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Jul 16, 2012


Last month i came across the disheartening situation , regarding " Wildland Firefighters ", through the website .  I mentioned this subject in my Post " An UNGRATEFUL NATION "!

 TODAY i had the following email waiting in my Inbox :

skippy -

When I started my petition on asking President Obama to make health insurance available to wildland firefighters, I knew my ask was huge.
But on Wednesday, after hearing from more than 125,000 people (including you!) who signed my petition, President Obama agreed to help uninsured wildland firefighters like me.
Soon, he'll be issuing a directive so that we will be able to buy federal health insurance -- possibly to take effect by the end of the month.
When I heard the great news, I was in South Dakota, getting ready to be dispatched to another fire. My crew and I are still fighting fires day in and day out, but we feel victorious knowing that you had our backs -- and now, so does the President.
It's a feeling I want others to share -- that's why if there's something in the world you want to see change, you should start a petition on now.
Starting mine took a few minutes -- all the time I had on a break in between deployments. And I can tell you completely honestly: winning feels great.
Thank you for signing my petition, for speaking out for wildland firefighters and for all that you do.
John Lauer
Tatanka Hotshot Crew, U.S. Forest Service

As you can see there has been the promise , of some action , to resolve the difficulties a great many " Public Spirited Americans " have had to suffer over the years . What we in other parts of the world have taken for granted over the years was denied to this segment of the US population , simply because they were putting their lives at risk ! Can you imagine the Public reaction to the US Forces fighting in " Harm's Way " being told " YOU ARE NOT INSURED "?

When i was younger i played ar being a firefighter , as i was working in the Australian Countryside and it seemed like a good way to meet the people in the towns where  i was living for a time . Travelling around in my Sales job with Tulloch Steel meant being based in Wagga Wagga and West Wyalong , there were also many nights staying in Motels during the week . Sitting there watching TV was not an option from my point of view so i would locate the local Bush Fire brigade and get invited to join training sessions . Many entertaining evenings would follow . Even when working with Combined Insurance when my colleagues were in the Motel i was out at night enjoying the hospitality that was forth coming as a result of pitching in at a variety of events . 

So much for the past but i do enjoy the odd chat with those working in the Fire Services throughout Europe when occasion arises . In Austria the Volunteer Fire People are in most smaller towns called " Freiwilliger " and to raise funds for necessary equipment they put on a variety of Entertaining Fundraisers . readers will know that in recent weeks his house has been " Smoked Out " by the local bush fires and he has mentioned the Firefighters  efforts and the successful containment of the local fires . Some of the commenters mentioned that Australia has suffered Devastating  Fires with HUGE loss of Life ! 

Nearly ALL fires are caused by human efforts ! Too many think that their ASHTRAY should not be dirtied by their FAGEND ! Yes , they don't want the cigarette butt in the car so OUT it goes ! As you sit in contra traffic , fuming about the delay , running late for that appointment or TV programme , realise that the roadside is being cleared so that a CIGGIE will not start a blaze ! Fact is YOU could do something the next time you see someone dispose of their trash . " DOBBING " is not thought of very highly in Australia , but there are somethings , that have to be eradicated for the common good  . Fires cause Losses of property and more importantly LIVES ! Next time you see someone tossing their butt , ACT ! 

When the local Fire brigade goes into action they arrive back at their depot / station tired and frustrated ! Wouldn't it be great that they did not have to spend even more time , cleaning up the equipment , making sure that ALL is in apple pie order before heading for their rest ?   Leaving even the smallest item unattended  could have serious consequences the next time they are called out in an emergency .

WELL DONE FOLKS ! You serve your community without the praise that you DESERVE !

Moving along , yesterday , we saw the 14th etappe of this year's " Le Tour " . Arriving on the top of the second Cat 1 climb , Cadel Evans had to dismount due to a puncture . we saw him frustrated as those he was riding with  headed downhill on the remaining 39km of the day's etappe . Significantly the next team mate arrived with a flat tire also , more delay , more stress . Then others found they were the victims of the cretin that decided to amuse themselves with causing mayhem .

DID ANYONE SEE that clown , did you photo them ? The French Authorities will be happy to have your help and WE , the Sports Fans , will be grateful !

Robert Kisolovski , racing in the Astana Team is now in hospital after crashing on the downslope , we ALL saw a flash of him lying beside the road as the TV followed Cadel , as he attempted to recover from the  lost time . Robert's ,  " Le Tour " is over thanks to the Cretin who will no doubt say to the Gendarmerie , " I MEANT NO HARM "! In the next hour we were entertained to displays of GREAT Sportsmanship by SKY Team , and superb Team Time Trialling skills by BMC Team as Cadel twice more pulled up because of more punctures . 

Brad Wiggins started on the descent looking over his shoulder , no doubt assessing the situation . Catching the others in the group he imposed his authority and saw to a " go slow " thus allowing his competitors some relief in their efforts to rejoin the group . Shortly after imposing his will , he stopped , got off one bike and onto another . What transpired there , i am yet to find out , but during this period Chris Froome , then exerted even more pressure on the group to control the impatience of others , since Pierre Rolland decided that he was exempt from the " Customs " that most Cycle Racers honour and made off  at higher speed towards the finish !

What are the " rules " about exchanging Bikes since Cadel chose to continue with the same bike , indeed lost time in doing so , and Wiggo jumped off one bike onto another , when the Team car pulled up behind and unloaded the spare ? Mavic , the neutral service team , may not be entirely to blame for their delayed appearance at the GPM , since the roads were so narrow and those fans at the top of the climb were no doubt ignoring " Safety Barriers " and dangerously hemming in the racers to the point some racers were ducking under the flags hanging over their heads . Regrettably the time has arrived that there should be motorbikes instead of cars in close proximity to the principal GC Racers , particularly since the Tour Organisers know this problem exists , from previous experiences . Must Cadel's bad luck continue through the lack of " Neutral Service ? You may recall his lost time on the Vuelta from similar circumstances ?

 Congratulations to Team SKY for their GREAT Sportsmanship ! As an Aussie i hope Cadel gets to find the time needed to  be victorious in Paris !

 Speedy recovery for Robert K. , an unnecessary injury !

 Here's hoping that like the Mounties , the Gendarmerie   find the culprit/s and they get a holiday in a penal colony !  

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