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Oct 3, 2011


Thanks to your NYPD actions the “ Occupywallstreet ” movement is now a World Wide News Story that is growing legs as a “ Cause Celebe ” ! Police telling members of this movement that a plastic sheet covering their “ Sleeping bags “ are considered “ Tents ” at best could be described as laughable and certainly PATHETIC ! Even coverings for electronic equipment being deemed a “ Law breaking Offence ” is laughable !

When will you realise that you live in a democracy and that the “ HOME OF THE FREE ” of yester year with your attitude is no longer a “ truism ” ? With your wealth I doubt you are part of the 99% that these people are trying to assist ! In past years Sydney , Australia has held “ Sleepovers ” in Martin Plaza for the purpose of “ Highlighting ”the difficulties that “ Homeless ” suffer on a daily basis and thus raising funds for the purpose of alleviating some of their suffering . Even the “ Mayor of Sydney “has been one of those taking part in these events , of course YOU are unlikely to do this are you ?

Summon some common sense and get along and see for yourself what is Taking place , look at overseas media on the internet and see how your administration is viewed by others !

Recently your NYPD was featured in “ Cycling Circles ” as they tried to change the attitude towards cycling in New York and because a minority of “ bad apples ” breach road rules the majority of “ law Abiding Cyclists ” were hassled and fined ! Great advertising for the “ Tourism Industry ” that tries to survive in the current economy !

Daily in Austria I am hearing multiple reports about the “ OccupyWallStreet “ movement and it is even featuring as a discussion item on programs such as “ Reality Check ” on the ORF radio station FM4 . Doubtless your NYPD misleading the “ Campaigners ” onto Brooklyn Bridge roadway was deliberate , as the NYPD was able to promptly mobilise the resources to remove those arrested ! Had your “ Professionals ” considered their options they would have realised the “ Public Relations Disaster they were creating for your future endeavours to downplay the aims of this movement !

Each American Generation seems to have it’s “ Rights of Passage ” such as “ Kent University ” and the “ Tea Party Movement ” recently and now you are working towards making this the 2011/12 occasion !

As a 66yo I have enjoyed success in earlier life that could have included me in the 1% but through a combination of events I find that I am living at or below the “ poverty line ” as so many of your fellow citizens . Too late for me to change my circumstances and so I can see where these people are getting their support .

Had I found myself in your position I would have sat down with these people before 17th September and worked out a schedule of events that would have allowed “ Common sense ” to prevail ! Now you are playing “ Catch up ” and when the march on Wednesday takes place you have a choice to exercise “ Goodwill ” or attempt another exercise such as on Brooklyn Bridge ! Meanwhile NYPD resources used in the fight against CRIME are being utilised to make a “ Political Statement ” of support to the 1% who probably will not even realise what is going on OR thank you for your efforts since they feel they were responsible for your re-election !

Worldwide Media now in New York will await your actions already savouring the “ Headlines ”!

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