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Jul 31, 2013

DOPING IN SPORT ! French Senate Report .

Doping Violations are not a Criminal offence in France , BUT , possession of Doping Products is ! A Doped Athlete is considered a " Victim "  , but i guess possessing the products means that you may choose to distribute rather than use ?  French Law , currently allows the Police , to launch an investigation when they uncover " Product ". Italy & Sweden , both approach this matter as Criminal activity , however no studies are currently at hand , to determine the effectiveness of this approach ?

By now , many are aware that the French Senate Enquiry has published it's Report , since many well known Cycling Athletes ( Previously thought of as Heroes ) have been pilliored by the Media . Laurent Jalabert was the first to dissappear , days before he would have taken up his customery duties as a " Cycling Pundit " at the 100th Edition of the " Le Tour "! Missing were numerous red cars , with his Face plastered on the side , as they roared around the route of the Annual Festivities . Other French Athletes were also named , Jackie Durand , amongst others , but interestingly they were able to make their excuses and then were left alone .

The French Senate originally planned to reveal their report during early July , but because of the " sensational content " , decided to wait until the Journalists had returned to Paris , at the end of " Le Tour ". Jolly decent of them , but then we couldn't have the " Le Tour " pushed out of the headlines , by Events that were already 15 years in the past ? Speculation was rife however as to the contents and thus leaks were in some cases overblown .

Case in point was Stuey O'Grady , he and his Team ,Orica GreenEdge , knew that he would be mentioned . Having started the TDF with an announcement to continue racing into 2014 , the " leaks " must have caused a rapid rethinking , since on Monday in Paris , Stuey announced his Immediate Retirement . Even the Team had put together a press announcement praising his contribution to the Team and Aussie Sport . Of course by Wednesday Evening there was a new spin on the facts and Thursday saw the " AOC " demanding he resign from the " Athletes Commission "that he had been invited to join in 2012 . Fortunately for him , he had not signed the Documents that he had been required to sign as part of the AOC Procedures .

Recent days has seen Eric Zabel step down from many of the activities that have kept him busy since his retirement from Racing . The Germans in the past have been highly critical of their Athletes who chose to dope , so it would appear that he will be treated with a Heavy Hand in their media ?

With the relevations concerning the 1998 Tour de France , Media Pundits that were fully supportive of him in his PAST Endeavours , went ballistic with their condemnations . For some reason most of these people took it personally , thinking they were entitled to be aware of matters , that i doubt he even shared with his familly , let alone his Current Team ?  I guess is that Matt White and David Millar were well aware of the situation but in conformity to the OMERTA Code , stayed Stumm ! Not sure where that word comes to the English language from , but i lived in that village in the Zillertal , some years ago .

THE FRENCH SENATE REPORT , sets out evidence about 14 Sports , having Interviewed many People over a period of Months . In September 2013 , a week has been set aside for Parliament Debate , then in November 2013 there will be Parliamentary Meetings , which will no doubt inspect some of the " Laws on Doping Matters " that may have been constructed in the interim ?

It would appear that the Senate may be in position to introduce New Laws in Early 2014 , in respect of " Regulation of Doping in Sport "? Could it be that the French Government will be framing Laws that will see them at the forefront of the " Fight against Doping in Sport "? The " Rapporteur ( Principal Instigator ) of the Inquiry is a M.Jean-Jacques Lozach and is quoted as saying :

"  Lozach said, “There is the prevention and punishment which are inseparable aspects, it is essential to fight it. This, it seems to me, the heart of the next framework law. And then there’s the wish for France to be the leader of the anti-doping fight in Europe.”

Could it be that before WADA reveals their New Code commencing in 2015 , that the French Government will have enacted Legislation that will cause a rethink of their " ANTI DOPING CHARTER "? Currently it seems to me that WADA , is a " Toothless Tiger " . They mean to do a Good Job , but their Charter prevents them doing WHAT IS NECESSARY , to deter the Criminal elements that seem to have turned ALL SPORTING ACTIVITIES into a Farce! Over the years i continually hark back to the " Donatti Report" which details activities until 2006 . WHAT has taken place since then , is an expotential escalation of the problems highlighted by that report .

So far the French Senate has told us WHAT TOOK PLACE in the past  ! Revealed in their report is information that caused a certain Forum contributor , " Dimspace " to put together this CHART :

 Sorry this came out smaller than i thought .

What the Public need to know is , WHAT DO THEY PLAN TO IMPLEMENT , so as to take the fight AGAINST DOPING into the FUTURE !

Meanwhil i would remind ALL and Sundry that my Petition  to the Governor General is worth consideration , since there are COUNTLESS Aussies out there that failed to survive the pressures placed on them whilst in competition ! They Doped , then they regretted that failing ? Time they were given a chance to clear the slate?

Will add more Asap .

Some of the Internet reports :

AS A RESULT OF THE IOC Vice President declaration today i sent this comment to :

IOC Vice President hitting the Media with " Doping will NEVER be beaten "! Bit diff. to nein fordruggen with " Lance NEVER, Never , never Doped "!

When the Top of IOC give up , what do the Drug Cheats think ? Carte Blanche ? Has anyone noticed we have had no " Positives " from the TDF as yet ? Could it be that they are waiting until all the brown paper bags have surfaced ?

Looks like there will be Peace in the Mid east before WADA gets a New Charter allowing them to SUCCEED in the Anti doping Fight ?

Wondering when @Mike Rann , @KevinRuddMP & her Excellency G.G. of Oz will get to read :

This will suffice until SOME Organisation works up a sweat as they decide to do SOMETHING Constructive !

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