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Jan 9, 2013


Vice President Joe Biden , was shown on CNN , today , as he had called a press opportunity , to remind the US Population , that Barack Obama was working towards changing the GUN PROBLEM ! During the Press call , he outlined the determination , that President Barack Obama has to make changes . Not only was the V.P. seeking to achieve consensus through meeting both sides of the " Gun Control Debate ", he made it clear , that if Legislation would not be effective , President Barack Obama would initiate change by the use of " Executive Orders "!

About the 19th December , i posted in " SkippyBlogging " the post "Mr President , YOU'VE BLOWN IT !"
In that post i reminded people that a President , had the weapon of " Executive Orders " , to get legislation done , that Congress would not get done for a variety of reasons . Frankly i am disappointed that this weapon was not used , at that time . The Public would have applauded this action .

As i write this post , Christiane Amanpour of CNN , is discussing " Gun Control "! She stated that since the " Sandy Hook Outrage , 643 people have lost their lives , as of today ! Last night , Anderson Cooper on CNN's 360 show , that number was revealed as 588 . The daily Death average is reported as 34 Deaths ! Can anyone accept this as reasonable ? Jon Stewart the comedian , was shown doing an impersonation of the NRA Spokesperson , Lapierre , Hilarious ! That NRA initiative , of arming the Teachers and training them , to use fire arms , in the proximity of Children , is nothing short of laughable !

Piers Morgan continues to provide a platform for each side of the " Gun Control Debate " to issue their version of the 2nd Amendment . Being shouted down by the passionate ( read " off their brain ) gun owners , even challenged to a boxing match in recent days ! the only problem i have with this show , is that i generally find it on in the middle of the night , due to broken sleep some nights . If the subject was not so serious , i would think it was a comedy show , similar to the Jay Leno Show .

During this program , Jerrimiah Healy , Mayor of Jersey City , revealed the success of their 4th " Buy Back Campaign " , last weekend . Local Citizens contributed the funds required to finance this initiative and the photos of the weapons , turned in , demonstrated their good sense . Whatever use can a member of the public , put a semi auto rifle to ?

Discussed also , were the various " loopholes " that Gun Shows create . You can take a Gun to a Swap Meet , find a buyer , take the cash and then walk off , not knowing that the weapon will be used in a massacre or a Criminal enterprise ? There is no need for any paperwork currently ?  When a person goes to a shop , they are confronted with a variety of regulations . Each State lays out a different formula , that the vendor has to comply with , as they sell their products .

The New York State Governor has revealed a cataloge of changes in " Gun Control Measures that he wants the State to Adopt .Some advocates state that they want to see Humans allowed the " Same Rights that are afforded Deer and Game in their Legislation . A great pity that months after the Sandy Hurricane , there are so many , in New York State , awaiting assistance to rebuilding their Homes . Shelter and electric power is a Daily necessity and if the State are unable to deliver these essentials , how much more difficult will it be to Upgrade Gun Control Legislation ?

So many people are aware that , there is a register of THOSE NOT ALLOWED to own weapons , under the control of the FBI ! In any other Civilised Country , the " Weapons Register " contains the details of ALL WEAPONS , perhaps also the quantity of AMMO ! Many countries even require the weapon holder , to pay a licence fee , varying fees relating to the type of weapon . Yes , creating the register , will take a lot of money and TIME , but there are National Guard Units throughout the country , if not other Community associations that can help take up the information to be introduced to the NATIONAL REGISTER !

Need i remind readers that there was a time when " Black Citizens were counted as 2/3rd person , that amendment was replaced ! This is the 21st Century and has it become so HARD that the 2nd Amendment cannot be replaced by an Amendment , MORE SUITED , to the needs of US Citizens ikn the 21st century ? YES , hunting is a Great Sport that should be encouraged , BUT ; is it sporting to take a semi auto rifle to gun down Deer or other Wildlife ?  Would you when arroused in your home , by movement downstairs , take an assault weapon to investigate ? Your wife would be really impressed with the destruction wrought , when you have an accidently discharge , destroying the decor , if not injuring or maiming the victim of the decision to open fire ?

One thought that i cannot seem to find anywhere , is WHO is responsible for the Expenses caused when a " Thug/ Mentally Disturbed Person shoots up the neighbourhood or Kills People ? Some States have requirements to " Control the Storage " of weapons but do they require Insurance for the damage done by these weapons ? Vehicles have to have Insurance before they can enter the traffic , perhaps " Road Tax " , as they do in the United Kingdom ?  When a Car is Sold by a Car Retailer , i feel sure they check that the documentation is in order ? Can you imagine a Car Dealer , letting you drive off , without paying ? Some perhaps care little for anything other than the cash , but i am sure most Dealerships would ensure that the " Road Tax and Insurance was in order , if only to prevent their complicity to an accident ?

We all know that Guns can be bought at " Gun Shows " , so why can't it be required that a purchaser , be required to produce the Insurance Papers as well as the Appropriate Gun License , before they complete the Purchase ? YES , we now have a way to ensure that the person , is a known quantity , not a " Felon " or someone that is on the " Register of those Barred from Owning a Weapon "! Could it be that these simple steps are too difficult for the Various States to implement ?

With Unemployment being what it is in the USA , i feel certain that many people , could be found work in creating the necessary additions , to State Administration Bureaus ? In registering for Gun Licenses at present , people are happy to pay the necessary fees . Could it not be possible , to levy fees , based on the Type , Calibre and size of the Magazines of a Weapon ? The user pays principle would apply , so States would now have the additional income , to meet the cost of the resources , needed to implement these procedures ? Whether the State has an Insurance Company or it is Private Enterprise , there would be " Discounts " offered to Gun Holders , who provide , the appropriate " Safe Storage " , for their weapons . An inspection of the " Storage " would mean time and effort by two separate Authorities to ensure people do not circumvent the legislative requirements !

Vice President Joe Biden appears to be the Comsumate Politician , brokering his influence with ALL sides of the Debate but ENOUGH is ENOUGH !

President Barack Obama needs to issue the EXECUTIVE ORDERS , get the job done , get GUN CONTROL Measures in place !

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