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Dec 24, 2009


With it being the festive season I have been giving Skype a bit of a thrashing. Amazing to be talking at a computer and making a connection with people unseen for years. Raking over memories brings to mind old friends not thought of in years and with that visual flashbacks to where you were in those days and the weather experienced; social occasions and participants; food eaten at home, restaurants, other peoples homes whilst visiting to enjoy their hospitality . Also visitors staying through the holiday period and how they were entertained and the experiences they enjoyed particularly their youngsters. Time marches on and one wonders what life changes are coming next and what preparations need to be made to meet the challenges posed.

Each day I continue to maintain fitness levels that could be higher, by either outside walking or inside with the row machine , weights, and skipping rope. Another day passes without snow which last year was on the doorstep in late November. Not really interested in driving to the forest to find forestry roads for ski touring which are a bit isolated when there is a piste nearby. Also it is necessary to get in a few days on the farm paddock practising technique before going to steeper climbs, regardless of fitness there will always be muscles that are overlooked as you exercise. You only have to change saddles to know how the body reacts to change. As mentioned before the rear end does not like to experience long periods when introduced to a new shape.

One Christmas comes to mind,1995, I dressed in my tuxedo and skied Kitzsteinhorn on Christmas day, the ski patroller that I met at the top of the first ski T bar was amazed. Lawrence had worked down under as a ski patroller so was happy to practice his English whenever I showed up at their lunch room. Each visit was accompanied with a sample of Schnaps donated for services rendered by him and the team. Other lift workers plied me with coffee and other refreshments in their huts or control rooms at the chairlifts on a daily basis so it was an opportunity to brighten their day. Lunch that day was in the restaurant and I joined some ski instructors who regularly ate there. Well the staff were used to seeing me in the self serve so it was an occasion to be in this area. Anyway whoever picked up the bill, thank you once again . Photos of the day are in my collection but how I upload them to the computer is beyond my current expertise.

Christmases in Sydney have been at a variety of locations with on one occasion my brother visiting from Melbourne with his family . A bit of a squeeze with the two youngsters camping in the lounge. They were thrilled as youngsters are to be on the road and after leaving Sydney they were going to Queensland to visit and thrill more people with their enthusiasm. A very hot day took the party onto the balcony for the sitdown smorgesboard , another new experience for them.

Another Christmas comes to mind when I was living in a house in Sydney at Artarmon,1979, last of the single days . The morning was a run with the “Hash House Harriers” which started cloudy but warmed up with a run through the Rocks and Downtown Sydney‘s deserted streets back to the rocks before travelling back over the coat hanger (bridge ) to share Christmas with friends.

Tragedy for others interrupted one Christmas with friends as we learned of the devastation brought to Darwin by Cyclone Tracy. My friends had connections there so the news was worrisome.

I was fortunate to be at a complete family gathering in 1993 when my parents had their last Christmas as a couple. The house was crowded as six offspring and their partners and children were on hand. It was a full sitdown table laden with the best on offer in the way of food and drink. A day to be cherished.

How different each occasion can be. Each of us will have different experiences this Christmas. There are people out there who will have had a good year and others that have packed their life with service to others and will be in rotten circumstances as partners, family or friends are no longer there to share the experience .

VOLUNTEERING their services, there is a class of citizen in every community that deserves recognition and praise. These unselfish , caring , unstoppable ,supporting and empowering individuals are heroes rarely recognised for leaving their families and friends to help others. There is rarely recognition for their contribution to society though a few are on the Queens list or on CNN/heroes to you all my thanks and heartfelt wishes for the festive season. Premier Mike Rann of Sth Australia tweeted his thanks today Christmas day , which prompts this late addition.

Reading the Timesonline yesterday I was amazed to read that the British government awarded itself £130m in bonuses but also saved £20m by cancelling troop training exercises. The minister/s and civil servicem personnel involved need to live and work in Wootton Bassett so that they can stand bareheaded in all weathers with the locals who honour the constant passing of returning service personnel. Whilst working in the comfort of whitehall these mongrels are neglecting the basics of human necessities , the right to survive unscathed the visit to harms way. This is not the 19th century when the British troops were in Afganistan or in the 1st WW trenches in France where they were treated as “cannon fodder”. These people are Professionals and in every other business are provided the tools and training to do their job.

Ask “Help 4 Heroes” how many in their care would have been saved had there been the basic training they seem to have been continually denied. Every service person in harm’s way works 24/7/365 to protect their colleagues and themselves. Recently I tweeted @thejointstaff to remind him not to tell people where he is going next as the recent story of “the hacked drones” emphasies the savvy of the opposition. Mr Gordon Brown whilst your recent visit to the troops was commendable, it was selfish as you are a high value target (each & every service person also) which means if there had been an incident others would have suffered also.

Each day I train on the rowing machine and I have to constantly remind myself of technique, service personnel are in that constant awareness zone 24/7/365.

Wishing them all whether Anzac , US or Nato members a Safe and festive period and a Safe return to their family , friends and civilization. To the family of the fallen the “RSL/Australia has a special saying “AT THE GOING DOWN OF THE SUN , WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.

God bless you all for your loss and sacrifice lets hope it was not in vain.


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