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Jun 16, 2013

And 6 Months LATER ? NOTHING ?

LAME DUCK President Obama , has seen about 5000 more US Citizens slaughtered as Congress refuses to assist in the means to introduce " Gun Control "! These past few days have seen the Citizens of Newtown , read the names of those lost through " Gun related Violence ", including TOO MANY Law Enforcement Personnel !

 There was some talk of the President issuing " Executive Orders " to achieve some of the necessary changes in the US Gun Culture . Not being a US Citizen , thus at risk , i have not been following the daily reports in tthe Media . However European News Reports contain enough Horror stories of Children killing their siblings and reports of Gun Merchants creating Weapons exclusively for the use of minors , to yet a general sense of the CHAOS that currently exists in the USA !

Six months ago i wrote this blog :;postID=7538911181675643071;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=14;src=postname

 After viewing the Sandy Hook Massacre and then seeing a " Shamefaced President " , quite obviously distressed with Powerful Emotions . Was he aware then , of how powerless , his actions were going to be ?

A week later i followed up with this post :

During that week the Media was full of the rhetoric of both sides of " Gun Control Issues " , indeed the NRA  people were shown up for what they are , totally uninterested in the WELFARE , of any but the shareholders of the Weapons manufacturers . Would it be needed for their Loved Ones to be VICTIMS of Gun Violence  , for them to see ANYONEELSE'S point of view ? Sad if that is the situation needed .

During January 2013 it became clear that the President would need to use " Executive Orders " to install some legislative changes in " Gun Control Issues " , not sure what came of those actions , but here is link to my blogpost :;postID=1752484819829750215;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=11;src=postname

THis post was the result of the Boston Marathon Massacre :;postID=3044177461150983061;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=2;src=postname

Still awaiting the Congress to ACT ?

Don't hold your breathe ! With the Mid Term Elections looming , and the costs of " posturing & preening , these days , YOUR beloved Candidates are oNCE AGAIN queueing for the dollars at the doors of the " DEATH MERCHANTS "!

The NRA !

President Obama appears to be reeling from one crisis to another at present , so i hope whilst he is in Northern Ireland , this week , he will reflect on the fact that , giving a Presidential Medal , Postumously to a Sandy Hook Teacher's Family , in no way mitigates their loss ! Good Intentions , though they may be , are nothing in the face of the EVIL , that uncontrolled Gun Ownership can inflict on the  undeserving VICTIMS in every type of Community in the USA .

DURING this same period , Cycling Sport has been subjected to CHANGE of a sort . We have seen the Oprah Interview Farce and as a side show the goings on at the UCI . Yesterday 15th June , in Dublin , phat mc quaid , was told by his Homeland Cycling Federation , that he is UNWORTHY of their continued support . As he seeks the 3rd , four year term in office as President of the UCI , he followed his previous path to Cycling Ireland , seeking the nomination . Due to a procedural defect , the original nomination was withdrawn , but an Extraordinary General Meeting was set in process , thus allowing the Total Irish cycling Community to intruct their Club Committees in how THEY wished their views be made known .

The EGM resulted in a refusal to Nominate , but whilst this result may look close , of the 70+ votes for phat , many were from delegates , with the right to make 2 votes . In a democracy , it is usually one man/club , one vote , but the C.I. constitution , like so many other Cycling Federations , contain anomalies that allow the "Old guard " to protect their overbloated opinion of their worth ,  Thanks to the hard work of the few , with the " Interests of the Many " in mind , the previously unassailabe ramparts , were thrown down .

Especial thanks to Anto Moran;postID=3433698163327643313;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=1;src=postname
 for having the COURAGE to go the EXTRA Mile also Colin Mc Grane , who instigated the call for the EGM ! Let's hope OTHER NAT. FED:s have similar courageous individuals ?

National Cycling Federations need to take note of this result , since there are many people out there thinking of their OWN Interests rather than those of their members . There is prestige in being a member of a Nat. Fed. , BUT , disregard YOUR Members , at YOUR PERIL !

Presently , there is now a " Two Horse Race " , both are long serving Members of the UCI Hierachy , thus will turn to those others of the 42 " Voting Delegates " for their support , to fulfill their aspirations . each has been reported as using OUTSIDE PR Organisations . WHO is paying for these EXTRA sources of assistance ? Why , when ONLY 42 delegates , can cast a VOTE , is it necessary to expend vast sums of money , even if it comes out of THEIR OWN POCKET ? That's a LAUGH , is it not ? 

WHAT IS NEEDED IS A NEW FACE , devoid of prior history and ambitions , perhaps so naive that there are no favours to be returned !

Not knowing much of this person , i would assume that , as a Mother with a young family , living in Australia and heading up an Important Foundation , Tracey Gaudry ( @GaudryT ) , has enough on her plate . Being elected to lead the Oceania Division of UCI in the past few months , she will have only recently been involved with the other 42 Voting Delegates . As a woman , she will have ideas about Women's Cycling , thus would have been quized by those interested in her views . With her attendence at Bergen , these past few days , there would have been the inevitable social gatherings , and as bees seek pollen , she would have found herself surrounded by the majority of the male delegates , seeking the views of a new member of their fraternity . 

Reports have been flying in Forums of a " Report " being introduced at this UCI Meeting from the USA , as well as a " Motion of NO CONFIDENCE in the UCI President " ! Currently , none of these items have found their way into the Media , but they will surface , eventually .

Today UCI has a " lame duck President " , who in recent days has disparaged ALL around him , thinking he is sounding " Presidential "!  phat , you have got to be kidding ! SHOULD you survive , into a 3rd term as President , WHO is going to work with you ?

If i was the UCI Admin Manager , and had the Power , i would be emptying phat's desk and changing the locks , so as to avoid ANYMORE damage , that is about to result from the next months of this wounded critter lashing out at ANY that stand in his way forward . The Media are going to be treated to a talkfest , with previously prohibited journos , now being sought so as to gain " Headlines " , in  fact any advantage good or bad , as long as it gets before the public .

Back in april i posted this item :

Since then many others have relayed much of the same , the process of ridding Cycling of this absurb buffoon , is still months from conclusion .

LET'S ALL , give @GaudryT , a wake up call ! Cycling NEEDS YOU , a woman with the ability to swing the BROOM through Aigle , thus giving it a Spring Clean and NEW START !

CYCLING NEEDS A BRIGHT FUTURE , you TRACEY are the person for that JOB !

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