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Jan 18, 2010


Six complete days have passed and the Icelandic, Turkish , British, American and other Nations Rescue Teams are still hard at it successfully rescuing survivors! Through their dedication several more uninjured survivors are seeing the light of day. These people buried alive by the earthquake may have survived because they were in the aisles of a supermarket and had access to groceries but if you or I were there what would we have done.

Knowing that 72hrs is the cutoff point in a lot of emergencies it is inspiring to see these people go the extra mile, push through their fatigue and exercise a level of commitment that will be hard to surpass. I do not expect to find myself in similar circumstances but if any of us do then we know that help will always come if we hold faith.

I know no Haitians nor any of those in the teams working there but I say Thank YOU as one human to another for continually risking your life to save unknown strangers!

Each year Australia has a spate of bush fires created in many cases by mongrels for their own amusement! These fires are tackled in the main part by locals who volunteer to the local Bush Fire Brigade. Certainly there are the positive elements to being a member as if you are new to the area you get to meet many in a short time and the social round can be quite enjoyable and the training sessions fly past as you are busy acquiring and practising the skills required in a successful operation. Still there is that element of risk attached , but then if you live in the outback you will depend on your neighbours for assistance as well as being happy to render help.

Mid Seventies I worked in Sydney pushing a pen for a Multinational Computer Company , working alongside a guy who was the essence of the company. In 2000 I passed through Scone where he still lives with his wife who has become the latest victim of big C. He told me of being on his daughters ‘ farm when a Bush Fire came through. He and his Wife had to squeeze into a safe place under some protection as the fire roared over the top of them both, fortunately they survived with their sense of humour intact. Scone is the centre of the Stock horse community of Australia and he told me of how they were involved in the Stock horses featuring in the Sydney 2000 Olympic opening ceremony. I guess seeing the “dunnies and the hills hoists” at the Olympics will be a moment many will never forget.

Olympic and Paralympics events rely on volunteers and I have had the good fortune to be at several of these Summer and Winter Games in that capacity. People of all walks of life can be found there for a variety of personal reasons. Some that I have met there were even competitors at other of these events. Some Volunteers were staying in 5 star hotels and others in hostels but all came to enjoy a great event and contribute to the success .

World Road Race Cycle events of all levels of Competition also rely on Volunteers to assist in a variety of tasks and even at local level you will find the same faces doing the same job regularly over a period of years. Rarely do they get the recognition they deserve and in many cases they are out of pocket for giving of their time and in some cases lose income that their family need so as to do their bit.

Incredibly I just heard that the Medicins Sans Frontiers Field Hospital has been diverted from Port au Prince to travel overland for 24hrs more! A hospital being sent away whilst people are dying of Gangrene! Are these people kidding? A life lost after it was rescued from a nightmare is one too many! Who are these people who cannot allow a HOSPITAL to be landed promptly so as to save more lives. Can you imagine how much effort these people would exercise if it was their kith and kin!

We are nobodies as individuals BUT acting in concert the pressure on our Political Representatives can make the difference! I have been Tweeting CNN, other Media and even some blogs to see if others will join in the swell of demand that needs to be exerted to get better results!


As regards those who feel that the cycling community should not be bothered by my "SPAMMING" , maybe like me you are lucky enough to not know anyone caught up in this humanitarian disaster! Feeling good about being smug does not become anyone!

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