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Jul 14, 2012


Brad from my own experience is a retiring sort of Guy ! Nor easy to approach in earlier years from my experience . Remember when he arrived for the Team Time trial in the Giro d’Italia , in the team Jaguar . I was looking to get him to autograph the Maillot that I had awaiting him . Seemed a bit distant , perhaps distracted / huffy , but then his mind would be on the business in hand ,rather than my concerns . Recently after the conclusion of the Dauphine Libere in Les Chablets I rode alongside him as he was going from one place to another and he was quite friendly as I wished him luck at the TDF . Same response from Cadel who was carrying his son on the bike as he was heading back to the Team Pullman .

Remember being in Pau at the Novotel one  “ Le Tour “ rest day , saw Lance going in from the Training ride which I had missed having been with another Team . Called out for him to autograph a Maillot , but he too was hurrying . Knowing where he would be having lunch in the hotel I sat in that foyer for perhaps an hour . Knew that he would arrive eventually I was content to wait but had not realised he had gone out the other door until Eki told me as he passed .

Racers have lives and they do some things like ordinary people , but they give up a lot of their free time , to give the Media and “ fans “ the attention THEY DEMAND ! Yes , demand ! Fact is , WE THE PUBLIC , are not entitled to demand their time !  That they give up their time is a bonus ! So many want a moment with a “ personality “ from whatever activity they choose to follow , guess it gives them “ bragging rights “ ?

In these Blogs  you will find numerous examples of my contact with “ personalities “ even some have asked to be introduced to me , yes me !  Happens some of their family will say “ Get his Photo or autograph “! Won’t embarrass the Aussie Cycle Racer that recently told me he needed my photo .

Seem to recall in earlier years photos of Stuey O’Grady and Robbie Mc Ewan exchanging autographs in Cycling news ! Recall the 2001 Vuelta rest day when Jimenez asked for my autograph as we rode around Barcelona , this started the others asking and it was a nightmare with me wobbling all over the road as I tried to oblige .

Reading the CNF “ Clinic “ makes you realise the depths , people will descend to in their vitriol towards those , on whom they choose to turn the spotlight . Lance of course is their No 1 target . The jealousy and hatred they exude is unbelievable , on a scale of 1 to 10 it would be 110 !  Whenever a cycle Racer wins an event , the scrutiny starts , yet to look there to see what and how much has been heaped on Dave Millar’s shoulders , after yesterday’s victory !

Millar time was the theme of his fans at Futurescope , when he won the  Time Trial on his first ride in the “ Le Tour “ , and it continues a decade later . Would not surprise me if he won another Etappe before Paris , certainly he will have raised the morale of the team , which was damaged by Christian losing 10 minutes in the first week and Ryder going home injured .  Read an article last night on Dave that  written earliy in the week , computer crashed overnight and it was lost !

Brad’s behaviour at the Press Room was greeted with many supportive Tweets from other of the TDF Racers but one wonders what Sky Management had to say on the subject . It’s a free for all in the Press Room , most ONLY get paid when their article is used so it is necessary for them to create controversy . They got it in spades that night , may even have pushed the Lance story aside for a period . Even more speculation was created when the “ WAGS “ started tweeting about the day’s events after Froomy made an attack from the rear .

Each morning  when the Team Pullman arrives in the “ Ville Depart “ the team have a meeting and discuss “ Broad Strokes “ for the day’s Etappe . Duties are assigned and “ what ifs “ are discussed in some detail . Cadel is a thorn in the side of the Sky team and they plan how to negate his plans . With Chris being by Brad’s side they have the chance to cause Cadel problems . Who is to say that Froomy dropped back as planned and then attacked , so as to cause Cadel and the others , to waste energy in a fruitless chase ?

With the TV in each team car and France 3 TV doing such a good job , Sky’s DS was able to see Cadel’s negative response . Could he then have decided that there was little point in Chris continuing the attack ? Could Brad have been left adrift in the last 4km ? If he was left alone would he have lost some time to others whilst Froomy chased hard on the possibility of taking the Etappe victory  ? Critical decisions that only a Team DS can make BUT subject to the wild speculation of outsiders , particularly the media !

Much has been made of the events surrounding Sky this week and Brad has tried to help outsiders understand his POV in his blog to the English Guardian newspaper :

An interesting and articulate exposition of his point of view ! Doubt that he wrote all , no doubt dictated and then transcribed by the PR guy on the Team Pullman . Perhaps it has been playing on his mind all week and thus several versions were then polished until he was satisfied . When you see him oh the bike he looks pensive and now we see the result .

From my POV it was a well thought out article and covers most of the questions that anyone would wish answered .

I think all Pro Cyclists have a responsibility to be forthright on the subject of doping, the culture of “ Omertá “ is one that cannot be allowed to continue. My blogs are full of calls for the Racers to take responsibility and call for a “ Sports Moratorium “!

On the other hand, there is a right and wrong way of questioning cyclists about it, and  half an hour after a tough mountain stage probably isn't the best time to antagonise the person who gives up their Personal time to help you earn your living  .

Because of “ le Tour “ there is increased interest at this time of the year, people will still continue to point the finger because they don't appreciate that there are “ clean Racers “ and racing  can be done another way .   Things are slowly changing ,but  it's through the strict policies of teams like Sky and Garmin that doping will be driven into a smaller segment of the  minority of “ Chancers .

Was interested to read of his experiences with Team Cofidis and his decisions in Pau airport . Regrettably this was the same team that lost a Racer during this TDF . Yet so many will praise David Moncoutie for his opposition to Doping and remember also that notables such as Stuey O’Grady , Matt White , David Millar and Lance Armstrong have been members of this team over the past 15 years .

Speculation has surfaced in the last days as to who should lead the Sky Team until Paris . Bjarne Riis was replaced by Jan Ulrich some years back during the 1996 “ Le tour “ but one hopes that there is no substance to those thoughts . One thing is clear from Chris’s comments , and that is that he follows Team Orders . When the TDF is over there will be time for the Media to consider who should employ his talents ! I think that SKY will reward him for his efforts and he will lead their other teams as a Captain if he chooses that path .

During the Dauphine libere i asked you to voice support for the " PARALYMPIC GAMES " . Your PR guy , to whom i also addressed this request ,  would also have mentioned this request to you . With your Foundation you are able to help many people but the Media need to be reminded , constantly , that there are many less fortunate than you or i needing " Sponsors " to achieve their best in Sport .

Calling on John Fahey of WADA and Jacques Rogge of IOC , to put an end to " Doping " by introducing a " Sports Moratorium " is perhaps the best approach to cutting the " gordian knot " ! My articles  &   ask them to ACT ! TIME PEOPLE got a grip on the situation and made those with " skeletons in the closet " confess and reveal their disdeeds , so that those in Sport are aware of whom they are dealing with !

As Johan Bruyneel said " It's windy at the Top "! Whilst you have the audience , you can achieve what few others would like to be able to get , a result !

Brad as I said to you , on our last meeting , “ Be the best you can be , everything else is icing on the cake “!

Best Wishes for your safe arrival in Paris !

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