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Aug 1, 2012


As previously mentioned , only you the readers and PUBLIC SPECTATORS can cause the changes in sport that are required to " Cleanout the Skeletons " ! In recent years we have seen many " Athletes " Fess up to their misdeeds , after the Statute of Limitations , has passed . Fact is trying to remove the records of Bjarne Riis from literature related to the " Le Tour " would be a waste of time since the second place went to Jan Ulrich , who paid out a considerable sum of money to make " His " problem with Government Authorities " Go Away "!

There would be no point me listing the Former Racing Cyclists that i come across that continue to influence this Generation of Racers . Having succeeded in avoiding " OOC " controls in their careers they are now able to pass their knowledge to ALL those wishing to go down the same path ! Sitting at home in front of the TV the general public are rarely aware of the behind scenes " deals " let alone the " shortcuts " that so many use in virtually ALL SPORT !

Drug companies are quite content to let Athletes experiment with their products and Designers are continually looking for new products to streamline and lighten their equipment . Of course this provides work for those leaving the field of competition . Media also is stacked with former Athletes that utilize their experience to assist the new generations coming into sport or moving into the more elite ranks .

Cycling particularly has had it's troubles from long before 1998's " Le Tour , Festina Event " . Seems to me that only those who choose to not join the ranks of " Omerta " are suddenly in the news . So many caught out by " OOC and Random Testing " say they acted alone . They share a room on the current event , scrutinised by the Team doctor and Dietitian , have their baggage moved from place to place , and yet they were able to " USE PROHIBITED SUBSTANCES " in the few unguarded moments ? Who is kidding WHO  ? Harry Potter and his ilk are fairy stories that we all enjoy BUT we are talking real life here ! So many unexplained Heart attacks since i noticed Jiminez fall off the perch , guy who asked for MY autograph on the Barcelona Rest Day of Vuelta 2001 ! Sad to say that recently , another racer , was discovered by his distressed room mate .

" UCI " are in the position of saying they are the " Supreme Authority " on Cycling Sport , yet they seem to be ineffectual in just about all other than sticking their nose into Bike design ! For them , not having your seat and Tri bars in the right position seems to get an instant result , you don't compete ! What the Athlete puts in their body is controlled by " WADA " and testing before the Grand Tours and Random Testing in Events to those limits does find the occasional errant that " Forgot to drink enough Water " ! Can you believe an Athlete uses that to excuse their being caught for " DOPING "?


Each team contracts with their employees for varying periods of time and if i had my way , it would be " Multiple Years " rather than annual as some Athletes have to suffer . Signing for a year is certainly a relief for a time , but then , you have to perform and continually be on the lookout for next year's contract ! So for me a simple solution for athletes in the " Continental divisions and more senior , ie Pro con. & Pro World , nothing less that TWO perhaps three year contracts should be in place ! With certainty of employment there would be less " temptation " for short cuts .

" UCI " should create a " Standard Contract " required to be usable BY ALL TEAMS ! These contracts would include " DRACONIAN PENALTIES " for breaching " WADA Codes " ! Currently an athlete puts their hand up and says " Mea Culpa " ! From the new contract , they will pay out of their salary , considerable penalties as well as serving on the first offence a Suspension of 4 years . Second Suspension would incur a LIFE TIME BAN ! Teams will be allowed to have ONLY ONE suspension during the calender year BUT on the second Athlete being Suspended would face financial penalties and possibly a Division Downgrade for the rest of the Season . Three Athletes in a a calender year will mean that the Sporting Director will face a TWO YEAR BAN ! Team Doctors should ALSO be penalised !

Athletes are being " scrutinized " by Professionals , these people are paid considerable salaries to pay attention to detail ! What better way to ensure that their sponsors interests are being safeguarded , than to also bear the risk when those in their charge choose to step over the line ? Di Gregario went home from during the 2012 " Le Tour " ! " I acted alone ! " he said , who believes that fairy tale ?

Windbag Mc Quaid says he wants 4 year suspensions , well Fat Pat , get on with the job , or get the Employment Pages , if your Swiss Bank Account , is not fat enough ! Nobody has proven you do anything other than an honourable job BUT frankly , i think you could do the job better ! Start thinking about the lost SPONSORS during your time in the office of " President of the " UCI " and when you look at yourself in the mirror , can you honestly say that being a " Race Cyclist " in 2012 is any better than in 1998 ?

Forums such as Cyclingnews and Velonews are full of accusations , rumour , conjecture and downright libel/slander , but where did this all start ? Even Lance is the subject of the same treatment by those that have tried to take him on in the courtroom ! Personally i would like to see someone with the ability to follow the " IP Addresses" and " OUT " those shallow individuals , who hide behind pseudonyms !

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