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Mar 25, 2013


Think i am the only one having PROBLEMS with my Paypal A/c ?


Here below , is the same problem , i appear to be having !

Does Paypal , give a FLYING F#C# ?

Of course not !

Do the sellers care , they want their money !


Some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced!

 [ Edited ]

Thought this may be worth addressing as Im about to cancel my paypal account as to be honest Im fed up with the frustrating customer service offered from this huge company.
Beyond the fact that to even speak to a human you have to navigate through lots of menus which takes up to 10 minutes (nice way to make yet more money from us!)- then end up with multiple being put on hold, until its gets to the stage of being on hold so long I have no choice but to hang up (for over half an hour in total!).

You would think that with paypal having my up to date phone number and with me asking to speak to a supervisor to try and resolve an issue with my account (adding a card) that someone might possibly phone me back... Nope. So what option am I left with now- trying to phone back (more menus to navigate), email (48 hour wait for a genaric cut and paste response which will not help).

Very frustrating!

I am left with the ridiculous situation that I cannot add my bank card to my account as the expiry had run out on my old one, went to update to the new one (same number, just diff exp date), and now get told that as the card has been previously linked to another paypal account I cannot use it?!? Despite the card working fine the day before on the account, now I have tried to update I CANNOT. Was told by the representitive on the phone that I would have to conatct my bank and request a new card number! How ridiculous is that! So because of some system issue with paypal I have to change my card number and all the other accounts that I use the card with (funnily enough Amazon, Apple etc have no problem with me updating the new card details on thier systems...) 
So ask to speak to a supervisor about this issue- get to,d it wont make any differance, as its paypal policy, but push on regardless- get put on hold for 10 minutes, then told will transfer you now... And then just end up on hold for another 10 minutes befor edeciding to give up.

Will just add that the card was linked to an old account with a diff email address years ago, closed that down and removed the card before setting up my new (current) account, and have been using the exact same card since. The only thing that has changed is the expiry date- and now paypal are telling me that I know cant use this card!? 
Beyond frustrating, and 'customer service' not willing at all to help. Very shoddy for such a huge company who have made a lot of money from me over the years.

Well no more, shall be closing my account now.

Edit- fired up the PC to replace formatting which bizarrley was lost from posting on my iPad....

kernowlass Volunteer Advisor
Volunteer Advisor
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Re: Some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced!

Also frustrating is posts that have no paragraphs so sorry could not read through all that as it would make my eyes squiffy.

27b6 Member
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Re: Some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced!

It was fully paragraphed... Apparently as I am using safari on an iPad it completly removes my formatting.... Never had this problem on any other message boards. Ho hum.

kernowlass Volunteer Advisor
Volunteer Advisor
Posts: 10420
Kudos: 568

Re: Some of the worst customer service I have ever experienced!

thats a nuisance then.

I will see if i can get the gist of it.

Seems like ALL the problems , i am experiencing , currently , are the same as those that have gone this way before !

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