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Through lack of support i have been unable to achieve that goal and unless people decide to assist there is little chance that my 19th season will be any more successful !

London 2012 Paralympics was amazing for ALL , not just those participating but those who followed via the Media !

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You the reader have the possibility to help these Amazing Athletes in your own way and contacting your National Paralympic Internet Site for relevant info is a good start !

Jan 25, 2010


Being retired I have time on my hands to do as I please and this leads me to help in ways and areas that the employed person is unable. Each day there are a variety of things that I am able to turn my time to best use. Everybody likes to feel that at the end of each day they have had good results. This is the main reason for the Blog, to achieve the mission, set in place a mechanism that others will assist or use to allow “Disabled/Physically Challenged Athletes” to participate at the Major Cycle Tours.

As you will have seen I can jump on the bike with a small pack of accessories and cycle the routes of the tours taking each day at a time alone and unassisted. Had I a missing limb I would have a variety of extra needs and would need more than my bike and pack to achieve even the shortest journey. During the 2001 Vuelta I was in the Pyrennees Start Village one day when I came across a one legged cyclist who planned to ride the route that day. We rode together about 100km over some tough terrain and as fit as I was at the time I did not have to slow very much for him to stay in my draft on the climbs.

He had qualified for Sydney Paralympics 2000 but the funds for the trip were not available so watched the event on TV. ONCE the wellknown Spanish charity generally funds the Spanish Blind Athletes but he failed to meet their criteria and his parents and friends were financially unable to raise the monies needed for the trip. Many people are in this situation until they return with a medal from an event. When this happens there is a change of attitude as all want to jump on the bandwagon and found “Fan Clubs” and Sponsors previously reluctant jump forward with assistance for future events. There is now a success story , a track record to justify their involvement. Qualifying for the event is not success enough because there is very little publicity value but being able to display medals is tangible proof of the achievement.

My hope for this year’s Tour de France is that people who are planning to go anyway will give up a little of their free time to help those Disabled Athletes that join in this project. Working with others to help your fellow human beings can be a rewarding experience. I know I was thrilled with this Spaniard getting to the 2000m point on the “Passe de Cassa” where we stopped before the descent into Andorra. I had to persuade him to stop there as he was planning to ride down towards the finish with me. I had to point out that when we got into Andorra getting up to the arrival that day included another strong climb and he did not have the clothing to keep warm whilst waiting until the Vuelta riders had passed. Standing beside the road after a strong climb you become cold and cramp up very quickly. When I saw him at the Time Trial the next days he told me that he got home from our parting but he suffered a cold from awaiting the racers.

For many years I have wished to take a Handbike to the Tours for the publicity value but to do this requires assistance. Breakdowns are possible regardless of preparation and whilst I can fix most problems “Murphy’s Law” will always intrude. Packing a normal bike into a “hitched ride” is easy enough to do, can’t manage with a 2 door VW, a mini or a sports car but most mid sized cars will cope. But imagine the difficulty with a 3 wheeled bike, many kind people will stop to offer their phone or ask if you need help as the possible genuine helpers drive past thinking you are being offered help rather than platitudes.

Once you get the backup there is the possibility that the media will notice the difference and start to report that fact and make the public aware of the story. Too many times over the years I have seen well meaning reports but a lack of substance. Writing about a 64yo Aussie is not the story but there are too many of the media that use this angle.

I AM THERE PUTTING IN THE EFFORT TO GAIN PUBLICITY FOR “DISABLED SPORT”, I could dress up as a “chicken” or as “antler man” or even as “el Diablo ( I have the beard)” and get attention, even get my real name in the media, but the whole purpose is “Disabled Sport”.

Certainly I get benefits from what I do , people will listen to some of my ideas but there are many who say to themselves “same old story”! Without a team of “Disabled /Physically Challenged Athletes and the volunteers to assist I will be back this season repeating the previous 12 years of Solo Effort!

AT present I see One follower on my Blog but then George has a Blog also and does me the courtesy of looking to help me improve my offerings to encourage visitors.

At present I am not getting a registering following but the triple digits of visitors are of people who have taken a look but I would ask that you after looking in help by passing on news of my Blog site to others even if only as a curiosity! Word of mouth or tweeting your followers or whatever means will hopefully reach others who could benefit or put to use some of my ideas.

This past weekend I asked the powers connected to the “Kitzbuhel Ski Event “ to offer my services to others to raise money for Haiti. What I offered was “Find a ski school who will give Euros1000 to the Relief Fund and I will work for them for a week (travelling, bed and feed expenses to be covered away from home) bringing them additional publicity as well as clients . Not really surprised that this has not provoked a rush but I thought the idea may bring out others with the same idea. They sold the Race Bibs worn by the Racers at Auction for some amazing amounts which were added to the Haiti Relief Fund!

THE TDU has finished but there will be others and I think that the next editions will be expanded to both weekends as well as fitting in as the finale to a series of events where more foreign racers will participate ! The Sponsors will do well to realise that by creating an interesting series it will help them and bring more overseas visitors. Some of the photos reminded me of stages on the Tour de France and the crowds were larger that those on some climbs than at the Giro d’Italia and Tour de Suisse


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