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Dec 8, 2011

OAF of Wall Street homeless ?

Occupy Movement has the “ oaf of Wall Street ” to thank for it’s increasing Media Interest ! So stupid to “ victimise ” people and then think that you can get away with bragging about your importance ! It is so obvious to ALL now , that those that originally camped in Zuccotti Park were only exercising their “ rights ” as stated by the US Constitution . How did a peasant like Bloomberg get to be the Mayor of New York ? HE BOUGHT IT ! That’s how , lacking intelligence he refuses to listen to those that tell him what he doesn’t want to hear .

“ OCCUPY our HOMES ” has captured the publicity once again and there are so many US Citizens that are in trouble with their mortgages that the “ Occupy Movement ” will grow into a nationwide force ! The genie is out of the bottle now and running rampant across the USA and who will the 1% blame ? You got it , the “ Oaf of NY ” and the time will come shortly when his army , the 7th biggest in the world , will refuse to act on ANY instruction from his office !

Just today I heard that the former Governor of Illinois was sent to Jail for 15 years for a variety of Offences involving “ Abuse of Power ” , will there be the Political Will to give Bloomberg a new residence to add to all the others that Money has Bought ? The 1% must by now realise the fight is lost as they are learning to speak about the “ Occupy Movement ” in new ways . The Eminent “ Spin Doctors ” are busy cashing in on the fears that this echelon of society that has done nothing for the USA for so long other than avoid paying their taxes and finding ways to fleece the 99% .

Truthout is a news service that highlights a variety of media interests that I follow and this article was published today :

Normally people would ignore what prisoners have to say but when you read the bullet points perhaps you will take the time to read the article in full ?

1. We want full employment with a living wage for all people who will work, and for employment to be enforced as the right which it is.

2. We want an end to institutional racism and race- and class-based disparities in access to, and quality of, labor, education, health care, criminal defense, political empowerment, technology and healthy food.

3. We want decent and affordable housing for all people and for it to be enforced as the right which it is.

4. We want affordable and equal access to higher education for all and access to education that teaches the true history of colonialism, chattel slavery, repression of organized labor, the use of police repression and imprisonment as tools of capitalist exploitation, and the perpetuation of imperialism in the development and maintenance of modern U.S. power systems and corporate financial markets

5. We want an immediate end to police brutality and the murder of oppressed people in the U.S., particularly in the New Afrikan (Black), Latino, immigrant and underclass communities and among those protesting in this nation.

6. We want an end to the expansion of the prison industrial complex, as a profit base – from our tax dollars – for the disposal of surplus labor and the poor.

7. We want an end to all corporate and financial influences in the political process in the U.S.

8. We want an end to imperialist wars of aggression and sending our youth off to kill and die to enforce the economic interests of big oil and other corporate concerns seeking new resources to exploit, new markets to open for sale of their goods and services and as an impetus to keep from addressing domestic ills.

9. We want a bottoms-up approach to economic development and labor-capital relations in the U.S.

10. We want a more equitable distribution of wealth, justice and opportunity at every level of society, reflecting the objective reality that it’s the socio-economic, political, intellectual and cultural contributions of the 99 percent upon which this society stands.

Point 6 is the only item which serves their particular circumstances and even there I am sure a major segment of the population would agree with it’s inclusion .

Listed below are items that relate to the “ Occupy Movement that I have read in the past 10 days :,1518,802051,00.html

Finally here is a comment that I posted to the article listed :

Comment to

“ The finest GOVERNMENT that borrowed money can buy ! To think the Police in the USA are bashing , Pepper Spraying and arresting " Innocent Citizens " on behalf of a Cartel of Thieves !

You say this happened in the 90's also ? Where is Micheal Moore ? Could he dream up as scary a scenary as this ?

No wonder the US$ is always under pressure , the financal world included in the 1% has enjoyed a " Funded holiday " at the expense of the 99% Tax Payers !

" OCCUPY Movement " are doing good exposing " Corruption and inept Administration " ! Time to join in supporting their actions before a repeat performance i allowed .


Always enjoy Michael Moore’s films and books so I am impatient to see more of his blog items .

Blogged about this despicable behaviour by " New York's finest " ! Finest body of people money can buy !
THE "OAF OF Wall St" claims to have the 7th biggest Army , wonder what the members of NYPD think they are ? Police Officers or minions of a pathetic tyrant ?
When the NYPD pull on their uniforms each morning do they feel like they are serving the People or "Trapped like rats" ?
WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL in the Hague is funded by the USA but had this been Syria or Eygpt they would be preparing the paperwork for sentencing at the tribunals !

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