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Nov 29, 2011

OBAMA in Oz whilst O W S gets whacked !

Conveniently out of the Country whilst the Constitution gets abused does not absolve Obama from responsibility ! To date the “ Mailed Fist ” has been nothing more than “ Riot Gear dressed ” Police followed by trucks to collect the property of the O W S protestors . These “ valued items ” have been trashed to the extent that little has been deemed recoverable . The “ O W S Library ” has a few salvaged items from the many thousands of books “ donated ” !

Whoever is responsible for the coordination of the various O W S Camps being cleared must have authority from higher up the food chain . Suggestions are that the “ Dept. of Homeland Security ” are responsible and if so it begins to make the allegations of “ 911 ” being an “ undercover government plot ” seem more likely than previously thought !

Reading a responsible Journal such as the Guardian and repeatedly finding articles such as this gives any thinking human being cause for concern :

Of course there are many other less respected news outlets that have formed similar points of view but regardless of a person’s political persuasion they must be feeling uneasy about what is happening in their “ FREE SOCIETY ”! Appears that a person’s vote is worthless when those they elected are able to circumvent the Established System to their own benefit ?

Yesterday after visiting the Innsbruck Dental Clinic I found the “ Occupy Innsbruck ” encampment on the riverside park opposite the “ Old Town ” , several tents as will be seen from the photos I will post later when “ broadband ” allows . There at the time were two Italians who would be able to converse with passers-by in English , German and Italian , articulate although not neatly dressed they advised that there were about 20+ sleeping on site but away at their “ Full Time Employment “ during the day . Weekends and evenings are a busier time but no where near the thousands that have been found elsewhere . Whilst not seeing these people it could be concluded that they are responsible people rather than the “ Unemployable Hippies ” as sections of the media attempt to portray them !

Innsbruck Authorities are to be congratulated on their “ Laissez Faire ”

approach to the encampment since they appear to have given permission until the 29th December but one wonders what will take place at that time . The site was clean and tidy although the insides of the tents appeared to be a bit of a jumble . Should this be an example of “ Occupy Movement ” sites elsewhere , then the actions in Zuccotti Park , New York were entirely “Extreme Harassment ” and brings those Authorities into disrepute !

Occupy Movements could have died out earlier had other authorities not thrown “ fuel of publicity ” at the movement thus giving the media the spectacle that the world has been enjoying these past few months .

President Obama , why does your Government denigrate those in the Middle East when NIMBI’s in your country are using the same tactics ?

Some Comments from the Guardian article :

“ I don't understand why Americans are shocked that this has happened. Your government has been arresting and imprisoning people without charge (Guantanamo Bay) and without much challenge from the public. If the government are allowed to behave this way, they will become emboldened. And they will start to move against the citizens in other ways. It reminds me of that saying about the nazis.
When they came for the Jews I did not stand up because I was not a Jew
When they came for the Communists, I did not stand up because I was not a Communist.
When they came for the Homosexuals, I did not stand up because I was not a Homosexual.
And when they came for me, there was no one left to stand up.
The US government started with "terrorists", have moved on to protestors. Who will be next? ”

“ The political class has become so corrupt - it is so in thrall to billionaires and corporations - that our governments have almost turned themselves into the enemy of the people they claim to represent.
Is it any wonder so few people are politically engaged? Even if you get past the distractions and propaganda, you realize that we - the 99% - are no more than Eloi. ”

“ This is an insidious and barbaric orchestrated crackdown - It makes a mockery of supposed freedoms and democracy and shows the state to be the corporate sponsored plutocracy it is.........Persevere. ”

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