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Oct 10, 2012


David Walsh a respected long term Anti Doping Journalist tweeted the following this morn :

USADA report on Armstrong and US Postal doping will be with UCI today (Wed). Verbruggen and McQuaid can hardly wait to read it.

This is the  10th October and thus 5 days less suspense , one hopes !

" Poopoo's ( clinic regular ) response to this news :

He suggested that people were already queuing for the court seats !

Later in the day , this tweet arrived :

USADA has written a summary, circa 200 pages, that will be available to public. Perhaps some time today. Thousands of pages in full report.

Meanwhile in order to pass the time , those on CNF clinic posted this gem , relating to Lance's Business activities !

It has been rumoured that Lance is now worth between $US80 & 125 M , not all from cycling obviously . It would explain why so many are after him , plain jealousy if nothing else . George Hincapie another of their targets is reputed to be worth $US 40+M , not bad for being a loyal lieutenant ? Could explain why those of the " whistleblowing ilk " are so busy looking for any opportunity to enrich themselves 

With the disclosure of the USADA report , i am sure that the various Cycling Forums will move into Overdrive and staying abreast of their additional disclosures , will become nigh impossible ! During the past days we have seen Mike Ashenden release his take on some data that was in the public domain :

One of the cartoons appearing from this discussion :

Another item that came to light :

The author website/blog of this cartoon , was one of those not threatened by UCI , when they chose to act against Paul Kimmage . No doubt they will bring forth another cartoon pampooning the " prats of aigle " !

Presently the US Public is not as aware of the debate on Lance's Legacy as it could become , but the following extract will enlighten those who are on the sidelines at present :
This tells me two things:
(1) Team Dopestrong will say anything--no matter how goofy--to defend Lance; and
(2) This is the best Team Dopestrong can come up with.

This line of argument is disingenuous and stupid at the same time. Is Lance's target audience easily deceived morons?
Yes is the answer to all your questions. As much as it's stupid to you and me, it's the right thing to do for team Dopestrong. This is not about cycling any more than Livestrong is about cancer research. It's about deceiving customers to keep them loyal to the brand and keep opening their wallets.

Beyond this (short term) USADA case it's all about Livestrong, the customer (sucked in via and the Lance endorsed brands. That's the guy/girl they need to keep loyal, and that's why Lance is still pony trotting around. And why he needs a sports event series to keep the brand alive beyond this "short term problem".

This Livestrong (and endorsed brand) customer is currently getting totally confused with what's in the news about Lance:

"Wow, did he really dope? Surely it's a witch hunt? Are any of these USADA allegations new? It's old stuff isn't it? Does it matter? But he's still doing the triathlons...? **** it's confusing! What, you are now telling me USADA is hiring big time tobacco lawyers?... That explains it... It's big dirty business Goliath trying to kill my little David cancer Jesus Messiah...."

All part of the game plan to keep the Livestrong (and endorsed brand) customer confused, ease him/her through this "noisy news time" by distracting the media signal. A new story angle every week, keeping interest up but reinforcing the same core message.

Expect more to come in the weeks ahead. All variations on a theme.

As much as this is all very interesting, what we need for cycling is a remaining focus on UCI complicity, and a cleaning up of UCI, so we can get back to enjoy watching our sport as we once did.

The day of reckoning is nigh and has been a long time in the waiting, but need to stay focused on what we want for the day after. A clean cycling administered by a competent sports administration..."

More of these comments can be found endorsing the " Unfair to Lance " and " Ban Him " attitudes .

UCI by releasing last week , their success against flandis in the Aigle court , has spawned a multitude of the following comments : 

"... is forbidden for him to say that the UCI, McQuaid and Verbruggen “have concealed cases of doping,
... have accepted bribes, are corrupt, ... are clowns,... are liars,
... or to make any similar other allegations of that kind.”

202 PAGES have been released by USADA !   for more visit 

" Courageous Ladies on

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