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Jul 9, 2013

CANDIDATES for UCI Presidency ? Is this ALL there is to choose from ?

Attention " Voting Delegates of UCI Congress "!

Now that you have seen the " Manifestos of the Presidential Candidates " , you will have to ask yourselves , some questions as to where you see the UCI at various points in the next term of the UCI President !

Starting point from my perspective , is what is to be done for Women's Cycling by the UCI , and how soon?
Last Year's Edition of the New Zealand Event was cancelled , due to UCI created issues . Fault may be on ALL sides , but the Testing of " Anti doping Samples " , being required to be done in Sydney , contributed to the loss of this Important event . Will this Event be run in 2014 , or will it remain sidelined through shortsighted issues ?

Which of the 2 Candidates made the journey to the " GiroRosa ", and for how many days if they did ? What was achieved by their vist , what promises were made and were they realistic & achievable ?

Whilst this article ( ) demonstrates that Brian Cookson visited an English Event and plans to adapt the British Cycling Model to use by the UCI , what of Pat Mc Quaid's physical presence at a Women's Event in recent times ? Is it not true that ALL Women Racers have to pay annual UCI Race License Fees ?

Whilst i have lost the " link " to the " Cookson manifesto " , this item will suffice :

This article covers the basic points of the Mc Quaid Manifesto : ! With several weeks to peruse Cookson's Effort , he has changed/borrowed the Title of another UCI Document ! A Bright Future for Cycling " , now becomes " A Bright Future for a Changed Sport "! Well it is certainly a Changed Manifeto Title !

During the past years , Mc Quaid has been seen so many times in " Foot in Mouth Situations " that it has reached the point where UCI should apply a " Gag " , pay a PR Machine to espouse anything that has been sifted for Plagerism , Verbosity ,Inaccuracies and Hyperbole .

The following comment by another , speaks to many of the difficulties that Mc Quaid has created for the Credibility of the UCI :

 " Fact is the UCI protected Armstrong for years because his success fitted in with their plans to 'globalise' cycling and his 'patron saint of cancer' image was highly marketable. Armstrong's Tour wins probably also appealed to McQuaid's rather obvious Francophobia, which would also explain why McQuaid so often parroted Armstrong's distasteful 'French bashing' when faced with evidence of his doping. (To quote from one interview, "The French?" McQuaid muses, carefully choosing his words. "They're an unusual race let's say.")

Contrary to their own rules the UCI issued Armstrong with a TUE after he tested positive. They failed to act when his samples in 2001 and 2002 indicted Epo use and then collaborated with the Swiss Lab to give Armstrong the knowledge he need to beat the Epo test. They conspired to stop the French authorities from doing anti-doping tests at the Tour, then their own testers would cosily sit drinking coffee with Armstrong and his teammates for an hour or so while they 'prepared' to provide samples. McQuaid also conspired to get the robustly anti-doping Patrice Clerc removed from the ASO as part of the preparations for Armstrong's comeback. To quote McQuaid at the time "It's something I shouldn't comment on. It's an internal Amaury decision. All I would say [to Clerc] is 'goodbye,' and you can read between the lines if you like."

Actually, all the proof needed of the UCI's complicity in the Armstrong doping conspiracy can be summed up in just three words :   'The Vrigman report'.

During the recent past , " " , a blogsite that i follow , published an article about Brian Cookson's plan to rejuvenate Womens Cycling . Amongst the comments displayed were figures on the Audience reached by the Womens Olympic Road Race . It appears from the following comment that UCI , are trying to conceal the popularity of Womens Cycling :

Hi Skippy
I sent this via email as the topic is dropping off the bottom of the board.

I'm the one who posted the Olympic Road Race viewing figures. I think it 
is disgraceful that the UCI chose not to publish the audience for the 
Women's event in the press release of the 18th of August last year. The only  
explanation is that the Women's audience was larger, by a THIRD, and 
people would ask questions about the UCI's committment. Rather than that 
the UCI is happier for everyone to continue believing that the Women's 
side of the sport cannot attract a TV audience. They should be getting behind 
all cycle sport, but they obviously seem to think that success for Women is 
at Men's expense. How much longer will the sport be run by these dinosaurs?

All the best, and let's both keep annoying people,

Women pay Annual Fees to the UCI , and this is what they currently receive in RETURN ?

More evidence of the UCI Management , FAILING it's membership , in another important part of the Cycling Community  :

Jiri Jezek ‏@JiriJezek74 28 Jan
@christinakelkel @jodycundy after two meetings (in two years) at UCI as Athletes Com member i am frustrated, demotivated. :-(

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 Jiri Jezek ‏@JiriJezek74 28 Jan
@jodycundy i am affraid, there is no future for #paracycling with this UCI ParaCycling Commission - #useless :-(

The " Le Tour 100th Edition " recognises the importance of Para Cycling , although , not to the extent , that i had recommended to Chris Prudhomme , over the years of requesting that he act to put Jean Marie Leblanc's shortsightedness to rights !

" Jiri jezek " will no doubt , if timed over the course of the ITT , demonstrate , that Para Athletes , even with ONLY One leg , can best Able Bodied Athletes ! Laurent Thironet , some years ago raced the final ITT of that edition of the TDF , but was not timed although escorted by a Motor Cyclist of the Guard Republican !

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