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Jul 29, 2012


YES , it will now be obvious to ALL that Pro Cycling has problems ! Jacques Rogge has seen the " royal salute " during this Olympics Men's Road Race ! Unbelievably " UCI " and " WADA " allowed a " Convicted Doper " to have a two year holiday and then come back and give them the two fingers !

Please understand that i like Vinky , as a person , he has always been friendly and cooperative with me since we met after he won the Paris-Nice ITT on Mt Eze in 2000 . I even congratulated him on his win in the Tour de France last week , when i was photoed with him in Chartres . I am also friendly with Dave Millar , also a " Convicted Doper " and greeted him there , calling him " Rhino " , and in return he called me  " Skippy " , as he has since his win in Futurescope when he startled Lance with the win . Both these Racers were in an event that they had no place to be on Saturday !

Dave was there as Road Captain of the British Squad due to a " Smarty Pants set of Lawyers " , whether it was his doing , or he just benefited from their looking for a way to increase their income and profile , i am unable to say . Dave admitted his complicity in Doping and was given the suspension which stood at two years at that time . Happily he won an Etappe at the " Le Tour  " due to convincing those in the breakaway to cooperate with each other and use their skills to arrive in the last 5km with a huge time margin and there settle their differences . Looking at this TDF i would say all the riders benefited as a result , contrary to other breakaway/escapes , where the racers were caught , even though had they helped each other , one of them would have won and the others would have had recognition  with minor places .

Since returning from the " Jolly " that was two years suspension " Vinky " has enjoyed winning many events and truth be known , a win at the TDF and yesterday's win were well within his outstanding abilities , so why , did this talented Racer resort to Doping ? Seems that there are many who go that route because they are subjected to " Peer Pressure "! A team member of T-Mobile and thus of Bjarne Riis ( Admitted Doper ) , Rolf Aldag ( admitted Doper ) and Jan Ulrich ( no contest to charges but paid 250 big ones for the case to go away ) and Andreas Kloden ( Paid 50 big ones also ) ! Wonder what Jan And Klody said to themselves last night ?

Who knows what " Windbag Mc Quaid ( phat the rat ) " had to say BUT you will be certain that Jacques Rogge will have deflated his persona during a telephone call ! Did i hear Jacques address the " Doping Issue " in his Homily on the Olympic Podium at the opening ceremony ? You can imagine after my letters to him and John Fahey , that i feel  that he behaved like a " Whimp " , with his soft shoe comments ! Money and Sponsors are more important to the " IOC " than cleaning up the " shoddy cheats " that are allowed to continue in sport !

Four years suspensions have been voiced by " Windbag Mc Quaid " for several years  , and what has he done ? Had he acted in concert with WADA , many years ago , then we would not have seen either Dave or Vinky in the race ! Sorry guys , you both know my attitude to Doping , since we first met BUT then as a guy emailed me on Friday , i am perceived as a " Cycling Groupie ",  by him ! Clown wanted me to stand about with him on Thursday and relate what i told him he could discover in reading my blogs . In meeting many people i ask them to refer to " Google " , rather than appear to be " bull shitting " or " one man upping " when
i first encounter them .

When i arrive on someone's premises i always ask for the " Boss " as a courtesy , and most times that is the person i am speaking with  , but no matter their appearance , even then they can surprise you . Athens 2004 Olympic Torch Relay as an example , after greeting a Portugese Relay Runner , i quickly realised it was Rosa Motta , but later after she had gone for a shower asked the Guy she greeted with kisses , who he was  . I was surprised to discover that he was " George " , the then President of Portugal  . Just a guy on the street , but the armed chauffeur , standing quietly in the background no doubt was nervous about his decision to be in the crowd like  " Joe Public " ?

Had checked the " Olympic Oath " with the intention of voicing my opinion in a post , and i am certain those involved on Friday will be shaking their heads ! Make no mistake , i am not saying that " Vinky " will be a " shamilton " , BUT , i am certain that the alarms have been strident , since Vinky crossed the line ! Standing at 45km from the start , i voiced the opinion , that if the break consisted of more than a handful and  was more than two minutes ahead , i was sure they would stay away ! When 3 minutes passed i knew that the race was done and set off to the Olympic Rowing course and then west of High Wycombe calling in on a few people i had not seen in a while . Happened to read the results in Cycle Care Bike Shop at High Wycombe , but all i told Simon was that the result was " surprising " , since he wanted to stay in the dark until he watched a TV replay in comfort .

In my letters to John Fahey and Jacques Rogge , posted previously , i called on then to ACT NOW , on an Amnesty , so as to get the " Skeletons of the past " into the open ! Neither has replied ! No surprise there , secretarial staff and minders probably think i am a crank ! Simon passed on second hand impressions of recent reports about me by Eurosport Commentators  . In asking if they mentioned my efforts to help find Sponsors for " Para Sport " he thought that it was not mentioned ! Well i met Sean in Chartres and enjoyed a long chat with him and a variety of others that were passing , that we both knew . Certainly Dave Harmon will know what i am about since we have chatted and tweeted , but frankly , unless they mention WHY i ride, i wish they would leave me out of their " who we know " asides !

" El Diablo " was missing from the TDF due to health reasons as was confirmed by Sean and Henri Sannier , appears he had surgery for a Brain Clot , Speedy recovery being underway . First noted there was a problem when i saw an email from Didi  posted by a  commenter to Live Update Guy , this being Chas Pelkey , asked then by email for advice on the situation , with no result .

UNTIL THE SPORTING PUBLIC AT LARGE , get to canvassing their Sports Bodies , there will be NO CHANGE in Doping Practices !

YOU THE PUBLIC can make the difference !


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