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Jan 10, 2011


Fatty as good as his word went to Livestrong and got answers !

Cycling News Forum as is their way have been "Lance Bashing" to the point that if "Sports Illustrated's Article" does not come out this week they may well starve to death regurgitating the innuendo and rumour that they have been feeding on the past week since i saw reference to them in "Fatty's comments".

Posted to their thread last week and got a few laughs at their expense, being thick skinned, they can say what they like ! Never considered my opinion was worth much, i prefer to let the pedals do the work.

Posted advice on cnf , that Fatty's latest posting was up and so as to avail themselves of the facts they should visit. Not sure how long it was available there but a "moderator( read buddy)" stepped in and removed the entry as you can see from visiting the link. Did suggest that the "moderator" was working with a mushroom farm and if the financial figures provided by Livestrong were too difficult then they could resort to counting on their fingers and toes !

Posted to Fatty's comment this AM mentioning this fact and was pleased to see i am not the onlt person with a dim view of their efforts at entertaining each other. The moderator removed another entry posted at the same time and castigated me for their inability to see both made before their awareness of my entries. That "race radio" goes on Fatcyclist with another neme was highlighted by several other commenters. Will post links of examples of it's duplicity as time allows. The bully boys obviously know they are repellent examples of humanity and thus hide behind sundry aliases

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  1. Skippy, you live/lead a full, rich life. The agitators on that sick forum have lives that are sorely lacking in depth. The anonymity of the net makes them brave beyond their wildest dreams. It's the only place they can feel in control.