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Dec 18, 2009


“$US1 million for an autographed cycle shirt”


Rudy project is a real man and Rudy has been a friend, sponsor and supplier of apparel, helmets and glasses to me since 1999 when Ivan ,his cycle tour rep gave me their “Jan Ulrich glasses” at the “tGiro Trentino”. Although I had met Jan at Tdf 1998 this was the first tour I had cycled alongside him. It was the ride from Arco back to the team hotel in Riva, a bright sunny afternoon, and I was amongst the “team ”during the ride. By this time it was known that “Marco” had dragged me aside to his soigneir, Leoni to continue the facilities he had kindly arranged the previous year at the Tdf.

Lance over the years has refused to sign the “Maillot Jeune “ for “tourists”, he reserved that “privelege” to those “donating to “LIVESTRONG” which is fair enough as I have heard of sums of $50000 being donated. Many people and organisations with not so deep pockets have taken advantage of this arrangement.

Knowing that I would see Lance on the tour I packed the “Rudy Project Shirt” with the hope he would oblige. On the Wednesday I arrived at the hotel in Monaco and bumped into Ken (@8Wristbandman, hope you are getting better mate) in the foyer area.Ken was expecting Lance so I visited the facilities and returned in time to greet Lance as he stepped out of the car. Video of this went international as did photos. Later ken was kind enough to forward copies of the video that he or his family had recorded of him, thanks pal enjoyed watching it, perhaps in another blog I will bore the readers with a link.

On the Thursday I rode the route of the time trial several times but the standout circuit was with “Jaffa (aka as Juan Antonio Flecha,Freira and other rabobank guys) who is a,funny, friendly guy, asked them to be kind to me so they accelerated and waited outside the casino before taking off again and waiting again, and so it continued. During the Tdf the previous year he promised me a Rabobank suit but seeing him on the last day at his hotel he promised next day and I set a date for the time trial thinking it was easier contact, regrettably he retired the next day so when I arrived at the TT the opportunity was lost. During this Tdf the subject came up and the commitment was renewed. I saw him at the time trial and suggested the time trial suit since it was available, said he would be back and so now I will see what happens with the new team. Will he go to the Tdu with Skye?

On Wednesday I was in the onlookers as the ribbon was cut to “Officially open the Tour HQ” I had hoped to speak with Prince Albert since I had met him in his “brainchild the “Veteran Olympic Club whilst there as a guest. The galaxy of celebrities had more on their minds besides greeting the “old aussie”, perhaps the champs. A few acknowledgements and then the media arrived so lost the opportunity to speak to those who were lighting up.

Friday there was a celebrity race and I was able to collect the autographs of Olympic skiers, cyclists, entertainment stars and others involved in the fundraising before Prince Albert came out dressed to join the race. I received a Monaco Cycle Suit for use at the Tour .On his way to the start we had a few words and as the shirt was to be signed I waited for his return. On retiring from the race he had a few minutes to spare so chatted about Sestriere,Torino and Paralympic sport, also discussed his various fund raising charities. Doubt he would pick me out of the crowd on another occasion. He was as always as you see him on Tv , a friendly articulate gentleman.

After the teams presentation I rode back to the hotel with the Astana team although most of the way Johann had me cycle behind his car but it didn’t matter as the riders would drop back for a variety of reasons so I chatted with them then. Later I arrived in the Foyer and as the team arrived they signed either the front or the back of the shirt. Lance was a late arrival and in a good mood for a quick chat as he signed. Alberto also signed and I reminded him of the time on the Tonale when I introduced him to 4 aussies who were cycling around the Giro route. He was gracious enough to allow me after asking his permission to bring them into his lunch hotel and do photos and autographs. Later I saw these guys at the bottom of the descent before I went for a ride with the team. One of the guys gave me an “Australian Bicycling mag shirt”, not heard from them since but the shirt went onto be autographed by a wealth of giro talent and is with the “British Wheelchair Assoc.” who as yet have not told me of their plans for it.

Before I have mentioned Grand Bornand arrival which was in sunshine but the climb of the Col from Cluses was another story. The initial part was so steep most were walking, pushing their bikes and as the road was closed the peds were just as unhelpful so it was a weaving ascent at a slower pace than I would have liked because it was cold and raining. After passing Didi(el Diablo) the road became very windy, almost hurricane force in the face. The final slope started to show signs of improvement as I persevered to the summit. After the summit the descent was much nicer and I started to dry out as I ran through the various controls.

Att the final corner there was a barricade so it was off the bike ibto the crowd. The same Turnip has this attitude to disabled sport that no matter how early I am he will try to stop me. Pulling people from their bikes is something he has mastered and surprisingly the Gendarmerie allow him to continue. I have seen others bleeding through his behavior, one lady was later hospitalised. She was not wearing a helmet and so made a mess and had a spoiled holiday, legal action would have been considered no doubt but there is no recourse. You folks would do well to remember this when visiting and riding the Tour, even with a Tour company your colleagues can protest at length to no avail. For the Gendarmes in this cordon , this is a day off with benefits.


When I arrived in the Back area I greeted a General of the Gendarmerie who was on his way to a gathering(drinks for the VIPs) explained where I would be standing should I be needed and then got myself invited to a locally organised event to sit eat, drink and watch a sTV screen. As the arrival drew closer I moved across to the barriers to be on hand for the arrival and as “Prudhomme’s car” drew up hoisted the “Shirt” Sarkozy got out the other side and was straight into greetings including the General.

Realizing that the moment was passed I moved down to where his car was stationed saw the Lt Col asigned to the tour and briefed him also as to where I was standing. He gave me that look(who do you think you are you turnip) and returned to his discussions. When Pres. Sarkozy came through to his car he got in, I had still the shirt in the air, then whether he had looked up or had the whim he got out, came directly across and took my hand. We exchanged pleasantries as he autographed the shirt and I told him that I had also tried to see him on a previous visit to the Tour in Briancon, I said I knew that Captain Eric had pointed me out to him on that occasion. I also reminded him about the need for better funding for “Handisport”.

Later in the village I came across the Lt Col who gave me a salute and said “domage” I didn’t tell him that I had tried to set it up by email as I had done when talking to the presidential security detail agent who buttonholed me after the event. Like to know what went in his little black book. I have since sent an email of thanks to both Prince Albert and President Sarkozy detailing that the shirt was being offered on Ebay at $US1million start price to fund a Foundation for “Disabled Athletes”No reply as yet, to be expected as I move in the wrong circles. Thought I would give them a chance to get in ahead of the rush.

Remember the Frenchman who took the “Olympic shirt” from my bumbag and substituted the toilet roll well he had better keep clear when I have the shirt known as “SKIPPYS LEGACY” with me!

“SKIPPYS LEGACY IS AVAILABLE FOR DISPLAY AT MAJOR EVENTS WHERE THERE IS STRONG SECURITY AND GOOD PUBLICITY OPPORTUNIES . Anything that can be done to establish a foundation to help “Disabled athletes” will be considered!

thank you for the visit hope you are able to help! Contact by email

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