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Oct 27, 2011

#OWS recognised by Pope Benedict

Vatican hierarchy is always slow to comment on events but this item seems to indicate that there is recognition of #OWS and what it is trying to achieve :

Note that this item is coming from the main stream media so there must be some substance in this matter for Washington Post to go against the Establishment and broadcast this significant information .
In 2008 Barack Obama was using the by-line “YES WE CAN ” ! Now that he is President he is sympathising with the #OWS and had made some of his views public . What is he saying in private ? Is there any possibility that he is saying to the various “ Local Authorities ” when they seek advice about clearing the #Occupy sites “ Yes You Can ” ? It would be naïve to think that there are the likes of the Mayor of Oakland who set off for Washington unaware that her new Police Chief was going to throw “ fuel on the flames ” and turn a relatively minor “ local event ” into a WORLDWIDE Media Storm ?

Day after day we are seeing those that were elected seek the easiest route to landing their constituents with the costs and eventually “ punitive damages ” brought about by illegal behaviour by those employed to enforce “ law and order ”in their neighbourhood ! The silent majority of US citizens must be watching with horror what is taking place and many will be fearful of the consequences as are those around the world .

Friday is the weekly holy day for those who have recently won their freedom in Egypt and it appears they will be demonstrating outside the US Consulate in Cairo thus letting the world know that #OWS has support outside the USA !

What is Hilary Clinton going to say to the Egyptian Government if the matter gets out of hand ? When I listen to her speak I get the impression that she speaks as the idea occurs to her . She rarely manages more than a few words without “ah” popping into the sentence ! An example : “I think that “ah” it would be a good idea if “ah” the two sides could “ ah” sit down And “ah” listen to each “ ah” others “ah” ideas and decide to “ah” cooperate ! Have a lot of time for her efforts but it makes me wonder if she does enough preparation before getting in front of the media ?

Scott Olsen a two tour veteran of Iraq may have been in the wrong place at the wrong time BUT why were the Police at a peaceful event armed as though they were “gang busters” breaking in on a “Crack Factory ”?

Latest tweet suggested that he was recovering as his condition has been reported by the hospital as “ Fair ” today , after being admitted in “ Critical condition ” ! Can anyone condone the Police firing tear gas at the people who were resuscitating him ? Were those “ faceless morons ” trying to make sure that he died from the injuries they inflicted ? Reports of people wanting to report the matter to the Hague will prove to be unnecessary since the “ ” report has gone viral worldwide ! It remains to be seen whether Tear Gassing by the police is treated as Chemical Warfare , should that be the case then “ Crimes against Humanity ” could become an issue , then the Lawyers will have a field day !

Several years ago there was a Court Settlement for millions relating to actions in Washington and I am sure Mayor Bloomberg is having restless nights recently after the events on George Washington bridge amongst the many occasions that the NYPD have overstepped the limit and set out to provoke a response to justify their cowardly behaviour .

Quoted Abe Lincoln before and here is another of his gems :

Lincoln: "To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."

Why is the USA a country that claims to be the home of the FREE , continually telling the rest of the world to treat their citizens more fairly and THEN treating their citizens like “ serfs ”? Thought it was the USSR that were behaving in that fashion ?

Picked up this item a few days ago and it seems to fit what is happening to us ALL !

“ By Susan McLoughlin, October 17 at 8:43 pm Link to this comment
Serfdom in the 21st century.
The concentration of wealth in the hands of so few is a symptom of something much more disturbing. For several generations western governments have been colluding with the financial and corporate sectors to redefine the role of the populace. With the support of the media, we the populace have slowly but surely been transformed from citizens to whom government is accountable - to consumers to whom no one is accountable. This shift is pervasive throughout every sector of society. As consumers our role is to keep the machine running and running and running. Never mind that the jobs have been shipped offshore we are still expected to keep buying and consuming. No matter that we are exhausting our personal and planetary resources, being tossed from our homes and living on credit. Our capacity to consume is our only value to both the government and their global partners.

Each person who has turned out for the occupations has their own story of abandonment and disrespect. While the stories will vary the root cause does not. Whether we realize it or not, we are no longer citizens. We are biological units who have been groomed to consume. If you are inclined to question this just take a look at the pharmaceutical ads. They are chilling in their content. How do they get to sell that poison to us? ”

As I grew up I had ambitions , and as the years passed the Goal Posts moved and I went through difficult times and had periods of success also . In my 67th year I am wondering if I am going to be able to support my good health since I made investments in a variety of areas and ALL have failed . Nearly everyone I come across these days are in the same boat so I am unable to complain and anyway who would listen ?

Through the years I had occasion to use the “ Stock Market ” to make investments and it was just another glorified “ Casino/Poker Machine ”! The only people making real money there are the Stock Brokers . Each transaction has a percentage whether it is a Buy order or a Sell order . Some of the guys working on the floor in the Sydney Stock Market could tell a story or two that would make you wonder if there were EVER any ethics in their business . One guy , lets call him Kevin was the epitome of a “ spiv ” , greasy hair , rumpled suit , fag hanging out of the mouth , looking dismayed that he didn’t do the business that you were hoping for . Pockets stuffed with paper with scribbled notes which he obviously shuffled throughout the two hour session as he tried to do the business .

In the pub he would tell a good yarn and let drop a few ideas that some of the punters such as myself might think worth pursuing . Naturally you would do well to be cautious because he gave the impression of a “ scam merchant ”, so a small investment at first to test the temperature and as the action unfolded maybe more investment . Guess it was a game of getting enough people interested so that the stock became a self fulfilling prophecy and then the afternoon papers would pick up on it and then the cab drivers would dive in for the ride .

Recent years the stock market surges and dives DAILY so nobody has the faintest idea of where the money is and thus the Broking Houses just sit back and rake in the commissions . Presently even if I had the cash I would think long and hard about risking money in that cesspit !

Current items that I have read relating to #OWS , some are quite interesting :

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