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Nov 20, 2011


Storming O W S supporters in “ Liberty Square ”wearing riot gear on the 18th November 2011 will go down in history alongside the Nazis infamous destruction of the Jewish Homes and Businesses in 1930’s Germany ! Deplored ever since and a precursor to the “ Death Camps ” , what can we expect next from the “ Oaf of Wall Street ” as he attempts to curry favour with the 1% who will be unwilling to support him when he is tried in the Court of Public Opinion ? Destroying the O W S Library , Personal Possessions and other property of those Citizens engaged in a peaceful occupation of a Public Space demonstrates the depths of depravity to which the “ Oaf and his minions ” are currently prepared to stoop !

Leading the call for Syria to be sanctioned by the UN , Hilary Clinton must be losing credibility with all those whom she regarded as supporters of the USA’s claim to the “ High Moral Ground ”? True there appears to have been no deaths so far in the Storming of “ Occupy Supporters ” in a variety of States throughout the USA BUT how long before Batons , Mace , Pepper Spray and Rubber Bullets DO inflict Death on fellow citizens ?

WE of the 99% deserve better treatment in this 21st Century than being looked down on by those of the 1% who will arrive on Judgement Day like us stripped of all Earthly Trappings ! Regardless of religion we all will die and we cannot take anything we accumulated with us so why is it necessary to over consume and deprive your neighbour of their right to a decent life style ?

Wouldn’t it be great as we approach the “ Festive Season ” to see Power Companies giving THOSE of the “ poverty zone ” some means to pay for the Light and Heat that they can no longer afford ? How hard would that be on their “ Bottom Line ” after all the pensioners are already registered in their systems so all they will be doing is foregoing 10 or 20% of their receivables during the Winter Months ? Some of these people may even be “ Shareholders/ stockholders ” already , so they could be part of the “ family ” so to speak ?

Obama , Clinton and Bush would do well to visit some of these “ Occupy Sites “ unannounced and see for themselves the mess that their country has become as they occupied the “ White House ” !

SOME Commentary from elsewhere :

"No! It's about corruption and friends in high places, after all this is the Country that produced corrupt politicians like Richard Nixon and George W Bush. Democracy is being eroded piece by piece and those who are defending the right to protest deserve support not disdain!"

" Echoes here of Goebells and the big bonfires of 1934.
Many American families are faced with a stark choice... health care for themselves and their families, or an education for their children. No wonder people are pissed off.
'When they burn books they will soon burn people; said Heine."

" There is something troubling when police, dressed as storm troopers, are set onto ordinary citizens under cover of darkness and using riot tactics against middle aged people. It is the same the world over. Policemen willing to defend those who pay their wages, not the people they are supposed to protect. The speed of action taken when dealing with tent people is in stark contrast to the inability to arrest one banker. Wouldn't it be nice to see just one policeman saying I am not doing this. It doesn’t take much, as those Arab policemen proved. It takes a little bit of moral courage.
There is no morality in The Establishment. These are the same people who psychopathically bomb children. Do not expect normal human behaviour from psychopaths."

" Perhaps we're over-reacting a bit, here.
The civil authorities are there because they lack fully mature brain development and are easy to manipulate by the oligarchy. During late adolescence, the fine dendritic development occurs in the cortex that results in a proper adult cause-and-effect and risk/reward analysis capability. This does not happen in about 25% of the population, which seems to remain in a late adolescent stage of development where tribalism and fantasy predominate.
The sad consequence is that undeveloped brain power is given public safety authority-- the absolute LAST thing we should allow a marginally-psychopathic adolescent. We see the results.
It is not so much a Brave New World as it is a frightened limbic adolescent world. The pathology of a child or adolescent's brain is reflexively attuned to the fight-or-flight response in lieu of more adult cortical reasoning. When presented with a level challenge, the adolescent mind reasponds with paranoic fear. In fact, government really are, paranoically, pathologially afraid of their people and act irrationally in response to that fear.
The civil authorities just can't help their behavior. They are pathologically stuck in a permanent adolescent mind state without possibility of escape. There can be no reasoning with such a state at the adult level, and no expectation of normal mature behavior."

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