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Oct 2, 2011


Police Brutality does not solve anything ! Whether there is truth in the stories printed by the New York Media remains to be seen but that some “ Protesters ” were treated more harshly than others seems likely .

What is clear from this photo is that there are many more supporters of this movement than would have been the case if the NYPD had behaved better towards those " sleeping out " , thus creating adverse publicity and perhaps hostility towards the Authorities .

Here is the link to one of the more even handed media outlets :

What these people are doing affects us all since there are few who do not have to have a “ Bank Account ” and I can tell you from personal experience of the many occasions the “ Banks ” have profited even when I have followed their own rules to keep their fees / charges under control .

Occupy Wall Street has their website :

When you read through their entries you will see they leave you to make up your mind about what they are trying to achieve . Personally I think some of the “ misguided actions ” by the NYPD has created more publicity for their actions rather than restraining and diminishing their purpose ! I recall many occasions where “ Martin Place ” in Sydney was turned into a “ Campsite ” where people were encouraged by the City Authorities to bring their Sleeping Bags and camp out to see what the “ Homeless ” endure each night . Seemed to be very popular and once the publicity was achieved the whole thing quietly died away . Had NYPD behaved a little more kindly would there be World Wide publicity that is encouraging other groups to set up in more Cities around the World ?

Had the authorities left well enough alone I think that with the arrival of the cooler weather there would have been a greater reluctance for many people to participate NOW we will see more and more people deciding that they need to commit themselves to support an Action that is now known worldwide thus calling for either the Authorities to behave more kindly towards their fellow citizens or behave in an unacceptable manner which will only reinforce the message this action has highlighted !

Media attention is growing as I am hearing multiple reports on Austrian FM4 daily and I am sure that this is far more than the organisers had anticipated two weeks ago !

Mismanagement of this situation has now made it a “ Cause Celebre ”!

My comment to the " occupy Wall STREET site " was turned back with a 404 error message ? Whats that ?

My comment :

Whilst i am not in New York i am able to tell you that you are getting Multiple reports of your ACTION on Austria FM4 amongst daily amongst other media organisations here !
My blog addresses some of my views on what is happening .
I am sure that more and more your ACTION will grow as the Media clambers over itself to get to the REAL STORY of this day and world in which we now live !

Those camping out SHOULD be allowed to cover themselves even if " Tents" are not legal ! Here goes the news again with YOUR STORY the lead item , and OCCUPY BOSTON has in the last days been highly visible also !


Monday 3rd October

During the last days i have been trying to leave comment on the "Occupywallstreet " site ! Get a " 404 error" message each time !

Are the Authorities trying to block their site and prevent access ?

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