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Dec 9, 2011


“ Occupy our Homes “ captured more than the headlines this week ! It brought to light the plight of the families left behind by those Troops killed in action serving their nation !

By what standard do the “ Merciless Money Lenders ” operate these days ? A son serves 8 years in the military and comes home in a body bag and the Mother to this day doesn’t know whether it was “ friendly fire or enemy action that killed him ! US$80k deposit is a sizable chunk of dough to put down as a deposit on a home and now after the death of her son this woman is suffering “ Ill Health ” and is on the way to the streets because she has no support .

“ Occupy our Homes ” should not be looking after her interests , “ A Grateful Nation ” should be doing that ! So the US military is a volunteer affair these days unlike Vietnam where the “ Wealthy ” found ways to defer their enlistment . The less fortunate absconded to Canada or elsewhere if they chose not to serve .

When you read this article you will see glimmers of other problems that lie below the surface :

Serving their Nation is an adventure for young people , it certainly takes them away from home and family and opens up their horizons . Many of you have watched “ Saving Private Ryan ” and the message there was that the Military care for their Troops and those they leave behind . With Iraq and Afghanistan wars now being over 10 years old there are countless body bags and perhaps 10 fold “ Physically Challenged Casualties “ never mind those with “ Post Traumatic and other mental ” conditions . Considering the US Population is about 300 million this may be a price the Politicians are prepared to pay for the “ War against Terror ” . War in any form is a price too high to pay for the victims BUT there are Industries that benefit from it and of course their shareholders rub their hands with glee every time they win a new Supply contract !

The 99% supply the feet on the ground and the 1% make sure that their Sons and Daughters serve but generally out of Harm’s Way ! Senator Mc Cain and others on Capitol Hill know what War is like having survived horrendous Prisoner of War experiences and yet they continue to make sure that the Young of the US have to suffer attrition at the Battle Front . When Social Commentators suggest that Congress has got it’s “ Snout in the Trough ” they may be very close to the truth !

Even here in Austria there is widespread Corruption and where ever you go in this world you will hear stories of people on the make . Give anyone a position of Trust and their colleagues will ensure they toe the line so that the boat doesn’t get a rocking , Business or Politics , makes little difference , just the way the extra wealth is accounted for , or the taxes are dealt with ! Currently a former Governor of Illinois is starting a 14 year imprisonment for “ Abuse of Power ” offences including trying to sell President Obama’s Senate seat !

Currently the EURO is under pressure and all the British Government are concerned about is how to preserve London as the “ Financial Centre of Europe ” ! Aren’t the Bankers the cause of what is going wrong ? Cameron could get rid of the management of all the Banks and those stepping into their shoes would be “ Business as Usual ” very quickly ! Currency is a game to the TRADERS and that is why the Politicians allow them Immunity from their manipulations since they would rather the “ man in the street “ suffer rather than step off the precipice .

Whilst these “ Venture Capitalists ” are playing around with our money , that is shuttling it about to get a “ PROFIT ” from Billions worth of 0% loan monies , the Governments of the Free World are Creating Artificial Money to pay the bills ! Each year the National Debts rise and thus the Taxes have to go up to pay the Interest on the money the Governments have borrowed from the people they gave the 0% loans so as to roll over the bonds at ever increasing yields to their lenders . Whilst Governments have to borrow money they are in bed with the 1% and the rest of us , the 99% will have to pay the extra Taxes that should rightfully be paid by those that can most afford them since they are benefiting from the profits on the mess they created .

Young “ Jo Public ” is sold the Dream of Home Ownership at an early age and thus steps on the treadmill that rules his Family’s life as they struggle to meet the monthly repayments whilst uncertain of their Education Costs and Employment prospects . Japanese workers used to think they had a job for life as did most “ Civil Servants ” throughout the world but the reality now is that the 99% are enslaved by the 1% who are looking only at the bottom line of their investments . Increasing their returns even if ditching their neighbours into penury by shipping the jobs overseas is a viable option when it shows them a better profit .

So instead of looking to the future as once we were accustomed the young can now be certain of only Death and Taxes as they struggle to make ends meet !

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