprah  :

As many will know Jaimie Fuller , sued UCI for Millions in October and then in November called a Conference in London . Out of this was created " Change Cycling Now "!  UCIIC then with their  old " T o R " in place , decided to call " CCN " to be witnesses at the inquiry . CCN consulted with USADA & WADA and seeing their decision about cooperating , issued the following statement :

Nicole Cooke , World Champion and Gold Medal Olympian Woman Cyclist , retired this week , but , not quietly ! Here is her Retirement statement !

There are a few people like David Walsh , of the Sunday Times and Author of " The Seven Deadly Sins " amongst other master pieces , that have a great sense of Humour . Here is a recent Tweet of his :

As interesting as it will be if LA takes down UCI bosses, it will be fascinating if he accuses bosses of Tailwind Sports.?

Another Blog Master , posing as a " Comedian " , offered these Tweets :

If cycling was ejected from the Olympics they could replace it with "Press Release Tennis" where sports bodies lob statements back and forth

UCI says "if WADA is serious" it should establish Truth & Reconciliation process for doping in all sports, not just call for this in cycling

As  points out the UCI is still unsure if Armstrong was doping. Here's an except of today's press release

Paul Kimmage has booked a seat to Switzerland for Lance , as can be seen from these tweets  :

  1. Lance Armstrong has one chance to repair some of the damage he has inflicted on the sport. Have reserved him a seat on the Jumbo bound...

  1. ...for Switzerland in the hope that he'll take it.

  1. Paul Kimmage
    Sorry Lance, it's in economy class 


Jan 9, 2013


Vice President Joe Biden , was shown on CNN , today , as he had called a press opportunity , to remind the US Population , that Barack Obama was working towards changing the GUN PROBLEM ! During the Press call , he outlined the determination , that President Barack Obama has to make changes . Not only was the V.P. seeking to achieve consensus through meeting both sides of the " Gun Control Debate ", he made it clear , that if Legislation would not be effective , President Barack Obama would initiate change by the use of " Executive Orders "!

About the 19th December , i posted in " SkippyBlogging " the post "Mr President , YOU'VE BLOWN IT !"
In that post i reminded people that a President , had the weapon of " Executive Orders " , to get legislation done , that Congress would not get done for a variety of reasons . Frankly i am disappointed that this weapon was not used , at that time . The Public would have applauded this action .

As i write this post , Christiane Amanpour of CNN , is discussing " Gun Control "! She stated that since the " Sandy Hook Outrage , 643 people have lost their lives , as of today ! Last night , Anderson Cooper on CNN's 360 show , that number was revealed as 588 . The daily Death average is reported as 34 Deaths ! Can anyone accept this as reasonable ? Jon Stewart the comedian , was shown doing an impersonation of the NRA Spokesperson , Lapierre , Hilarious ! That NRA initiative , of arming the Teachers and training them , to use fire arms , in the proximity of Children , is nothing short of laughable !

Piers Morgan continues to provide a platform for each side of the " Gun Control Debate " to issue their version of the 2nd Amendment . Being shouted down by the passionate ( read " off their brain ) gun owners , even challenged to a boxing match in recent days ! the only problem i have with this show , is that i generally find it on in the middle of the night , due to broken sleep some nights . If the subject was not so serious , i would think it was a comedy show , similar to the Jay Leno Show .

During this program , Jerrimiah Healy , Mayor of Jersey City , revealed the success of their 4th " Buy Back Campaign " , last weekend . Local Citizens contributed the funds required to finance this initiative and the photos of the weapons , turned in , demonstrated their good sense . Whatever use can a member of the public , put a semi auto rifle to ?

Discussed also , were the various " loopholes " that Gun Shows create . You can take a Gun to a Swap Meet , find a buyer , take the cash and then walk off , not knowing that the weapon will be used in a massacre or a Criminal enterprise ? There is no need for any paperwork currently ?  When a person goes to a shop , they are confronted with a variety of regulations . Each State lays out a different formula , that the vendor has to comply with , as they sell their products .

The New York State Governor has revealed a cataloge of changes in " Gun Control Measures that he wants the State to Adopt .Some advocates state that they want to see Humans allowed the " Same Rights that are afforded Deer and Game in their Legislation . A great pity that months after the Sandy Hurricane , there are so many , in New York State , awaiting assistance to rebuilding their Homes . Shelter and electric power is a Daily necessity and if the State are unable to deliver these essentials , how much more difficult will it be to Upgrade Gun Control Legislation ?

So many people are aware that , there is a register of THOSE NOT ALLOWED to own weapons , under the control of the FBI ! In any other Civilised Country , the " Weapons Register " contains the details of ALL WEAPONS , perhaps also the quantity of AMMO ! Many countries even require the weapon holder , to pay a licence fee , varying fees relating to the type of weapon . Yes , creating the register , will take a lot of money and TIME , but there are National Guard Units throughout the country , if not other Community associations that can help take up the information to be introduced to the NATIONAL REGISTER !

Need i remind readers that there was a time when " Black Citizens were counted as 2/3rd person , that amendment was replaced ! This is the 21st Century and has it become so HARD that the 2nd Amendment cannot be replaced by an Amendment , MORE SUITED , to the needs of US Citizens ikn the 21st century ? YES , hunting is a Great Sport that should be encouraged , BUT ; is it sporting to take a semi auto rifle to gun down Deer or other Wildlife ?  Would you when arroused in your home , by movement downstairs , take an assault weapon to investigate ? Your wife would be really impressed with the destruction wrought , when you have an accidently discharge , destroying the decor , if not injuring or maiming the victim of the decision to open fire ?

One thought that i cannot seem to find anywhere , is WHO is responsible for the Expenses caused when a " Thug/ Mentally Disturbed Person shoots up the neighbourhood or Kills People ? Some States have requirements to " Control the Storage " of weapons but do they require Insurance for the damage done by these weapons ? Vehicles have to have Insurance before they can enter the traffic , perhaps " Road Tax " , as they do in the United Kingdom ?  When a Car is Sold by a Car Retailer , i feel sure they check that the documentation is in order ? Can you imagine a Car Dealer , letting you drive off , without paying ? Some perhaps care little for anything other than the cash , but i am sure most Dealerships would ensure that the " Road Tax and Insurance was in order , if only to prevent their complicity to an accident ?

We all know that Guns can be bought at " Gun Shows " , so why can't it be required that a purchaser , be required to produce the Insurance Papers as well as the Appropriate Gun License , before they complete the Purchase ? YES , we now have a way to ensure that the person , is a known quantity , not a " Felon " or someone that is on the " Register of those Barred from Owning a Weapon "! Could it be that these simple steps are too difficult for the Various States to implement ?

With Unemployment being what it is in the USA , i feel certain that many people , could be found work in creating the necessary additions , to State Administration Bureaus ? In registering for Gun Licenses at present , people are happy to pay the necessary fees . Could it not be possible , to levy fees , based on the Type , Calibre and size of the Magazines of a Weapon ? The user pays principle would apply , so States would now have the additional income , to meet the cost of the resources , needed to implement these procedures ? Whether the State has an Insurance Company or it is Private Enterprise , there would be " Discounts " offered to Gun Holders , who provide , the appropriate " Safe Storage " , for their weapons . An inspection of the " Storage " would mean time and effort by two separate Authorities to ensure people do not circumvent the legislative requirements !

Vice President Joe Biden appears to be the Comsumate Politician , brokering his influence with ALL sides of the Debate but ENOUGH is ENOUGH !

President Barack Obama needs to issue the EXECUTIVE ORDERS , get the job done , get GUN CONTROL Measures in place !

Jan 2, 2013

T-Mobile , a taste of SH*t for the NEW YEAR !

Every so often you come across a bunch of Smart Ass#s ! For many years now  ihave  used the same " Cell/ Mobile Telephone number on a " Pay as you go " Tariff . Not cheap , but since it works throughout Europe , had to live with this expense . Bought a blackberry in April , with the intention of ridding myself of the " motorola devise " bought at " 2006 Winter Olympics " in Torino . Kept that device going until October/November as it has a bunch of " photos " that won't download , or transfer by calling another Cell/mobile device .

When i changed the " Telephone chip " across , i don't recall anything that " Opened the Internet " ? Seems that each 10 euro installment made to the account in December , has disappeared  and only thanks to the assistance of a friend and his patience , was i able to find out from " T-Mobile " how they would have continued to treat me had i not had his help . During the period 16th December to this date , i have had no need to call out , but when i tried to send Text /SMS , each time being an " Emergency " , i was deprived of that resource ! Thank goodness i was not broken down at the side of the road in a snowstorm !

Here is the promised advertising of the  " Email to T-Mobile " which i am now going to have to ask Alex to send since i didn' t answer the German Language Questions correctly !

  "  Stolen Credit

Directors of T-Mobile


Being STOLEN from by a Company that used to Sponsor " Drug Using Cycle Racers " , comes as no surprise !When i found out today that the money that i put into a " Blackberry " that i was sold without " Internet " connection was in ACTUAL FACT CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET , i was surprised !

I bought this " blackberry " in April 2012 , and started to use it in November 2012 , when it had about Four Euros Credit . I was unaware why that money disappeared , so went to " OMV Tankstelle " in Brixleggon 18th december , to put 10 euros on the Account . The lady showed me that it was topped up to 10.08 euros( Voucher 18 dec #07443482365274 ) .

27th December i get Text/SMS from my sister telling me of difficulties with their flight at Manchester airport , but , i cannot reply , there is no credit on the phone ( Now advised "Internet seems to have  turned on ) . Not understanding what has happened , i go to the Kramsach Polizei , where there is a Lady Officer who speaks excellent english . She phones the OMV people , who remember that they assisted me , confirms that the credit was made .

Nothing can be done other than go to " M Preis Supermarket " , across the road from Polizei , and buy another 10 euros( Voucher#120327775979 ) , which again is confirmed by voice and visual means .

1st January 2013 my Sister sends SMS/Text , requiring answer , cannot send the SMS/Text i prepare ( now know , NO MONEY on the phone again  ); once again , personal problems , created for ALL !

TODAY i go to the " telephone shop " in Jenbach , to ask for their help to contact Your " NO HELP DEPT. " for assistance ! Not having bought vouchers from them , i get the " FLICK ( being polite about their rudeness and lack of suggestions of how to solve the problem ) ".

Visited with an Austrian friend , home from work , ill and he spends 25minutes waiting for the first assistance , then after transfer/shuffle involving more time he connects with a person who is able to tell him my details from the computer . He is amazed that this info is there , since this is a " Pay as you Go phone "! My friend is told that the " Monies " rendered have been " Swallowed by the Internet " !

Asked to rectify the situation , the operator tells him that they cannot do anything !

HOW THIS CAME ABOUT , i don't know ! WHAT i do know , is that i am being " Shafted "by an organisation without ANY SCRUPLES ! When your operator can look at the Computer screen and see that there is something WRONG , and not offer any way to resolve the issue , there is no other choice , but to publicise this matter !

With a " Blog " , that is read worldwide , i am able to inform the Community , of the ATTITUDE , that pervades your organisation !

Of course , you are making money by the " bucketload " , possibly , i am not the only "SUCKER " that has been " Shafted " in this manner !

Everything you read here , is loaded into the " Blog " , i guess , i can kiss my money " Goodbye "but then you wouldn't " Help an old man with a white walking stick " across the street either ! Stealing sweets from " little children " would be about your level of social behaviour ?

As regards my phone , looks like  " Skype " , from now on , which limits what i can do for " Behinderten Sport "!

Sorry to awake you from your slumbers , with my trivial matter . Can only wish you the New Year that you DESERVE !"

WHY are you , my readers , being advised of this matter ?

Simply because TOO MANY PEOPLE , do not fight back when they get " RIPPED OFF "!

Do you check the ribbon at the " Cash Desk " of the Supermarket , as you load your groceries , I DO ! If an item is advertised on the shelf at a PRICE , i do not expect to pay MORE , at the checkout ! Occasionally you can get home , find a mistake and go back , but very rarely will the vendor cooperate !

When i choose to buy something , i expect to get full value , getting home and finding a mistake , means a return journey .

In 1973 , i bought a " Transister Radio/Cassette Player " in Singapore , carried it out of the shop , onto the Aircraft and opened the package , in the U.K. , what was there was not what i bought !  Seems that in handing the item and monies to the assistant to be packed correctly , they did the shuffle . Returning through Singapore , i had one thing in mind , exchanging for the correct item , since they would not refund any of the money !

 In a restaurant in Rome during November 1980 , i did not return the menu , but when the bill arrived there was a considerable difference , only resolved when the Policia arrived and saw the differences . So much for a pleasant trip , escaped to Vienna by the next train . Tourism in Italy in the Winter , was for the Plucky ! Watched a German being sandwiched near the Vatican , earlier in the day , Pocket picked , wallet gone ! Asked him to follow the Gypsy Woman carrying the child , whilst i found Policia , but he was not too keen about a confrontation , she was the winner , away scot free to succeed again elsewhere .

Cheated by Banks also , even had my " signature forged " , by Bank Staff , but that is another series of stories , that could cause your hair to stand on end .


NB from 4th jan

Seems a few people agree with me , judging by the visits :

To wake " T-Mobile " UP to the interest they are generating , Comments would help !

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Thankyou ALL , for your SUPPORT !