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Dec 5, 2012

ROME BURNING ? Nero ( phat ) tinkering !

Searching for the life lines , phat is now canvassing for assistance to create a NEW Version of " Cycling's bright future " ! As those that visit here regularly , i like to predict future events .  Yesterday morning after seeing several News networks carrying stories relating to " " and Greg LeMond being pressured into making a run for UCI President , i commented to an article i read , that phat would try to reclaim the headlines . Seems he did call a pressie , but , nobody important , seems to have reported this event , yawn , although Cyclingnews Forum started a thread .

During November , Skins the Compression clothing Company , issued actions against UCI , claiming damages of US$2M !  Following up on this Jaime Fuller created an opportunity for Stakeholders to meet in London last weekend . Out of this meeting of notable personalities , including Former Racers , Journalists , Cycling Personalities , etc , came a " Charter of the Willing ", link here :

Jaime Fuller was successful in gathering a number of " Cycling VIP's " that attracted the media's interest thus at the conclusion Monday Night the Cameras and Sporting Commentators had a worthwhile story to run with on Tuesday . When the likes of the Aljazeera Network get involved , it is either a " Slow News Day " or the story is worthwhile . Before starting this post i looked at the website ( ) and saw that 2338 had joined the petition , i had signed in around the 400 mark , so was pleased to see that " CCN " had attracted further interest . Contrast this with my petitions advocating much of the same message , but so far ignored : …
& …

UCI Management is currently creating difficulties for Professional Teams because they insist on waiting until 10th December to announce the final Pro World Teams . Can you imagine the dfifficulties that Sponsors , the Life Blood of the Cycling Industry , are suffering ? Teams cannot get their Uniforms made , let alone book Flights , Accomodation and Events ! Can you think of any other Industry that suffers this scale of disorganisation ?  Unbelievably a Racer has come out with comment on this pathetic affair :

OMERTA is the " Hot Subject " amongst the Tifosi/fans , and there has been deafening silence from Racers about the outcomes from the " USADA Reasoned Decision " . So for a French Racer to blog about UCI causing his Team and thus himself " difficulties " , takes a great deal of courage .  Further evidence of a Racers frustration comes with the disclosure of the preference for another " Ranking System : "       The Frenchman noted that within the peloton, riders place greater store on the rankings compiled by cqranking.comthan on the WorldTour standings, where “a leader like Thomas Voeckler doesn’t feature and only a minority of races are counted.”

 Jérémy Roy’s FDJ team has been down this path in previous years . I have always thought that this team was one of the more worthwhile and successful teams , could be that Brad Mc Gee , being an Aussie on this Team from my first meeting him in Rome in 2000 , has biased my thinking . Many's the time Jeremy would call to the Aussies , " your grandfather is here " , as i arrived at the team vehicles or Hotel . One wonders if , in highlighting these difficulties , FDJ Team , will find itself in the Pro Conti level next season ? Would be the petty way , phat reacts to criticism , as seen by the treatment of Boyer . 

During the " CCN Meeting " , it was revealed that Eric Boyer , a previous holder of the job , Jon Vaughters currently holds until march , contacted phat . In his position as President of the Teams Association and received a Strong Rebuke and threats of Adverse Action against him !  Eric Boyer reveals that "UCI "is controlling Cycling in the most cynical way possible ! Following the same tactics over the last 20+ years it has caused ALL the problems that are now coming home to roost ! 

 This quote from a member of the " CCN Meeting " : " When you hear Eric Boyer, say what he said just now, that he rings the UCI on Lance Armstrong’s return, if I heard him correctly , and says I have a problem as head of the teams, with a guy coming back who has not been part of our biological scheme who can come back when we don’t know what his blood values are for the last three months " . And for asking that question he gets bullied by the head of the UCI. That’s frightening. Can you see the UCI reforming? Of course it can. Can it reform with Pat McQuaid as the President? That reform would have no credibility !  When the President of the " UCI " behaves like this , one wonders if this is not a Criminal Act of Conspiracy "?

Earlier in the year it was reported that in 2011 , the " Honourary president for Life of UCI ", one known as heinous , said the following :   

   Verbruggen said :  " 'J'ai les moyens de vous faire un coureur positif quand je veux...' (french ) ! translates as :
'I have the means to make you a rider positive when I want to'

Is this not also a threat of Conspiracy ?

How much evidence do the Swiss Authorities require to act against these " poor examples of Humanity "? The action begun by Paul Kimmage , must be reaching the point where the Swiss decide , what they propose to do with the information passed to them in November ?

Amusing to see that there are facial similarities between Greg & heinous ? World of difference in their mindset , however !  Greg is reluctant to get involved for longer than is necessary to find the " More suitable Candidate " , whilst heinous , is clinging to his " honourary Presidency "!

Occasionally we hear of people asking " WHY the Hurry "?

Fact is that " SPONSORS " deserve better , RABOBANK is a long time Sponsor and has chosen to walk away .


NB posted a comment several times to the Cyclingnews Article :

Love to know why David Benson did not publish this :

 " What is wrong with it , that you do not publish ?
 Why the censorship ?
 My comment :Boyer reveals that "UCI "is controlling Cycling in the most cynical way possible ! Following the same tactics over the last 20+ years it has caused ALL the problems that are now coming home to roost !

Media hacks , with very few exceptions , toed the line knowing that their jobs depended on access . Shame they are only now awakening to the power that they can exert . Will they utilise this power , to cause the phats of aigle to quit the scene , without the whole Cycling Industry being thrown into disarray ?

Amusing to see that there are facial similarities between Greg & heinous ? World of difference in their mindset however !

Get to " " , join the 1925+ already signed on and record your disgust of the current mismanagement tactics of the phats of aigle !

take a look at the following petitions , every little helps to toss the trash out of our SPORT ! …
& …


Could it be that he is biased against Dublin born Aussies ? Joking of course !

These comments did get published  amongst others :
Andrew Smith22 hours ago
Igor Makarov or Tchmil? Why the hell would they be next in line for President of the UCI?
ProfTournesol13 hours ago
Andrew surely you weren't expecting democracy from the UCI? It's more like an old boys club where the Presidency is passed from one crony to the next behind a veneer of democracy

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