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Dec 30, 2013


Season  of Peace and Goodwill to ALL ? Are YOU kidding ?
The only good thing about the Festive season is that it is nearly over ! Unseasonably warm weather here in Austria , has seen me out on the bike most days , instead of on Touring Skis . Despite dental and stomach problems , i have been able to get 3+hrs daily , on the bike , on the dry roads in sunny weather , even dressed as if out on a Summer's Day at the Giro or TDF.

Whilst the normal expectation for the Tirol is good snow , this season it arrived in the East Tirol , particularly around Lienz , where i spent the weekend watching the Women's Ski races . The mothers of two local families were able to see their Daughters race in the World Tour . In previous posts , i have mentioned riding with Eva Marie Brem's mother , there are photos of them both elsewhere . Alexandra Daum's  family , whom i have also ridden with over the years , were also happily watching their Daughter come in at 17th in her race .

Elsewhere , the Internet has  reported any number of Outrageous behaviours towards Cyclists in a variety of countries . I have had my share of " Mutants " that decide that Cyclists have NO RIGHTS on the roads , even recently on an empty , quiet country road , where a " local " decided to express their displeasure with klaxon/horn as they passed " tapping " their " empty? head "! This incident escalated and left the local Polizei telling mr that drivers EXPECT Cyclists to use the " Cycle Paths ( cluttered with snow , ice & stones )"?

Here are a FEW of the links to World Wide Cycling Stories that i have seen in recent days :

Many MORE stories are out there , but as a lone voice , i have few options to try to assist in creating the breakthrough needed to help bridge the divide between Cyclists ( Vulnerable Road Users ) and Motorists (Careless, Aggressive or MINDLESS ) .

World Wide , there are numerous " Cycling safety Org.s " in many Countries , each have their NEEDS  , Ideas & Initiatives that could be used by OTHERS , to meet the same target : SAFE USE of the ROADS BY CYCLISTS ! 

 Politicians in most English speaking Countries are BUSY promoting Cycling for many reasons . They see the opportunity to reduce " Infrastructure Costs " , reduce Health services and WIN votes . SElf serving Media Op.s have been created by Boris Johnson , Mayor of London with his Blue Paint Super Highways ? David Cameron , Prime Minister of U.K., hopping on his down market mountain bike with a Helmet hanging off his handlebars ? Tony Abbott on the Sunday of his Election to Prime Minister of Oz , riding his Up market street bike , properly kitted out , with his mates . Years ago we were seeing George Bush , out on his MTB with a guy he possibly no longer wishes to talk with , i know the former Premier of Sth Oz , no longer wishes to be reminded of that person .

Knowing that Politicians and EVEN Police Forces are ONLY Interested in their OWN backyard , i thought that Creating an opportunity for ALL the International Safety Groups to come together would be appropriate. Seems that this idea has fallen short of my expectations :

Are there any of my readers that are NOT Interested in Sport ? How many Athletes , grew up without aspiring to succeed to High Level Competition , perhaps even the Olympics ?  Most High level Athletes use Cycling as Cross Training , even " Jo public ",  uses Spinning at the Gym as a form of exercise . Fact is some form of Cycling Exercise is used by most that aspire to Fitness or Competition .

This petition , could have been aimed at the UCI as the manager of the " Umbrella Org. " , but since Skiers , Rowers and other Athletes using Leg Muscles , take to the ROADS for Cross Training , i thought to make the agenda more inclusive . Thinking Social media would assist i have posted links in " Twitter , Facebook & LinkedIn " , virtually to no avail !

Currently i have been advised by " @change " , that i could be addressing the Petition to the wrong person ? WHO runs IOC ?  Thomas Bach having recerntly taken over from Jacques Rogge , no doubt delegates responsibilities to OTHERS , but WHEN did you contact the low man on the totem pole to get the BOSS to take action ? So far @change has not seen fit to reply to my request that they assist in promoting to the "Social Media World "! " LinkedIN " tell me that i have numerous contacts :

Your LinkedIn Network
955 Connections link you to 9,852,113+ professionals
14,320 New people in your Network since December 23

Oh yeah ? ALL ASLEEP during the Festive Season ?

Facebook show 4000+ friends ! I know of a couple that are awake !

Twitter show 217 followers at present , my blogs used to be posted automatically after " publishing " , not any more it seems ?

IN summing up SOCIAL MEDIA appears to be a DEAD LOSS !

Once again i wsould like to remind People that December 2013 has been UNKIND to Cyclists , certainly in those English Speaking areas that i see reported .

I use my bike to " Advocate Para Sport " at the Grand Tours , i have NO WISH to join their Community !

Each Cyclist is alone on their bike , yet the following is what they can expect as an Individual .

Any doubts about the DANGERS on a bike , visit this Hospital workers feed :

Those that are adverse to wearing Helmets , may have been  reminded of the NEED , with the recent terrible news of Michael Schumacker ? Every Ski story about him shows him wearing a Helmet ! 

Addendum :

Earlier there was a link to THOSE Mutants that chose to attack Melbourne Cyclists , weighing in on this Story is the FAMOUS FOOT IN MOUTH , Melbourne Radio/Media "star"( legend in his own mind ) Darren Hinch :

Must have read my Facebook comment to the article on Saturday :

 "  With the rego plate visible in the photo , it is likely that the Police will take MORE Severe action AGAINST any Cyclist retaliating against these Mutants , thaese Mutants , were NOT aware of the damage they were creating should seek counselling ? That they were not locked up IMMEDIATELY demonstrates thast the Police are condoning the CONTINUAL BULLYING of Cyclists, let alone unable to HONOUR their Responsibilities to the Community they " Serve & Protect "!

Dec 6, 2013

MADIBA MAGIC ! A World diminished ?

Nelson Mandela strode the World Stage , head and shoulders above ALL, because of his HUMILITY ! A Truly Inspirational Human Being , that no matter what i say , will encapsulate the effect , that he has had on so many lives ? Can anyone relate a story that does not pay tribute to his strength of Character ?

  " Madiba is gone. A great and inspirational leader died at the age of 95 and it is not overdrawn to say:  the world is crying and mourning."

Inspirational comments attributed to him include :

 “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.”

Last night i was looking for news of the " Ashes ", that series of Cricket Games that at present , is being played out in Adelaide , between a sadly diminished English Team , as Holders of the " Urn " and the Aussie Team , who have regained the Ascendancy in this series . Today i see after several hours of no news , the Teams marking a period of Silence before commencing their game . The passing of Nelson Mandela , a true Cognisseur of Cricket was an International Moment . It will be a day that generations will look back on and remember , where they were , just as the passing of Jack Kennedy and the Landing on the Moon ?

Seeing tributes from World Leaders , interruption at the United Nations General Assembly Meetings and the scenes outside the Mandela Johannesberg Residence , fails to convey how impactful Nelson Mandela's personality has dominated the World since his release from Prison in 1990 .

Liks so many , i recall being outside the South African High Commission in Trafalgar Square in the mid 1960s , a time when " Anti Apartheid Demos " were an every weekend occurence . Doubt that i really knew who Nelson was or his fellow ANC Colleagues were , but i was there amongst the crowds , wishing that Sport was being interupted by the way a Government was treating it's Citizens ?

Whilst passing through South Africa in early 1970s , i saw plenty of evidence in Cape Town , Jo'berg and Durban , of how there were several different classes of Citizens . Toilets , Busses and Buildings displayed signage , advising how , where and what a HUMAN BEING , could exist in the Legal framework of the Community . In my early to mid 20s , i was seeing a little of the same , at home in Australia , but there , it was the Aboriginal Community being Ghettoed in Redfern and other pockets of Australia . Of course the World Community was rampant towards South Africa , because there was a Visible Public Policy , whilst in Oz , it was just neglect of a section of the community deserving of BETTER !

As yet , i have not seen mention of Gandhi , who was reputed to be an inspiration for a young Nelson Mandela ? It would inspire him to display a " Sense of Forgiveness " throughout his extraordinary life . This man deserves more recognition than that displayed in the Media . This tweet sums up my thoughts :

. A human epitome of a TRUE FORGIVING HEART probably next after the forgiving Christ Lead the World PRAYERS!

As a keen Cricket Enthusiast , Nelson Mandela's first comment to Malcolm Fraser was " Is Donald Bradman still alive "?  A later visit was accompanied with an Autographed  Cricket Bat inscribed by Sir Donald :

": Will leave u with The Eiffel Towers stunning tribute to Nelson Mandela, RIP " Nice Touch!

There was a Twitter feed that i retweeted on Thursday :

"Disabled children are equally entitled to an exciting & brilliant future"

This was the Retweet  :

Honoured to visit South Africa House & sign the Condolence Book on behalf of London, in remembrance of Nelson Mandela

A tribute by Malcolm Fraser to Nelson Mandela copied from Aussie Newspapers follows :

  " His sense of humour was always near the surface. For some time before our visit he had had access to newspapers and magazines, but we were talking to a person who had essentially been cut off from the world for the best part of 27 years.
In winter it was bitterly cold. For warmth he had a blanket which, if you held it up to the light, you could see through. How could a man endure what he had endured without a sense of grievance or bitterness, without any sourness towards the world outside?
He befriended his jailers, who came to respect him greatly. He had a sense of charity to everyone. He did not harbour grudges about past injustices or wrongs, but was concerned only to find a way forward, how to build a better South Africa.
While he could speak openly about his personal views, there were limits to what he would or would not say. The Freedom Charter which had been negotiated in 1955 was out of date, almost archaic in some of its provisions. As we spoke to many people throughout South Africa and asked why it had not been kept up to date, made relevant to changing circumstances, the answer was always the same: how can we without Nelson Mandela?
When we asked Mandela what changes ought to be made, he said he could give only a personal view which might not be definitive because he would need to consult his colleagues. He had not had access to them in many a long year, but their views were very important to him. He had a very significant sense of due process and of respect for others.
At that first visit he knew that changes were afoot. His very removal from Robben Island to Pollsmoor indicated that the government wanted him to be in better circumstances. They knew that to find a settlement they would need Mandela.
It would have been so easy for somebody who had endured, as he had endured, to take the view that white South Africa should make restitution for the harm done for the past wrongs, for the great injustice inflicted upon the overwhelming majority.
To Mandela such views were looking backwards. The past had to be washed out of their hair. All South Africans had to look forward and they could only do that if they were to create a South Africa in which one law applied to all.
Was it realism that led him to this view, the knowledge of past mistakes? Or was it something innate, born in the very nature of the man that determined his attitude to other people? Perhaps both, but he knew what had to happen if South Africa was to find a way forward.
His sense of forgiveness and of justice was immense. His sense of equity was absolute. For Mandela politics was a matter of high principle and of steadfast purpose. He did not need polls or focus groups. He knew what was right, he knew what had to be done. If it was a difficult issue, if it needed persuasion, he would argue the harder, marshal his point of view and win the day.

                                                On the steps of the Sydney Opera House

He knew government was about the exercise of judgment, but judgment based on a basic respect for people who would understand if a good argument was put to them.

When CARE Australia had three of its employees jailed during the war in Kosovo, Mandela was one of the first people to whom I appealed. Can you please lend your weight, your influence to assist in their release? He did not hesitate. I believe he knew what I stood for and the work CARE Australia was doing, and that was enough.
How does one judge his place in history? Of all the people I have met, he was by far the greatest. I do
      On the steps of the Sydney Opera House                not know anyone who could stand near to him. In                                                                                         the pages of history, there would be few who would                                                                                     stand as an equal.
Respect, concern, compassion a belief in the best of our natures as human beings was central to the way Mandela approached every problem. He was central to the process of change in South Africa. He unified the disparate groups within South Africa. Even the tribal leaders, such as Chief Buthelezi of the Zulus, followed Mandela. Black South Africa was able to establish a unified position in negotiations with the government.
President F.W. de Klerk had believed fervently in apartheid and sought to justify it on practical and philosophical grounds. It is a measure of de Klerk's practicality and acceptance of the need for change, but also of Mandela's greatness, that de Klerk came to believe that in a majority ruled South Africa there would be no retribution yet justice for all. Mandela was able to persuade de Klerk that white South Africans would have a legitimate place in the new South Africa. That was essential to the peaceful change that occurred.
Now South Africa grieves, as does the whole world. We need to remember his achievements and his essential character, which made those achievements possible. We can learn from his example. He leaves a legacy that all subsequent leaders should seek to emulate."

Malcolm Fraser was Prime Minister of Australia from 1975-1983 He is also a Member of the " Elders " , Co founded by Richard Bramson & Desmond Tutu !

A Tribute by a South African , modified to encapsulate the thoughts of so MANY WORLD CITIZENS !

  " Nelson Mandela died on Thursday night at his Houghton home in Johannesburg at the age of 95

Madiba has taken his final bow.  Celebrating the father of a beautiful nation

  "  What an honour to have lived and learned in your time, Madiba.

Thank you for your legacy.

Thank you for leaving your mark on the world.

May your spirit now soar in the heavens above, forever flying free.

Your long walk is finally over.

Watch over us your people, THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD , Madiba and may you continue to guide your beautiful country.

Your Country has lost a father of it's nation.

The world a mentor.

Thank you Madiba, for a journey well-travelled.

We salute you.

“The father of a nation has closed his eyes so that the rest of the world may open theirs.”

Nelson Mandela is in the thoughts of so many , so i have copied in Tweets from around the subject :

#NelsonMandela :

 "Overcoming poverty is an act of justice. It's man-made and it can be overcome and eradicated by the actions of human beings"~#NelsonMandela

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it." RIP #NelsonMandela

"The time is always ripe to do right"

Thank you #NelsonMandela! An inspiration for us all! You will be missed. #RestInPeace

R.I.P to one of the greatest men in history a true revolutionary, inspiration and innovator #NelsonMandela

The world lost one of its greatest. Ever. #NelsonMandela is my endless inspiration. "It always seems impossible until it's done." Believe!

R.I.P  Nelson Mandela you will truly be missed.  You are an inspiration to us all #NelsonMandela

May the peace minister #NelsonMandela RIP as I'm sure the angels are dancing with joy tonight to get to hang with such a great man! Namaste

Jacob Zuma: As we grieve let us conduct ourselves with the dignity and respect that Mandiba personified. #NelsonMandela

A great human being and an inspiration to millions. With grace and magnanimity, he showed that with belief all is possible.

Goodbye #NelsonMandela thank you for your courage, vision, determination & inspiration

The Great, warrior, freedom fighter, hero & unequivocal leader, #NelsonMandela, may your beautiful soul rest in peace...

#NelsonMandela was a hero who used the most powerful weapons--love, compassion, courage, peace. These are the things that change the world.

Pres. George H.W. Bush on #NelsonMandela: “man of tremendous moral courage, who changed the course of history in his country”

David Cameron: a great light has gone out in the world...a hero of our time. Flag at number 10 to be flown at half mast #NelsonMandela

My heart aches over the loss of #NelsonMandela. The world has lost one of the most humane humans. So #grateful for his life. #RIP

RIP #NelsonMandela you accomplished great things for my race In the face of adversity & I appreciate your generation taking the worst for me

RT @nypl "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it...." #RIP #NelsonMandela

#NelsonMandela RIP. Respected and loved by millions. A difficult life personally and publicly but he delivered so much for his people.

We celebrate you from now until the end of time #NelsonMandela. You taught us how to be so beyond human that we show a glimpse of the Divine

#NelsonMandela such an inspiration, such a wonderful soul. Inspired us to never, ever, ever give up- no matter what we're going through.

Rest in peace Madiba. Your actions helped shape the world. If only I could be as lucky.  #nelsonmandela #RIP

While his time with us may have come to an end, his impact and inspiration are eternal.  Thank you. 💖 #NelsonMandela

#NelsonMandela "After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb" -NM ♥

May your spirit have eternal freedom away from this evil place. Eternal life... #NelsonMandela x” 💔

To the man who transformed a nation & the world & inspired so many to stand up for what's right & just, thank you #NelsonMandela

God bless you #NelsonMandela such an inspiration.
My condolences to the people of #SouthAfrica.
Let's continue his great work.

We must use time wisely and forever realize that the time is always ripe to do right - Nelson Mandela 1918-2013 #NelsonMandela

Tonight the world lost a shining light, a beacon of hope. Tonight A good man departed our lives but is still in our hearts  #NelsonMandela

"The greatest glory of living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time you fall." - #NelsonMandela May he rest in peace. Amen.

"One of the most difficult things is not to change society – but to change yourself." #NelsonMandela

I hope you rest peacefully Nelson Mandela x thoughts are with your family x #NelsonMandela #RIPelsonMandela

RIP #NelsonMandela a man who literally changed the world with his strength of character, passion and humility.

A beautiful tribute page to #NelsonMandela by the South African government:

R.I.P. #NelsonMandela one of the most inspirational human beings to walk upon this planet we lost a true hero. #Rolemodel

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it...." #RIP #NelsonMandela

#RIP #NelsonMandela A man who fought for what he thought was right and won. He is an inspiration to millions across the world

To A WARRIOR whose courage & legacy will last eternally--#NelsonMandela!!!!

“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” RIP Nelson Mandela  #madiba #nelsonmandela

The man who single handedly changed the world and unified a nation. RIP #NelsonMandela. The greatest man ever lived

#NelsonMandela an Incredible soul... May we all learn from you. Rest in Peace @NelsonMandela

#NelsonMandela is dead, but remember Apartheid, discrimination and racism continues to live among us in this ugly world.

There is a party in heaven. Angels are celebrating. The one and only #NelsonMandela has arrived. RIP

He was brave enough to stand up for himself and for many others!

RIP legend Mandela! #NelsonMandela

#NelsonMandela finally rests in peace: Commemorate his life by bringing out others’ better side as he so often did

"I would not and could not give myself up to despair. That way lays defeat and death.”

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." - #NelsonMandela

RIP to a wonderful man #NelsonMandela so many in the world can learn from him! He stands on the shoulders of giants!

If only for a moment, I hope we can linger in the love and compassion that #NelsonMandela brought to the world.

For to be free is not merely to cast off one's chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. #NelsonMandela

The world has lost a great leader, humanitarian, and political role model. We can all learn for the life of #NelsonMandela

Freedom fighter..leader of apartheid, father Africa..may you rest in peace lion king! #NelsonMandela ✨

Not to many of us will live to 95 and have actually achieved something with our lives #RIP #NelsonMandela

Mr Mandela changed the world for the better, forever, at huge personal cost to himself for the betterment of all. #NelsonMandela #Greatest

"The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.." #NelsonMandela

#RIP #NelsonMandela One of the greatest World Leaders of our time, who'll be greatly missed by all against discrimination!

#NelsonMandela has passed and my heart is saddened as we have lost such an amazing soul. May he rest…

#NelsonMandela told @byronpitts "Good and evil are at war.  The good must shoot."  Special man. More on  @ABC.

"There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." #NelsonMandela

'A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination' - #NelsonMandela R.I.P🌹

Let freedom reign. The sun never set on so glorious a human achievement. #NelsonMandela

"Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again" Respect #NelsonMandela #RIP

Rip #NelsonMandela may you be at peace with the angels and ur legacy live on .4 all u did 4 the world god bless u x

“He lived life in a way that all of us, at our best, aspire to live ours.”-Darren Walker on #NelsonMandela passing.

So sad. We are a poorer world without him. What a life to celebrate though. What a life to inspire us now. #NelsonMandela #RIP

The most special thing that was ever said, "It always seems impossible until it's done." -#NelsonMandela

#NelsonMandela, your ideas & convictions will never die, they'll live in the hearts & minds of all men & women who fight for Human Rights!

If there ever was a life bravely, beautifully, fully lived, it was #NelsonMandela   Now lets be equal to his legacy.

"Let freedom reign. The sun never set on so glorious a human achievement." RIP #NelsonMandela

Oh #NelsonMandela Oh #NelsonMandela Africa has lost a good father! My heart is heavy! We will celebrate you as long as Africa lives on.

Pres. George W. Bush: “President Mandela was one of the great forces for freedom and equality of our time” #NelsonMandela

And flights of angels sing thee to thy sleep | We are lesser, the earth is lighter without you #NelsonMandela #rip

“For to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains but to live in a way that respects & enhances the freedom of others.” #NelsonMandela

#Madiba :

"Living in SA has been living with #Madiba inside of us. It's hard to say goodbye." - @PatriciaDeLille

Rugby tributes have been pouring in for #Madiba – go to  to see how the rugby world reacted to his sad passing.

RT: @TheElders - Press release: The Elders honour the memory of their Founder, Nelson #Mandela  #Madiba

"This is a wonderful, lovely man. I love Nelson Mandela very much." - Michael Jackson #RIPNelsonMandela #Madiba

Fitting tribute to #Madiba at City Hall where he delivered his first speech as a free man#RIPMadiba

'We owe our children – the most vulnerable citizens in any society – a life free from violence and fear'

From #Madiba's life & legacy we draw faith that goodness can prevail, mindsets can change, & clenched fists can open.#RIPNelsonMandela

Nelson #Mandela - you will never be forgotten. You achieved more than anyone could have expected. The world has lost an icon. #Madiba

As the sun rises we say good bye to Nelson Mandela 2018 -2013. #RIPNelsonMandela #Madiba A great man!

Want some Goosebumps? #madiba tribute from @springbok_rugby … #RIPNelsonMandela

Surely it isn't too much to ask that in Australia we #lowertheflag for #madiba #NelsonMandela

"well it is music... And dancing... That keeps me at peace with the world" -Nelson Mandela

Sometimes it falls on a generation to be great. YOU can be that great generation. #Mandela #Madiba via @louis_press"

An ordinary man who became one of the world's GREATEST leaders-R.I.P Nelson Mandela #Madiba live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. Rest in Peace #Madiba. And thank you so much!!!

Thank you #Madiba
The world is a better place also because of you.
We'll never forget.

It was an honour to meet #Madiba #RIPNelsonMandela We mourn now but we will celebrate you life and impact forever

.RT @intldogooder “When a man is denied the right to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.” RIP #Madiba

Amazing reading all the #RIPNelsonMandela Facebook posts & tweets from ordinary young South Africans, amazing what #Madiba did for our lives

"This is a wonderful, lovely man. I love Nelson Mandela very much." - Michael Jackson #RIPNelsonMandela #Madiba

"A common word" Conference on Muslim -Christian dialogue starts  in @MaterDeiInst remembers #Madiba

South Africans in London come together to remember our great leader tomorrow to lay flowers at his statue in Parliament Square #Madiba

I loved how the nieghbour of #Madiba, told of how whenever he came home he would walk holding both his thumbs up saying 'Mayibuye iAfrika'.

There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life less than the one you are capable of living ~ #Madiba #MosaicMantras

To truly honor a man, we must remember his entire history. #madiba #mandela …

"Sport has the power to change the world. It has the power to inspire and unite people." - Nelson Mandela. #Madiba

Death is something inevitable. When a man has done what he considers to be his duty to his people... Mandela #Madiba

In honour of #Madiba I announce amnesty 2 those who wronged me. I pray that you find the light in your hearts 2 embrase change & goodness.

@SDLPlive How do you feel now about blocking SF proposals to give #Madiba the freedom of Derry in '86 and '90? #hypocrites

For me #Madiba represents a political climate that was driven and aligned itself with the people. A man that has sacrificed his life.

@citylordmayor pays tribute to Nelson Mandela and his legacy … #Madiba

“Who are you not to be great?” Or are we not even obliged to? #Madiba … @chiume @Twaweza_NiSisi

Up first, former President of Ireland Mary McAleese on her memories of #Madiba. Tweet your memories using #todaysor

Nelson Mandela. A human epitome of a TRUE FORGIVING HEART probably next after the forgiving Christ #MadibaYou want to come here and act as if  #Madiba's sacrifice is "usual", like its something any1 can do! Act as if...

"It always seems impossible until it's done." - When I am with you I quote #Mandela” #Madiba

Hearing @JaneLinleyT crying on air. Shows the immense 'touch' that #Madiba has had on so many lives.

The long walk is over brave man. Time for you to take your rightful resting place among the great souls of the universe #Madiba

"@RvN1776: My dream was to play the World Cup in South Africa with these & meet him. It wasn't meant to be. #Madiba."

'To be free is not merely to cast one's chains, but to live in a way that respects the freedom of others' #Madiba

Fortunate to be in Africa with Africans to bid farewell to #Madiba. His resilient spirit will never leave Africa or the world he touched

you will always live in our hearts #Madiba words cant  describe what you did #NelsonMandela you taught us forgiveness we will never forget

It's never too late to retrace ur steps, if you want to enjoy good times after death like Mandela, affect more than a continent #Madiba

Our country has lost a father of our nation. The world a mentor. Thank you #Madiba, for a journey well travelled.…

#Mandela #Madiba for those who idolized the man pls grieve but don't judge those who feel no compassion towards him. Freedom of choice!!

Nov 10, 2013


TODAY we recognise the FALLEN, from a variety of  World WARS and other conflicts . Many of those were Volunteers and Draftees, but increasingly they are those that chose the Profession . Regardless of their Motivation , those of us in the FREE World, should be thankful for their sacrifice .

Behind those lost on the battlegrounds , are so many more that arrived home with Life Changing Injuries and Health problems . These People also deserve recognition ! Many will have had to rebuild their lives , since they will be missing Limbs or suffering from Mental Issues , which are not readily visible . It is only in recent times that " Post Traumatic Syndrome " is regarded as a REAL Health complaint . Sad that so many were ridiculed , even shot during the World Wars , having been regarded as Cowards and also Malingerers?

Increasingly Paralympic Sport , has been treated as a way , to rehabilitate Troops , returning from the battlegrounds . Since the Sydney 2000 Paralympics , more and more countries are finding that their best Athletes are coming from Military Backgrounds . Somewhere i saw a report , that less than 9% of "Physically Challenged People " , were born with Disability . This surely must demonstrate that there are far too many suffering Accidents and becoming the Casualities of Military actions ?

Even today we are seeing News Reports of the Phillipines Disaster , reports of the DEAD , continue to mount , yet there is no mention of those that suffer Life Changing Injury . Perhaps some of those will succumb to their injuries , due to inadequate Hospital Facilities ? When you look at the scale of the  2004 Sunami Losses and the Haiti Disasters , it is easy to pass onto what is about to happen in Vietnam because of the same Weather System ?

Amongst my Tweets today , there was a reminder of the " Remembrance Sunday " in Canada :

  1. thinking about the returning veterans who paved the way & inspired me as a young athlete
  2. At the going down of the sun...WE will REMEMBER THEM! Lest WE FORGET!

No doubt there will be similar Tweets and Facebook posts throughout the day?

With the IRAQ Conflict over , and the Afganistan Conflict reaching it's conclusion in 2014 , we are still in a Dangerous World ? The Kenyan Outrage demonstrates that there are those that wish to influence our lives ?

Even when we are NOT in a Conflict , there are those that have to adjust to the horrors they suffered in serving US ! Today Phillip Hammond MP , reported from Helmand Base , that for EACH Trooper lost , there were more than 2 sent home missing Limbs . Those " Injured Personnel " , will spend the rest of their Lives , living in a different manner to what their Families had anticipated when they signed up for the " Armed Services "? With even 100% vigilance by the Policing and Security Forces , there will still be the inevitable Casuality , in these modern Guerilla Actions ! Shameful actions of these people , still garner " News Network" attention , regardless of the atrocities perpetrated .

WHILST it is important that Citizens Rights are observed , i feel sure that removing the over the top  "Sensionalism " from the Media Output , would help to reduce the " Terrorists' "  desire for publicity ? Yes we need to know that 5 were arrested for "Questionable Activities " . NO we do not need to know about a "British Woman " , that was married to a known terrorist tied into the " London Bombings "! Yet SKY news use this story as many as twice an hour , to promote their " WE GO WHERE THE STORY OCCURS " , self promotions ! They are not the only Media Outlet , that vigourously pats their OWN BACK by eulogising terrorist !

ADDITION on 11th November !

Tonight i wanted to see the funeral of the 99yo Airman that served with the "Dam Busters " of Bomber Command , in World War 2 ! With the Philippine Disaster front and centre , with ALL News Networks , it was necessary to wait . SKY News being the principal Network for the UK news , i waited . Of course they need to earn revenue to support Rupert Murdoch in the manner that he has become accustomed , so we go to Ads . YOU GOT IT ! Back Pat time , once again , AND , it being The NATIONAL DAY for Remembrance , ARMISTACE DAY , they worked in that " Sicko Widow of the London Bomber" in that Back pat ad , AGAIN !

WHO is the prat that thinks this is WORTHY NEWS Material ?

My tweets :

Respect. Admiration. Gratitude. To all the veterans who have served our C/wealth! Moving Tribute to 99yo Airman shows a Nation's GRATITUDE !

  1. 1/2 POPPY DAY, NOT the time to be eulogising the sicko widow of LONDON Bomber ! 17.19gmt your BackPAT Ad with her then 99yo burial!
  2. 2/2 R U giving Security Forces the finger,allowing terrorists drive your INCOME & set Your NEWS agenda? See

NOW decided that SKY TV , is the ADvertising Medium for terrorism ! This is another addition , since i returned at 18.17gmt , to find them rerunning an item about the 2011 Moscow Airport Bombing , then immediately there was a rerun of the Ad above ! ARE they giving me, the finger also ?

When so many Kenyans and Boston Marathon Victims were Killed and injured , the story is " THE Perpetrators " , not THE VICTIMS ! It is sickening that these Media Outlets , chose to ignore the plight of the victims ! How hard would it be to show the story of the Dancer , that lost a leg , once a day ? THAT Woman deserves a MEDAL , for her Positive approach to HER NEW LIFE ! She is an inspiration to ALL , yet these News Networks remind the "feeble minded aspirants " to the next atrocities , that they can expect recognition ,for GRUDGES against Society.

 HOW many of YOU , are like me , fed up of the News Networks treating Citizens with disdain ?

TIME we TOLD THEM that " Sensationalism of the SICK MINDED Perpetrators is NOT EVER ACCEPTABLE !

As i watch SKY NEWS present the Ceremony at the Cenotaph in Whitehall , i am awaiting THEIR next "PAT on the Back " info item ! It is a shame that the British Forces lost 10 Service members in the last 12 months AND they share the amount of " airtime time " as that sicko , that is being sought for a connection with atrocities in several countries . One wonders how the Families of those Quietly Recognised today , feel about their " LOST Family Members " being overlooked daily , yet for drumming up viewers SKY TV chooses " perpetrators of Atrocities "?

THE Queen has arrived , the 2 minutes of SILENCE will now be observed !

To those that SERVED , THANKYOU !

To those FALLEN :

  " They shall not grow OLD ...

 .. At the going down of the sun , WE SHALL REMEMBER THEM "!

Oct 26, 2013


Having reduced the Income Tax for the " Top Earners " ,
The Cameron Coalition has found a novel way of balancing the Budget ! They have delayed benefits to " Disabled People "! WHO does that make sense to , only those that received tax relief on their GBP100k salaries , not those that were hit by the " Bedroom Tax"?

So it appears that in the 2012 Budget , the Chancellor , gave up Revenue amounting to Billions of pounds starting in april 2013 , as a " thankyou " to those that voted for the coalition . As the Economy continued through 2012 into 2013 , it became apparent tthat Budgetary Forecasts would not be met . Hey there , Control to Treasury , " WE GOTTA PROBLEM "! Solution ! STEP on the "Disadvantaged " ! Bedroom Tax , defer benefits for the " Disabled "! Whatever YOU DO , don't upset those who CAN AFFORD to lose MONEY , they VOTE for US !

Whatever the Treasury has done so far , all that has been achieved is , DISTRESS to so many people and a few extra pennies held back from recipients ? Wonder if Cameron is expecting re election in 2015 ?

The UK approach to the " disadvantaged " is copied by the Australian Government !  On the 18th October they changed the benefits for those who suffered from " Natural Disasters "! Some of those DEPRIVED , lost their homes through the carelessness of that Federal Department , that controls the Defense Forces , The Department of Defence ! " The disaster recovery payment scheme " was in play for the Tasmanian Disaster , although that event seems to be the " raison d'etre " , for the 18th October adjustments ?

Those going to the link will see that there were REAL PEOPLE , with Health Problems that were affected !

As of Saturday at 0800GMT , this was the Bushfire Crisis :

Meanwhile BOTH Government Members are busy making sure that they get the BEST out of the EXPENSES RORTS !

No point being in government , if you don't maximise your BENEFITS ?

Sep 28, 2013

If I were Cookson ! Wish List !

A WORK IN PROGRESS ! So many Ideas , so little likelihood anyone will react and utilise them ?

With the news of Brian Cookson being elected President of the UCI , there is NEW HOPE , that this institution MAY survive ! Congrats to Brian for turning the fracas in the Congress OFF , by calling for a VOTE , thus giving phat the CHANCE he did not deserve , nor was ALLOWED under the existing UCI Constitution , to be considered as a candidate on the ballot !

One report of the day's activities :

Acting in a Presidential manner , Brian was able to cause those who thought they were in the Italian Parliament Chamber , to resume their seats , after they had gone on the rampage because of a 21 v 21 vote on an earlier " inconsequential procedural matter "!  Only phat the rat could have created the scenario where, contradicting the UCI Constitution ,for which he is PAID SALARY to uphold ! As a way to attempt to subvert that Constitution , he flew in Swiss Lawyers from Geneva ! When earlier phat sought advice , the matter appeared in the Media . The outcry was such that , even a 4yo child would realise that the advice was "tainted /slanted " , answering a NON EXISTENT QUESTION !  My previous post dealt with that matter , but then i am only a bystander with nothing to lose whichever way the matter was resolved ?

WHEN will the UCI Internal Auditors tally up the expenses generated by this " Geneva Lawyer Charade " and present the bill to phat ? Airfares , Travel expenses , Food & Accom , Entertaining Expenses as well as BILLABLE HOURS , ALL BELONG TO THE Originator ! WHY did the UCI Management Team allow phat the latitude to treat the UCI Coffers as a personal piggybank?

There are those at Aigle that joined UCI believing that their working career would be enhanced . There are so many others that left , some on a point of Principle , after they were threatened with their Work Contract being CHANGED , by the addition of " GAGGING ORDERS "! On top of all else , it appears there are those in the UCI Legal Dept that have stepped well past the line ! Many may recall the advices given the Thailand & Moroccan Feds. when they CLAIM to have introduced THEIR OWN IDEAS to be added to the UCI Constitution ? Retrospective Legislation to be added after the NOMINATION PROCESS had closed ? Yeah right , that is going to fly ? Which lunatic asylum , do they think they are working at ? Doubt they will wait for the inevitable DCM ?  AS regards the rank & file , working at Aigle , doubt that they celebrated with water when they heard that phat the rat was given the " PACK YER BAGS " by the congress !

Now that we have the semblence of SANITY returning to Aigle , it was with delight , that i read of the Appointment of 3 Vice Presidents today , each from a different Continent , BUT , especially pleased that @gaudryt was appointed VP Cycling ! AS a former Cycle Racer , she is fully aware of the needs that Womens Racing has in the Current Climate ! My comment to Velonews , contains a few ideas that could assist her getting an effective result in very little time ?

UCI Constitution WAS implemented for the " Dark Ages " , it served the purpose for the likes of phat the rat & nein fordruggen , whilst news travelled by pony express . Now that we are in the INTERNET AGE , " News " travels faster than a speeding bullet , thus there are so many things , that need to CHANGE ! It comes as no surprise to anyone that " Lawyers " are sticking their nose into every facit of Sport , endeavouring to overturn ANYTHING that their clients feel likely to restrict freedom to BEND THE RULES "!


New Constitution .

Independent UCI Anti Doping Unit .

Reactivate the UCIIC .

Instituting a NEW Internal Audit Team .

Replacement of the entire UCI Legal Department , through their conivance at BENDING the UCI Constitution to fit the wishes of the departing President , who drew a Salary to PRESERVE that Constitution.

Reinstitution of the New Zealand Womens Tour in 2014 , cancelled in 2013 by " Meddling & Incompetent UCI decisons . Expsansion of the Womens Pro Tour Calender to bring back Races lost through the Incompetence of those involved in the period upto 2013 .

Invoice phat for the UCI Expenditures created by his decision to treat the UCI finances as his Personal piggybank for his nefarious activities .

Create an Advisory Board composed of Team Owners , Retired Racers & Current Racers , to SPEED the implementation of Reforms in the Cycling Programs for both Womens & Mens Road Racing & other disciplines . Additional input from Paralympian Athletes , both Present & Past Athletes and Organisers.

Recognition of those creating the environment to allow Change to occur .

Removal by the IOC of the Membership that was awarded to the former President , thus avoiding further threats of Blackmail to the Sport of Cycling . Was pleasantly surprised to read Monday that the IOC , had already acted !

Below are an expansion of my views on the bullet points above :

Personally i should like to see the UCI create a constitution that is presented in the New Year , perhaps in Advance of the 2014 Tour Down Under , thus those already headed to the event , will save UCI some hefty additional expenses . In that Constitution i would state that there be 4 Vice Presidents , with ONE being elected each year at Congress , thus in 2014 , we see an addition , sorry but in 2015 , one of the three  appointed today will be seeking re election , and so forth . The Post of President in my version of the NEW Constitution can ONLY be filled by stepping up from the Vice President Position and will be ONLY for a fixed period of 4 Years , but allowing 2 extentions of 2 years , thus a maximum period in Presidential Office of 8 years . This will allow the BEST of the UCI Personnel to advance to the VP job but then have the " on the job training " necessary , even if for only one year ?

The New VP could be well employed , in running an " oversight " section , to assist the INDEPENDENT UCI ANTI DOPING UNIT ? When a Racer tests " positive " to a banned/prohibited product there should be NO DISPUTE . i want to see the 4 year Sanction that was discussed YEARS BACK ! This idea that it be changed in 2015 by WADA , is far too vague ! Having forgotten the Paralympians , it may well be that a VP-Paralympics may be required as a full time post ?

Watching today's news i see reports that University Students are utilising a " Prescription Drug " to improve their " Mental Capacities " in Study ! Yes , at Oxford , Academics claim that "  Modafinol " helps them to meet their WorkLoad ? Whilst living in the Oxford Area i rode " Chaingang " with many in the University Cycling Club , who were competing in not only Uni Cycle Races , but National Competitions of Various Countries ! Ladies from the USA , guys from Germany , as well as various parts of the UK ! Was this "Doping Product ",  on the WADA control list ?

From the above , you will see that WADA , has to oversee the various World Wide Countries ADA Programs ! There is a " catch all clause " in the WADA Code , that BANS " PEDs " , that they do not know of at the moment . It is a matter of universal knowledge that the " Blood Passport " has closed the RAMPANT DOPING , that previously existed . Nowadays the " micro dosing " , by Athletes in ALL SPORTS , appears to be the way to go . Regretably the likes of Mike Ashenden , have had to leave UCI due to the desire to impose " Banning of Info sharing " !  That appears to be a KIND way to describe what the Old UCI Management had attempted to do with the NEW Employment Contracts they imposed !

UCI Inspectors attempt to do a good job , but they only Administer the tests that their Superiors provide ! It is well known that the UCI Inspectors were not allowed to test for " EPO " at the Tour of Cal , in fact the whole Cycling World knew this fact , well before the Race started . What other PED products were they not allowed to test ?  In setting up the Blood Passport , Anne Gripper , an Aussie , was involved ,she returned to Oz but one wonders IF she can be tempted to create the INDEPENDENT UCI ANTI DOPING UNIT that Brian Cookson has espoused ?

Since the UCIIC was shut down at the end of January 2013 , i have seen @tanni_gt  refer to the doings of the UCI . She , together with her 2 Colleagues , decided to do the " Independent Job " , they were contracted for , irrespective of the " Golden Handcuffs " , that phat the rat and his lawyer buddies attempted to impose ! Having called off the UCIIC investigation , contrary to the wishes of the rest of the UCI Management Team , phat the rat , should be required to stump up the reported costs of CHF500k , take it out of his Retirement package , Brian !

Not being a UCI insider , i have no idea of the Accounting Principles that guide the Organisation . My experience of Accounting was with multi Nationals , where i was involved in constructing the future wishes of Management . Starting with Annual Budgets , they projected GROWTH over 5 & 10 year periods ! At the present , each September , Pro World Teams render Accounting Info to the UCI for the Next Season , together with other reports to justify their Status ! Last year we saw Katusha , the Russians , on the phat " sh#t list being told in one report they were GRANTED Pro World Status , then weeks later being told they were " Unethical " based on the same Documents ! Time the UCI started to THINK GROWTH , require the Pro World Teams to think FORWARD !

Jon Vaughters , that well known former Cycle Racer & professed " Doper "in the peloton , is OWNER of Garmin Team and studying the MBA , thus familiar with most of WHAT the UCI currently require . It would not be difficult for him to PROJECT an Annual Budget out to 5 or even 10 years ? Surely the other Teams are able to realise that " Living hand to mouth " is not an acceptable way to run ANY Business , let alone an Enterprise requiring upto 30 Racers and possibly as many support personnel ? Would ANY of their Sponsors be allowed to run their business in quite the same manner ? I doubt that many Pro World Teams would allow themselves to be fooled into taking Sponsorship from the neighbourhood Cycle Shop ?

In the run up to the UCI Presidential Election , there were many contributors to the phat's downfall ! He did most of the work , paid a " Media Savvy outfit " , recruited a fellow by the name of brown , who appears to be keeping the " Kimmage Funds " out of the reach of the rightful owners , bamboozelled the staff of UCI  at Aigle into acting against the best interests of the Organisation and fell out of bed each morning without a clue as to how to best serve the interests of the UCI Stakeholders ! Even after asking the Stakeholders to complete a " Survey " he still carried on in a manner calculated to turn people , who would choose to support him , into disappointed people ? Contrast this with Brian Cookson , who went on a worldwide trip to LISTEN to the views of as many Cycling Feds as possible . Yes , it cost British Cycling money , BUT , they decided to invest in this , rather unlike phat's manner of RAIDING the UCI Coffers ?

With ALL of the players from a significant cross section of the Sporting World , came many Useful and Logical Ideas ! Jaimie Fuller as CEO of Skins has not only created " Change Cycling Now " , but , recently presented a document to the IOC , which in the fulness of time , will wake up the " OLD FOGIES CLUB " ! I think that Ben Johnson , 25 years later , has made a valid point about the extent that " Doping " has grown since he was ejected from the Olympic Games in 1988 ! Since the " Donati Report " , which detailed activities upto 2006 , significant events have occured , that have caused WADA to adjust their requirements for the period beginning 2015 ! Since the document has been distributed for " Consultation " , there is CERTAINTY that " Doping Fraudsters " are already hunting out the schemes that will assist their continuing FRAUDS !

CCN brought together Greg LeMond , retired race cyclist  & Paul Kimmage , anti doping author , amongst many of the contributors . In seeking re election phat complied with the UCI Constitution initially , in that he sought the aid of the Irish Fed. . Luckily the AGM was deficient and thus @moran_anto , resigned and brought about an EGM , which rejected the Nomination . Over the years since departing the UCI , Mike Ashenden , has had cause to introduce expert commentary in respect of the UCI 's dealings in the " Anti Doping Field . When phat was first appointed to the UCI Presidency , it came about in a contest with Sylvia Schenke , regretably in losing , she found her UCI position untenable and resigned .

Already , i have Tweeted @cooksonforuci with the suggestion of an " Advisory Board  " that could work through a huge amount of Ideas to present to Tracey Gaudry :

New UCI chief Brian Cookson names 3 VPs via Now he needs to ADD Advisory board with LeMond,Moran & Schenke!

Suggest Advisory Board including and a few current road racers for ?

In addition to these notables , i suggest several Womens Team Owners , such as Krysty Scrimageur , Rochelle Gilmour , Former Racers such as Sara Carrigan & Nicole Cooke and current racers such as Marianne Vos & Bridie O'donnell .

From the Mens Teams , i would think of Jon Vaughters & Sir David brailsford as Team Manager/Owners , Former Racers such as , don't laugh , Lance Armstrong & Jan Ulrich , current Racers such as Dave Martin & Simon Gerrans .

There would also be a need for MTB & CycloCross Racers to be represented , but i am unfamiliar with those Sports , thus disinclined to add comment .

In reading the Tweets of Colin Lynch , @TTworldchamp , i realised thast i was concentrating on the Olympic Side of the UCI to the exclusion of those in the Paralympic Side ! Apologies to those of the Paralympic movement for neglecting the EQUALITY they are DUE !

All of these people selected for an " Advisory Board " would be able to address their Ideas using Multi Media links rather than Formal face to face meetings . It would be of great benefit to Cycling Sport to have the " Stakeholders Report " re introduced for inspection , since phat seems to have chosen ONLY the parts that suited his purpose  , to be made public at UCI Management Meetings ? I feel sure that the UCI would have demonstrated good sense in keeping record of " My responses "?

Truth & Reconciliation has become another point of consideration in recent days , that is why i included Lance & Jan in  the ideas for an Advisory Board . In the past couple of years i have proposed a number of " Petitions " , each of them were ignored , but surely with a change of wording the terms i have suggested may have some relevance to what the UCI would wish to achieve ?

UNION of Cyclists International: SACK the Current President , p mc quaid & Honorary President h verbruggen

Office of the Governor General of Australia: Create the means for a " Sports amnesty " in Australia .

Wada: Create an " AMNESTY in ALL SPORTS "!

THERE is far more that could be added by those reading these musings ?


This is what i posted to Facebook , after reading the latest Velonews item :


  "  GOOD Start ! Now add an Advisory Board that includes @GregLemond @jaimiefuller @moran_anto @Tanni_GT and a variety of CURRENT Racers from Road Race & Mtb , as well as retirees such as Nicole Cooke , Krysty Scrimageur and Rochelle Gilmour who are engaged in Team Management !

With @gaudryt's race experience and Admin Experience as the CEO of Amy Gillett Foundation , we will see Womens Cycling get a JUMP START !

NEEDED Urgently is the IMMEDIATE RESTART of the UCIIC , @tanni_gt will no doubt be excited to finish the work that phat the rat tried to stall !

Cookson needs to terminate the UCI Legal (dirty tricks inc) Dept on MONDAY ! If he installed Sylvia Schenk there would be an immediate boost in the transparency that the Sport needs !

Anna Gripper needs to be installed as the Head of the NEW INDEPENDENT ANTI DOPING UNIT , with her previous expertise , she will be able to call on the resources and experience of Mike Ashenden to IMPROVE Testing Procedures and wipe the SMUG FACETIOUS Attitudes of current DOPING RACERS ! YES , they are still there " micro dosing " there way onto the podium !

Monday Cookson needs to discover WHICH DRAWER , that phat the rat used to hide the UNPUBLISHED SANCTIONS from the 100th Le Tour ( you know , the only one they had NO RACER keen to increase their career options ) and of course the recent AMAZING VUELTA !

My Comment to INRNG :

Skippy September 27, 2013 at 4:20 pm
Having stumbled across the finish line , Cookson will have to ACT Resolutely to clean up the mess that phat the rat will lay at his feet , we can expect a huge pile of grief to flow from today’s event !
When a lawyer is flown in from Geneva , at UCI Expense , it is clear that the UCI Administration is in need of NEW GUIDELINES ! From today , a new ETHICS Committee is needed and a NEW SET OF INTERNAL AUDITORS ! Should ANY of the expenditures over the past 12 months prove to be ethical within the UCI Constitution , then THAT CONSTITUTION needs to be REWRITTEN ! Since when has Cycling had to pay for INCOMPETENCE & CRONYISM ? Even employing fraudsters is not part of the UCI Mandate ! Should that turkey , that created the Kimmage Fund , have been employed/paid by the UCI then those responsible shouls be getting a DCM !
With most Major News Networks broadcasting up until Midday about this Election , there will be Media Scrutiny as never before . Cookson CANNOT do all expected of HIM , but he can DELEGATE and ascertain that as many of his Campaign Promises are introduced expeditiously !
One thing i would like to see , is Cookson create the basis for ALL Teams to put together 5 year & 10 year Budgets ! Surely even HE will recognise the need for ALL in the SPORT to be able to follow a plan ? If individual Athletes prepare for their NEXT Olympics as they finish the current Events , then surely the Sport can do likewise ?
Doubt that Dame TanniGrey would refuse to join the other UCIIC members in beginning work on the long overdue Commission ?
People need to realise that @jaimiefuller & @moran_anto are responsible for our good fortune , without their tenacity , we would still be seeing phat the rat , sharpening his knives , as he prepared to enter a new era of diminishing the future of CYCLING SPORT ! What a shame phat was not an ethical japanese noble ? No doubt in the rear future , we will see him behaving with even more futility as he scrabbles for a semblence of dignity in the mire he has created ?
Copy of a section of Podium Cafe :
Cycling is pretty healthy right now. And I hear 1941 was a good year for Chianti. Not all related items are actually caused by one another.
- Skirted the anti-apartheid boycott by racing in South Africa under an assumed name. Got caught and was banned from 1976 Olympics.
- Got ushered into the UCI presidency by Hein Verbruggen, that paragon of virtue.
- Took on the organizers of the grand tours, particularly Amaury Sports Organization, during the creation of the Pro Tour, over the issue of granting Pro Tour teams automatic invitations. Got his clock cleaned.
- Took on Dick Pound of the WADA, because it was time to stand up to the doping controllers.
- Ushered Lance Armstrong out the door after his confession, a few months before reports emerged of his efforts in helping conceal Armstrong's past positive tests.
- Sued journalist and ex-cyclist Paul Kimmage for being right about everything.
This is the short list. Feel free to add to it, or not.
Another newspaper's perspective on Cookson's election :  Irish Examiner !

More comments already in play , will be added later !