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Jan 19, 2014


Universal need for Cyclists to be treated with more CARE !

Would YOU pass a car in the way you pass a Cyclist ? Barely scraping past and then closing their piece of road ?

Of course you wouldn't if it risked damaging YOUR bodywork ! YET , so many motorists , think NOTHING of hospitalising a Cyclist and then disappearing off the scene , leaving an injured CYCLIST , to DIE ! Too many recent headlines in so many English speaking countries feature " COWARD PASS " , the NEW SPORT that Motorists appear to be currently enamoured with ?

With my suggestions to

there was a repeat of their contact in

yeah well , their greeting was a beauty :  " Greetings, 'straya!"

Looking forward to seeing MORE Cycling Safety Org.s form a  " Coalition of the WILLING " !

In posting to the facebook page i found no " Photo " access , so here are the photos that i think would better serve their purpose than the " 1M " posted by " icame isawi "   in the 1st week received a few " LIKE " but the past week has been largely ignored !
has ALSO seen little action of late !

Each effort to SAVE CYCLISTS from Grief on the roads , deserve support ! Whether YOU live in New Zealand (  ), South Africa (  ROAD TRAFFIC (OVERTAKING BICYCLES) AMENDMENT BILL 2013  ) , USA  (  ) , Canada , Oz  (  ) or UK  (  ), YOU are on 2 wheels and subject to the " whims " of the passing traffic !

Friday i was BUSSED with mm.s to spare ! The 60 seater turned onto the exit lane , less than 100m in front of me , so i followed him . Before he could open his Bus Door , i was there waiting to ask HIM & his pasengers for an explanation . As he exited the empty bus , he told me " SMIDSY , i didn't see you ( no sorry) " , with the arrogance of a Nazi storm trooper ! Pushing me out of his way , to get to the supermarket, for whatever ? No witnesses so no hope of action !

Typical all over the world response , " I AM BIGGER THAN you "!

A hugh success came in 2013 , when @SafeCylingOz made the effort to create a Petition , that saw the Queensland Government create " Safe Pass Legislation " for 1M in areas under 60kph and 1 1/2M SAFE Pass in areas where speeds are over 60kph !

This past week has seen  enjoy HUGE Success in the MainStream Media !  Numerous Front Page articles in Broadsheet Newspapers , on Radio Drive Time programmes and other Media outlets !

Part of the reson has been their reminding the Politicians of the 1999 guidelines WHEN " Fixed Penalty Notices " first were issued !


In the USA , many States in 2013 , legislated 1M
"Safe Pass Laws "! In addition to Portland , Oregon
reporting a " Zero Cyclist Death Toll " , New York City has Created a Zero Death Vision Campaign " ,
NOW , San Francisco has joined , with their OWN!

Should it be necessary for Politicians , to lose Family Members ,
 before THEY decide to ACT ?

Numerous Media Articles , have been released recently , in Australasia & USA , with Families APPEALING for " motorists " to ACT MORE RESPONSIBLY when near CYCLISTS !

This CAmpaign came about due to a NEEDLESS
Personal Tragedy :

Which alerted me to this Article about " Hope Fennell "!

CAN ANYONE BELIEVE that Politicians care about Vulnerable Road Users , after reading this item ?

This Driver will be " licenced to KILL AGAIN " in Feb 2014 ! The Family of Hope , are SENTENCED to LIFE without HER !

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