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May 14, 2014


17 days ago i departed my Austrian residence on the way to the " Tour de Romandie " and Giro d'Italia .
Yet even before i was through Brixlegg i was subjected to an example of Austrian Traffic Violence . As i was about 30M from the giveway line on the " Alpbach Roundabout " on the B171 , i had a 4x4 come alongside, no doubt thinking i would VANISH?

With no traffic in the roundabout  i was able to continue through , though the 4x4 had to slow , but within 100M he was alongside once again , hurling " Dialect german  " through the passenger window . Not content with mee ignoring him , he narrowed the space of less than 1/2M , which was the " dooring zone " to the point where i had to jam on the brakes to avoid touching his vehicle . Luckily i did this , as he was towing a
trailor , which had i continued at the same speed would have hit me , as it was wider than the vehicle . It appears that this behaviour is covered under " Para 89 of the Austrian Justice code " , yet when i tried to report this to the Strass Polizei Post , they told me that i would have to wait several hours until an interpreter became available .

As the weather was iffy and already drizzling and the plan was to ride to Feldkirch that day , i asked they copy the page with the written detail i supplied . It finished up with me leaving both items with them , since i had already lost 15+ minutes and was losing the argument . Doubt that any there would consider riding a bike to Schwaz , let alone to the Swiss Border ?  As promised them , i called into the " Richter Office " in Schwaz where i was advised to address the matter on return to the Tirol .  After a visit to " Pro Bike " who had supplied a Cycling Suit last month and pumping the Tyres i headed into Innsbruck and the OSV for a much needed Coffee Break . Several of the Austrian Ski Hierachy are keen Cyclists with " Marco Pantani Marque " bikes .

Having arrived in Feldkirch earlier than anticipated , i decided to press on for the San Bernadino Pass and Bellinzona . Arriving near Thusis in sleeting weather , i was happy to accept a lift from a Local , who even provided refreshment in a Cafe along the way . Depositing me at the south end of the San B. tunnel in near freezing weather , i was extrememly careful in the corners as i descended . As it was the rear twitched a few times , which on an evening where there was no traffic , did little for my confidence . Would not have liked to be found as an icikle in the morning .

 The previous week i had a blowout as i descended from Brontonico Finish of the Giro del Trentino , to Mori with plenty of traffic competing to get past . That puncturewas likely caused by my hitting a kerbside pothole as an impatient " Accredited Motorcycle BASTARD " blew by !   When the RACE is over , the road reverts to COMMON USE with the Italian Road Code being applicable . Something which i reinforced the next morning as i passed out the " 1 1/2M Placard ( Italian version ) to ALL . Since the Mori Commune were kind enough to print 50+ , even the Market stalls got a copy .

With the descent to Bellinzona taking about 50Km , i arrived about 2100hrs , well after dark and set about finding the Ostello and a HOT Shower to warm the bod . Another shared room with a couple of people that think imitating the farmyard noises entertains the others sharing . When will people learn that alcohol and sleeping flat on the back is a choice better served by taking a single room ?

Tuesday dawned bright and clear , so the ride to Ascona passed quickly . Rode the course with several of the Racers and enjoyed chats with others . About 1600hrs whilst chatting with Jens Voight ,
we were informed that the next days race was reduced to the Swiss section since there was snow on the Simplon Pass . With this news , i set out immediately to ride through and because the heavy clouds were threatening a major dump . The road was a nightmare , 20% climbs near tthe outset and narrow windy roads through tunnels with " No Cycling " signs , competing with Italian Drivers who were rushing home , intent on beating their " Strava record "?

At the top of the Simplon the snow had started to fall but i doubt that a heavy fall would have occured . The views over Swiss countryside were spectacular even though the gloom detracted from the enjoyment . With road works and a broken up road and the impatient drivers , it is not a road that you can enjoy riding .

Sion has an Ostello / YHA so i headed there for Tuesday night . Wednesday , as predicted was wet and cold so i headed for Aigle and had the hope of seeing Brian Cookson . As expected his secretary decided to run interferance . Not good since she took note of little i said , although recorded my email address . In the Cafe i passed time with a German Guy that i recognised but could not place at the time . Later a Tweet by Brian brought back the name and where we had previously met .

Whilst looking through the UCI Trackside Museum , i spotted Brian heading to the Cafe for " Elevenses ". We chatted a while , then ajourned to the Cafe where many of my ideas got an airing and Brian revealed a few that he had already exposed to the Media .  It would be fair to say that he listens a lot more than the previous occupants of his post at UCI .  More will be revealed as the " Commissions " that have been put in place , reveal their findings . Another of his Guests that day was formerly in the German Government and though i had met him at many Cycling Events , i did not get to greet him .

Whilst in Geneva i visited the Australian Mission , whose New Building sits across from the New Zealand Mission and also has enhanced security , unlike the building i visited years back , where you could just about walk in off the street .  Getting out of Geneva , i thought would be straight forward , but i was many miles down the road and suffered several rain storms before i got to Nantua and eventually to Lyon for the night at yet another YHA . thursday morning brought blue skies but as i was driven around the East & North of Paris, Monsoonal Rain hit and the exits from the Motorways became canals .

Friday morning dawned wet and windy and i Cycled in from Walton along the ITT route to Hampton Court and then through Richmond Park to the City . With necessary visits to the Bank & Oz House completed i headed to City Hall , better known as the day time kennel of Bozo !  To get into the building it is necessary to go through " Airport screening " . With my Cycling shirt loaded with a pump & coins , it was necessary to undress and remove the Cycling shoes . With 2 trays full of discarded items and the bike parked , leaning against the outside , it came as a " F##k YOU " , when i was told that i had to leave the building , find a phone and RING for an appointment with " media relations dept "!

IT appears that using an Internal phone was a step TOO FAR !  Effectively , the PUBLIC are unwelcome , unless by appointment ! So much for the " Media Savvy donkey that tries to kid Cyclists , that he is THEIR FRIEND !  On face value , there is a lot of HOT AIR that Cyclists are exposed to , but NO desire to implement those proposals . Everybody knows that David Cameron , is surrounded by Sub Machine Gun toting security at No 10 downing Street , which i saw as i rode upto that gate earlier in the day , BUT , "Lovable mop head " , aspiring to be the Prime Minister , does not come over as the " Real Deal " when surrounded by those that would prefer to disrupt/hinder rather than assist ?

With ALL that i had considered necessary done , i headed west with the intent to get as far up the road to Eire possible . Having passed through Nine Elms Junction , i was heading along the narrow Cycle lane towards Battersea Dogs Home ( used to be there ) when as i rode through a " pinch point " caused by a traffic island i got an assist from behind .  On reflection , it appears that the RED Double Decker caught the REAR Derailleur , thus propelling me clear of the kerb and dumping me on my left side on the pavement .

Whilst motionless on the ground a lady came to my side . She stated that she was a Doctor and required me to stay prone . Having done my own survey i then sat up in time to hear a man dressed in a set of overalls say , " Good you are stting up "!  Last i saw of him , but as a Police Incident Van passed , i caught their attention and one of their officers claiming Paramedic training , gave me a thorough examination and was able to give the AMBO Ladies a detailed report , when they arrived .One thing that annoyed me was the need to move the bike before i had a chance to have photos taken . As it was i used my own !  With ALL the resources that these Vans carry , WHY , is there no Video/ Camera Facilities available ?  Once again i had people tell me they saw or heard what took place , but so far all i have is a " CAD # "!

The Ambo could not carry my bike , so i declined the Hospital ride and signed the waiver . When in a previous incident during a TDF , i was parted from my bike by the French Gendarmerie , it finished up 20#km away , thus the whole day lost whilst it was located and brought to the Hospital . I was not about to risk a repeat or an even worse result , on this occasion .  The Police Van deposited me at " Apex Cycles" near Clapham Common . Whilst the Inspector Beresford and the sargeant both claim to be Cyclists , i have yet to see any indication of whether any CCTV ( if any ) resources have been scrutinised . In this day & age when the VICTIM is on their travels , one would HOPE , that Email would be the prime source of contact ?

Whilst i have rendered a variety of " comments " on the " StopKillingCyclists " Facebook page AND passed my email address any number of times , nobody , has seen fit to reply to those requests .  Many of the members of S K C have added a comment on the page , BUT , there is a great deal that needs to be done , outside the scrutiny of bystanders .

ONCE AGAIN , it would be appreciated if those asked , could render that access .

More of the events after this incident will appear in Skippi-Cyclist , but i would add now , that i continue to suffer pain and inconvenience , even though i grit my teeth and continue to ride my bike !

The level of pain & discomfort necessitated my attending A & E on Sunday Night and departing at 0530am on Monday after Xrays and other consultations .

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