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Jan 10, 2010

LANCE and me..

There are too many occasions that I have enjoyed meeting Lance to document here. He is always approachable, friendlier on most occasions than some of the Aussie racers. The press always makes him appear standoffish but that I think is because he has to consider how , what he says can be used at a later date. Whilst I get along with Phillipe Brunel of L’Equipe I do not have to worry about whether what I say to him will be lost in translation. The press like to have the last word and since most only get paid for a story , then the more sensational it is the more money and recognition they receive. It is all too easy to slander/libel a personality. Publishing or broadcasting a retraction at a later date does not do the job as the reader/listener does not always hear of the truth being established or the retraction being made.

The Tall Poppy syndrome is a subject we are all aware of and the media likes to utilise this practise to their advantage. Even I , a loose cannon , gets articles written about me which can be misconstrued . Several times I have been referred to as a “Vagabond” or “Baroudeur ( not sure what the French mean)”in the French Media publications such as “Dauphine Libere”.

As you will see from the newspaper cutting I had the luck to be outside the Monaco Hotel as Lance arrived on the Wednesday from the airport. The guy beside me there, Ken is currently in treatment for Cancer and provided the Video that you may choose to click on. Thursday evening after the Team Presentation I met up with Lance and rode back to the Hotel where he and the team autographed the $US1m tricot, “Skippys Legacy”. The Tricot is still available to raise monies for a foundation to assist “Paralympic Sport and Disabled Athletes” .

The final TDF Time Trial in 2005 I was out to the team hotel in St Etienne where I met Luke and the Twins in passing. When I returned to the Time Trial training area I came across John Kerry walking across to the Discovery Team area. After introducing myself I diverted him to the Euskadi team area where I introduced him to Zavier their Pullman driver so he could act as translator. Whilst this was happening up rushed a short, stout fellow saying “I’m the president, I’m the president.” everyone broke up laughing as he was indeed the president ,of Euskadi Team. Kerry took this all in good humour. I then took John over to the Phonak team where Andy Rhys, the owner did the intros and then afterwards a few quick words with Quickstep before John Kerry had to go to his appointment with Eddie Merckx at the Discovery Pullman. Eddie is a long time friend of Lance so it was normal to find him there. I had a quick hello with Eddie and collected John’s autograph for the “MacMillan Nurses”.

Another year ,2004, I was at the Discovery Pullman when I met Robin Williams who arrived there with Lance. Robin asked me to visit San Diego to support one of his charities. I of course agreed to do that if it was a sponsored trip. Still available, Robin , but airfares and living expenses please! At the tour there is always a scrum outside each Pullman so it is hard to hold a conversation with anyone without interruption, so chances are the email address was lost or misplaced.

Here is a link to a video of Lance with Robin I give you this link as i hate going on to the web through a tweet and clicking on an item and losing 20+Mb on something i am not really interested to see. Your choice to make therefore

2001 the Tour de Suisse started in Rust, Germany. I arrived at the US Postal team camper greeted Tony Doyle and then asked Lance to declare support for “Behinderten Sport” as the Germans call “Disabled Sport“, then during the next days I saw him several times and of course followed up on this request for action. He asked me at the Time Trial if I thought he had enough just covering his cancer activities. I replied he wrote that he was disabled by Cancer.

In articles relating to @wwpinc and “Soldiers Ride” I see mention of events associated with “Mellow Johnny’s” and ask myself if this is since Lance bought in or was a longstanding policy. Seeing photos of Chris Horner talking to the guys on the “Soldiers Ride” website was worth archiving!

In 2006 I met Lance at his personal hotel, we only spoke for a few moments as we walked out of the Hotel to his car, he was definitely more affable and approachable since leaving racing. It seems to me that this attitude has carried through into his return to Racing as every time I see him he appears much more relaxed compared to the earlier seasons.

When I arrived in Jesolo I caught up with team Astana as they rode out for training, Levi was riding alongside Lance as I greeted them , exchanged a few words then left them to get on with “Team Time Trial training. Greeted him later at the hotel where he autographed the “Rubber Ducky” for the local charities. Found myself riding with the team again on Friday but I was on my way elsewhere at the time so was unable to go to far down the road with them. every time you join these guys they are in high spirits joshing with each other as if they haven’t seen each other for months.

On the Cinque Terre I was with some Italians when I saw Lance and Levi coming up the hill so I hopped on the bike and joined them. Even though they were on a reccie they were moving at a fairly quick tempo, luckily it was only 3kms till the ascent eased off and I could catch my breath whilst heading for the Time Trial arrival area.

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